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Last night I had a dream. I was with my wife and a bunch of people I have never met this time around. Something bad was about to happen. We all knew it. Something was happening to the sky; it was turning colors in a bad way. It was the precursor to annihilation. I woke up shivering; what the HELL was this?

Whenever I have momentous, strikingly vivid dreams I always meditate afterwards, asking my guides what the dream meant. I was given two things. The first was an image I had seen the previous evening. It was a picture of a huge circular area in the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. This formation wasn't seen until recently, it can only be viewed from space. I was reminded of something I read once about a huge area of fused sand in the same area. The writer remarked that it was the sort of thing that could only be created from very intense heat. The writer speculated that it had come about from the explosion of a nuclear weapon.

Huh? Everyone knows our ancestors were primitive savages and that our civilization is the epitome of evolution on planet earth.

The second thing I was given was that the dream I just had was the remembrance of my presence at the end of a previous civilization on earth. According to Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, there have been 10 previous civilizations on earth during the last two precessions of the equinoxes, which describes the earth's 26,000-year wobble around its axis.

How can this be? And how can anyone take a dream like this seriously?

If you are like me you have had at least one monumental vivid dream in your life. You know it is true because of the feelings you have when you are in it. These dreams are conscious remembrances from a previous life.  You can't prove it to anyone else of course, but you know it happened. The vividness of the experience, the sensations, the thoughts, the emotions, the interactions with the other people in the dream -- you know it happened. It's a memory of an actual event.

After I woke up I was taken on a sort of guided tour of my experiences at the end of previous civilizations. If you are an old soul and have experienced such memories, you know what I'm talking about.

In the dream there was a  feeling of inevitable, impending doom. Everyone knows it's the end. And it is. I have experienced this feeling over and over again during this lifetime and I always wondered where it came from. I always thought it was because of the untimely death of my mother, who died of leukemia at the age of 28 when I was 3 years old. This death traumatized my entire family because, of course, there is no cure for cancer (well, at least not an officially acknowledged one) and we all knew she was going to die. I have had plenty of counseling in the form of Traumatic Incident Reduction about the death of my mother. I thought I had totally "run it out." But if this was the true source of the feeling of doom, why was it still coming back?

This feeling of doom, I was shown in my dream, goes much, much deeper. Apparently I have been present on the earth for a long time, and have been there for more than one collapse of human civilization on earth. Again, this makes no sense unless you have had a dream like this. It really isn't a dream; it's a re-living of an event.

"This is why you have the feeling of doom," I was told. "It is a remnant from your Akash, the record of every lifetime you have had on the planet."

I was blown away by this, as you might imagine.

Next, the guidance said, "but you/we made it." The presence was telling me that on the tenth try, the human race finally made it past the marker of total destruction.

"OK," I replied. "But I still have these horrible memories and feelings."

I remembered one of the Kryon channels, where he said that time is in a circle: present affects both future and past because all events are connected. "You made it this time. Do you understand the significance of this?"

Suddenly I saw it: present affects past. Success! I went back to all of those past events and told everyone there that we did finally make it, to have hope for the future, that the lives we are leading are not in vain.

This was a remarkable experience, even though describing what I experienced in words sounds lame. But I learned that present does affect past. The feeling of doom lightened considerably. "What you are experiencing are shadows from the past; phantoms with emotional content that still may come up from time to time. But now you know that the light you hold has the power to positively affect events in the past and pave the road to a better future."


Human consciousness has not yet reached the stage where our Akash is an open book. There are a few who probably have this ability, but the vast majority can only get glimpses into the past. And often these glimpses may be fleeting. Unless you have a powerful experience like the one I had last night. These experiences are not provable but undeniable; they are as real (or even realer) than "real" life.

So what does it mean that "we made it?"

"It means that everything is going to be lovey-dovey from now on," you might say. Not quite!

Cleaning up our act

I used to think that. I used to think there would be a tipping point in human consciousness, where everyone would suddenly wake up one morning and realize that love was the answer, Well, that might eventually happen in the future.  What I learned is that we first have to transcend the duality. And that means confronting, as a civilization, all of the darkness we have created over the past 52,000 years. We don't just get to wave a magic wand and sweep everything under the rug. We don't get to be victims and say, "but it's not MY fault!"

If you are reading this you are probably an old soul. That means you have lived many, many lifetimes on the planet and through your free choice, you have contributed to the mess we are all in now.

Last night I learned that each individual has to eventually take responsibility for his or her participation. That is why every human who has ever incarnated on the earth is either alive right now or will soon be coming back to the planet. This period of time is the denouement, the final act of the last two esoteric cycles over the past 52,000 years.

Your guidance will present to you your past participation in a way that is appropriate for you. You will undoubtedly confront things, people, situations, in your life that are a result of your past lives. The karma you have to confront will come from your own Akash. If you are very good at spirituality you can knock out almost all of your karma with pure intent and affirmations. But if you find yourself having to confront  uncomfortable things, it's because it's part of your life path. Before you came here there were markers you set for yourself; personal challenges that you agreed to take care of when you were born.

