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If you are an old soul you act ethically because you know you will just pick up the crap you do to others the next time around. Karma accumulates lifetime to lifetime. Those who are new on the planet don't have a lot of karma. They are floundering around, doing the best they can, trying to figure out how the planet works. Old souls (if you are reading this you are almost certainly an old soul) do wake up. In addition to life's challenges, we still face the problem of our built-up karma in the Akash, The Akash of an old soul contains experiences from hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. During the Shift, the Akash is getting activated. If you are like me, unexpected emotions and feelings come to the surface, many of them unpleasant. You have weird dreams, or even nightmares. This problem simply doesn't exist for almost everyone on the planet. Old souls are less than one percent of the 8 billion. Sometimes it feels like you are an anomaly, that no one understands. In your family you may be the "black sheep." The question is, how do you deal with it? Can you void your karma? The first step is to understand that what is happening to you is perfectly natural as the light penetrates even into the Akash and breaks off lower vibrational pieces of it from your past lives. The second step is to help yourself by understanding energy and how it relates spiritually to the Akash.

An Old Soul Sees His/Her Therapist – Karma is a multi-pole system of energy

"You literally have to live with yourself from lifetime to lifetime. You get a break in between when you die, but you don't get to ignore your past."

"Don't you release all of your karma when you terminate?"

"Yes. All souls leave clean and come in clean. But there's a little thing called Gaia and the karmic imprints you leave while you are here. You deposit these when you leave and pick them up when you come back. What goes down on earth stays on earth."

"Perfect! I'm not coming back then. Why should I return to this place of darkness and death?"

"Because you already signed up for this gig a long time ago. Because you helped to make a big mess and you need to clean it up. You have to finish what you started."

"No way! If I have free will I can do what I want."

"You're not seeing the big picture. With freedom comes responsibility. That body you inhabit right now is just a tiny piece of you. The divine system is benevolent. It is designed to put pieces of God on earth and advance consciousness. What you do here you must take responsibility for."

"Why would God design a system with so much evil and then call it benign? That's not benevolent. It's insanity."

"God designed the system to be benevolent. But you and I make free will choices. If the planet has a lot of evil, it's our evil."

"Why should I suffer because of all those other bozos?"

"That's the attitude that got us into the mess."

"You're just as guilty as me."

"I am! That's why we are having this conversation. If you don't want to keep coming back and suffering, you have to clean up your karma. You have to clean up your mess."

"How do I do that?"

"Life will do it for you. It's automatic, because you have karma with others and they have karma with you. Life will put you into situations with them so that you can resolve them. But if you don't want to make more karma you have to keep your nose clean."

"I don't get it."

"Karma is a spiritual system designed to push you into situations you need to resolve from past lifetimes. If you killed Joe in your last life he might come back as an autistic child you have to take care of. Or maybe he'll be an irritating and irresponsible brother-in-law. Or maybe your idiotic micro-managing boss. You may have multiple situations like this in your life. It depends on how you lived your past lives."

"You're right about that. I never got along with any of my brothers and sisters growing up. I do twice as much at work but my boss doesn't recognize me for it. I'm cursed."

"How have you handled these situations?"

"I never did anything to them! Why would they treat me like that? I –"

"If you haven't done anything to these people then why would these things happen to you?"

"It's not fair. It's not just me, it's them too!"

"That's right. They have karma with you. But if you handle these situations well you can void your karma with them."

"How long does that take?"

"It's simple. At your next family reunion, see how people treat you. You can measure how much karma you have left with them by how you feel about them. You can measure how much karma they have with you by how they feel about you."

"That's too simple."

"No it isn't. Prove it to yourself. You don't like your brother Jim do you?"

"Jim is a jerk. Everybody in the family hates him."

"Karma is two-pole-multipole system. Two poles allow energy to flow between them. If you remove one pole, the energy has nowhere to go."

"So a family is a multipole system."

"That's right. How do you disengage from all of your family turbulence?"