These are assignments you gave to yourself! So there are no victims; only free will choices.

It's all part of the planetary equation that includes free will.

Passing the marker in December 21, 2012 was just the beginning. It voided all previous 9 collapses of civilization, and all extinction events. There will be no WW III, no planetary pandemic, no meteors striking the earth. None of that shit is valid anymore. There may be time fractal remnants, Akashic remnants of these past events, but they are remnants only.

Now the human race is freely deciding its own destiny. Part of that destiny is confronting the dark side, on an individual and a collective basis.

We are in that battle now. The forces of darkness on this planet are making themselves known. As consciousness rises the dark is panicking. Individuals who choose to reject the light are becoming more and more unbalanced and are doing more and more crazy things. The good news: these people are beginning to expose themselves. No longer is it possible to hide their activities from the world. The drug running, the arms trafficking, the child abuse, the dark rituals, the secret societies who thought they were safe are now realizing that the world is watching.

It's going to be a great show for those who stay in the light.

Globalism vs Populism

After WW II (which paradoxically and forcefully introduced cultures to each other via a planetary conflict) organizations were created that brought the world together. A divided and battered Europe formed the Common Market, breaking down barriers to trade and commerce. In Africa, the Organization of  African States (OAS) was formed. In Asia, the Organization of Southeast Asian States was created, primarily to counter the influence of  China. As the decades passed, especially in Europe, the Common Market became the European Union, which has turned into a rigid, unelected bureaucracy dictating to democracies. Open  borders and free trade have resulted in mass migration into Europe, as well as an increase in drugs, gangs, and trafficking in human beings. This in turn has led to the rise of populist movements who demand a return to the nation state. In the US, this is precisely the agenda of President Trump. Globalists see in the populist movement a return to fascism and the old ways. Populists see in the globalist movement a worldwide imposition of dictatorial overseers determined to snuff out cultural identity via "diversity."

There is light and dark on both sides of this conflict. Ultimately globalism will win out when human consciousness rises to the point where there is no more war and people see the value of cooperation. But we aren't there yet! There will be a temporary retrenchment back to the nation state as humanity clears out the dark actors, who exist on both sides of this struggle. Then, when the light-dark balance has shifted even further toward the light, there will be a natural impetus toward unity and cooperation. Borders will open back up and a global community will be formed. How fast will this happen? As quickly as individual human beings transcend their own dark sides.

That is why old souls are so important. Old souls are going through the Akashic cleansing process first, because old souls have so much experience on the planet and can create so much light. This process is invisible. Old souls who are doing their inner work are creating a path for those to come en masse.

This process of Akashic cleansing may appear (as it has at times to me) to be utterly pointless. Why am I suffering so much? I would ask myself. After I understood that I was cleaning my Akash, the process became simpler and clearer to me. As I clear out my Akash I feel better myself and also affect the past and the future, because time itself is connected in a circle. As old souls clean out their soul closets they help out everyone else, and the planet as well.

There is a point to all this madness!

It's dark vs light for every old soul on the planet. That's where we are at now. Power has truly returned to the people as the infusion of higher energies has transformed the conflict from national leaders to individuals. The battle is in the mental and the Akashic areas now. National actors merely reflect the set of possibilities granted to them by the collective consciousness of the culture or nation.

"But how can individuals change the nation?" people ask. "We are going in the wrong direction."

The answer is that you cannot create in another's experience. The old energy ways of protesting and fighting will no longer work. They will be and are being tried, but their effectiveness is very limited. Violence and intimidation will no longer be effective in the new energy. "Re-education" is pointless today because it is an imposition of belief systems and it violates free will. Those who try this will be seen as unbalanced. It is already evident if you follow current events.

President Xi of China, for example, is leading a great nation down the wrong path. He is creating a surveillance state  based on AI  and the imposition of cultural values from above. This will not work because it is the opposite of the new energy framework. Oh, it may for a time but soon the Chinese people will rebel. President Trump understands this very well, as he continues to pressure China on trade issues. If the Chinese continue along the path they are on, their economy and their social cohesion will suffer. That's my prediction, and it's an easy one to make if you understand that the battle between dark and light isn't some cutesy little metaphysical fantasy. It's for real. Those who go the wrong way in this battle will be punished by the unfolding of events as humanity gradually goes further and further toward the light.

So, old souls, continue your work. You are not alone, there are tens of millions of us all over the planet. More and more people are waking up. Every time you void your karma with an affirmation, or send light into your own personal darkness, you make it easier on yourself and everyone else. You help the planet ascend to a new level of consciousness where true harmony and cooperation will be the norm, and where never again will there be war.

When you void your personal karma you may find that the crazy events of the world don't touch you anymore, because the fear is gone. Your vibe rises; you find more good things coming into your life. And if your path is one of leadership, you will discover that your message of light will reach more and more people (as long as you don't try to control the process).

Old soul, it's an exciting time to be alive, a time you wanted to be here to experience.