"I can only control how I feel about them, not how they feel about me."

"That's right. But all you have to do is knock down one of the poles and the energy will stop flowing your way. Knock out your pole."

"Yes, but bad vibes are still flying around."

"Not at you."

"How do I feel better about a jerk like Jim?"

[smiles]. "That's up to you. How bad do you want it? How much longer are you willing to tolerate the bad vibes you have in your family?"

"My family is messed up."

"If you knock down your pole at least you won't have to get hammered. Let them fight amongst themselves if they want."

"Fighting each other is a family tradition."

"Do it for yourself. Be selfish."

"I like how you talk. Why I should I do it for them? I'll do it for myself."

"Okay. How will you knock down the pole you have with Jim? These poles are emotional. They are made of energy. They exist in the mind and in your psyche. When you think of Jim what it your first reaction as it relates to you?"

"That asshole! He –"

"Remember, karma. We're looking at your pole, not his."

"OK. The first thing I remember about Jim is that he stole my skateboard and wrecked it. Didn't even apologize. Long story, but it just went on from there."

"How can you feel better about Jim? I'm not asking you to think of Jim as a good guy if he's not. How can you feel better about yourself in relation to Jim, so Jim doesn't bother you? How can you knock down your pole in relation to Jim?"

"I never thought of it that way. Wait a minute – I remember Jim was a great skateboarder. He had a competition back then, destroyed his board doing a monster trick. I always admired his skill..."

"Go ahead."

"OK. Jim did need another board, but he didn't have to steal mine. That feels a little better I guess."

"Here's an experiment. Work on your feelings toward Jim. The next time the family gets together, see how he reacts to you compared to how he reacts to the rest of the family. Work on eliminating your pole with Jim."

Karma and Chaos

What is karma? Is it really as simple as the above conversation? It's almost a cliche to say that others respond to you according to how you feel about them, but that's how it works. Emotions and attitudes and feelings are energy. Lower energy is grating and when you get in the vicinity of someone with lower energy it rubs you the wrong way. Higher energy is expansive and inclusive. It feels good. In general, lower emotional energy repels and higher emotional energy attracts.

What happens when a lower energy comes into contact with a higher one? In my experience, the lower energy either ridges up and walks away, or the lower energy dissolves. In the former case the lower energy is too vibrationally distant to accept the higher one. It can't be in the same space so it has to leave (unless you go down to it. In that case a screaming match ensues). In both cases there is a positive result. The other person either lets go of his or her bad vibe, or goes away if you stay at the higher vibration.

I'm basing this on my own experience. I grew up in a family of 5 children. Our family was mostly dysfunctional. My father was an alcoholic. His wife died when she was 28 years old of leukemia, leaving my young father with two little children to take care of. His mother and father came to live with us in the house and we were raised by my grandparents. Then dad married an enabler, who also had two children from a previous marriage. His new wife's ex-husband was also an alcoholic, who died a few years later. On the day of the wedding Uncle Frank, my maternal grandfather and a family favorite, died of a heart attack. An auspicious start to that marriage! My father's father died of a heart attack when he was 37.

The four of us kids didn't get along too well. Fortunately my brother John was born a year later; he helped to stabilize things a bit. All of us left home by the time we were 17. Mostly what I remember from my childhood was a lot of arguing.

Somewhere along the line I woke up.

When I was in my late twenties I had chest pains and difficulty breathing. I figured this was the end; I was going to wind up like my father's father. I never thought I'd make it past 40.

Those are the times when you have to make decisions. Instead of going to an allopathic doctor I saw a naturopathic doctor. Back then in 1979 these guys were regarded as kooks. Fortunately my family wasn't around to bug me and my wife was OK with it. Long story short, I have been taking an herbal combo that saved my bacon. I'm still taking it. The point is that when I woke up I started working on myself. When the family finally got together in 1997 I expected the usual argumentation, but it didn't happen. Still a lot of griping but, amazingly, none of it was aimed at me. It's an illustration of the "pole" principle. When you knock down your pole people don't send bad energy at you. There may be bad energy flying around you, but it's not directed at you. That's easier to take.

It's not that I was the good guy and the rest of the family were bad guys. We all did our share of karmic contribution. But when you knock out your pole things get a lot more peaceful for you.

This reminds me of the famous n-body problem in classical mechanics. (n-body means multiple bodies). Back in the 1600s Sir Isaac Newton got three known positions for all of the planets from an astronomer. He was able to calculate an equation of motion for all of the planets that predicted where they should be at any given time (their orbit around the sun). But after a few years astronomers saw that these equations of motion didn't do a good job of predicting the orbits of the planets. That's when Newton realized that each planet was affecting every other planet via the interplay of gravitational forces.

As above, so below.

The "gravitational forces" in human relationships are karmic. The multipole emotional system is just a variation of the n-body problem in physics. Or maybe it's the other way around!

Attempts to solve the n-body problem eventually led to the development of chaos theory. Chaos theory shows that even in the randomness of complex systems there are underlying patterns such as feedback loops (people to react to how you treat them), repetition (if you don't learn your lesson the lesson repeats), self-similarity (lessons repeat but in a slightly different form each time so you can recognize them), fractals (dcja vu), and self-organization (sometimes events seem to organize around you – like family reunions with emotional shitstorms). The things that affect physical systems are observable in the interactions of people.

The World Is an n-body Problem

Our country today has a huge n-body problem.

As the light infuses the dark it is exposing the underlying karmic relationships between people. These people can be in different countries. Look at what happened between Kim Jong Un and President Trump – a potential agreement to unify Korea and de-nuke NoKo. If this happens it will eliminate one of two major poles in the recurring (but fading) time fractal of WW III. The other is the Middle East of course. Iran is a minor player also in this ongoing drama.

This could be very important for world peace. A few days after this announcement, in Washington, "Israeli national security officials sat around the same table on Tuesday morning with their counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, discussing a dire humanitarian situation unfolding in the Gaza Strip. The summit on Gaza, called by Jared Kushner, the US president’s son-in-law and senior adviser on Middle East peace, as well as Jason Greenblatt, his special representative for international negotiations, marks an unprecedented moment for Israeli diplomacy, as their dialogue with officials from Arab states is publicly recognized for the first time." (Source: Jerusalem Post)  Coincidence? Maybe. Middle East peace talks are one of the biggest oxymorons in human history. The point is that the underlying karmic relationships are unknown – until something happens to illuminate them. Is it possible that Trump and Kim have a past life history? Is it possible that these two have been strategically placed on the planet to do some good? (I discuss this idea in my new novel, The Old Soul.)

Hey, it could all be just another pipe dream. The dark army has tried to start WW III between Iran and Israel. Failing that, the latest strategy is trying to re-ignite the Cold War between Russia and the US and the UK (See the "Russian Dossier," Mueller, and Theresa May's response to the poisoning of a spook living in England [Skripal].) All of these incidents (and many more) are being created by the residual time fractals surrounding the prophesied extinction event after the year 2000, and the incredibly complex karmic relationships between 8 billion human beings.

As I have been saying over the past few months, every human who has ever incarnated on the planet is here right now. The Ascension process is an n-body problem: resolving, once and for all, humanity's karma. The exciting thing is, we don't know where Spirit has placed the relevant actors. Trump met with President Xi Jinping of China on his tour of Asia back in November. My feeling is that Kim Jong Un was there as well, or was at least in the loop, and that a tentative deal has already been worked out. Did you see the pic of Kim as he met with high-ranking South Korean officials? The look on his face told volumes to me. This guy has been a prisoner in his own country and now he is being released (if all goes well). That's my take. If this works out one of the poles of nuclear war will be permanently removed. Did you see the pic of Xi Jinping and Donald Trump after their meeting last year? Both men had smiles on their faces which said, "we got a deal and we are going to surprise the world."

One of the principles of chaos theory is "sensitive dependence on initial conditions," or, the Butterfly Effect. A simple action like a meeting between Trump and Xi and Kim could set off a fractal of positive development. Now that we have passed the marker and the light is growing stronger, there is a greater possibility that this fractal of peace will not become overwhelmed by the dark. It may grow. That is what I am hoping for.

Embedded Corruption

Trump is a change agent, as I have said before. His function is to stir things up. Sometimes this results in steps forward. Sometimes it results in steps backward. The Trump Administration so far in 2018 is chaos. People are leaving and getting fired left and right. New people are coming in. The media portrays events as a battle between Democrats and Republicans, but that is just superficial. It's a planet-wide contest for the hearts and minds of individuals. All nations, groups, and individuals are affected. The light-dark contest is an equal-opportunity employer. The driving force is the light, caused by the rising consciousness of humanity. The engine is karmic relationships. It's an n-body problem.

For example: Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's political action committee supported the Democratic candidate against the Republican candidate in the recent Pennsylvania midterm election (which the Democrat won). In 2014, the Republican leadership paid Democrats to vote against the Republican primary winner of the Mississippi Senate race, in Cochran vs. McDaniel; apparently Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell didn’t like the idea of having a Republican in the seat. Why do Republicans support Democrats? Because it's not about Reps and Dems. It's about embedded corruption. Both Dems and Reps are comfortable with the corporate relationships that fund their political action committees and that keeps them getting re-elected.[1] Behind these corporate relationships is the Deep State (or the dark army).[2] For voters there are two distinct parties. In Washington DC there is just one big party. That is embedded corruption.

Things are not always as they seem.

What I have learned is that change is occurring in ways that are not apparent on the surface. Because the light is penetrating everywhere, political change is occurring in a reverse-pyramid fashion: The corrupt people at the bottom are being exposed first. Then will come the people at the top.

Change is now reaching deeper into entrenched strongholds of the old paradigm. The result of this may seem completely chaotic until the system settles out. 2018 and 2019 are going to be chaotic years. Greater polarization is occurring, and with it, a shift of attitudes. This shift will manifest in ways that may seem undesirable. The important thing is to keep a positive attitude and help to create a positive future timeline. This is especially true for old souls. The newbies will spin in drama, but we will maintain our balance through it all.

Those of you who are reading this in the United States, tighten your seat belts. In 1776 this country was created on the ideas of freedom and liberty. Our Constitution, battered though it may be, is a document conceived and framed in the light. Since the assassination of JFK this country has been targeted for destruction. The dark army knows that if the US goes down the entire world will be plunged into darkness. This isn't hyperbole! Witness the incredible amount of change and chaos here. The US is now on the front line of the planetary battle between dark and light. As the light gets stronger other countries will also go through this. The light will expose the dark.

Avoid fear. Say your prayers for something good to happen, support the good vibes on the planet. Stay in your light. Don't despair! While others are screaming at each other, be a force for peace and tolerance and goodwill.



[1] An  example of this is the recently fired Andrew McCabe (from the FBI), who received a car worth $100,000 from his wife Lisa's  failed run for a senate seat in Virginia. In Virginia, any monies collected by a political action committee may be retained by the candidate. Source: Kathryn Watson, "Leftover campaign money can fund almost anything in Virginia," Watchdog, Nov. 8, 2013,

[2] Example: The scandal of the Clinton emails (and the 2016 election) being stolen is blamed on Russians. But the facts are very simple. A very brave soul by the name of Seth Rich, an employee of the Clinton campaign, saw those emails and sent them to the infamous Kim Dotcom, who had a secure portal. Kim Dotcom then gave them to Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, who posted them online. (You can read all of them if you care enough.) Seth Rich was killed a day or two after this happened. The Russian card is being used by the Deep State to try to restart the Cold War and create tension.