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Denouement is a French word that means 'the outcome of a complex sequence of events.' It comes from the from the French denouer, 'to untie', and originally from the Latin nodus, 'a knot.' My old Webster's New College Dictionary also lists definition 3 as 'any final revelation or outcome.'

Events on planet earth are approaching a denouement. However, most of the action is in the plane of subtle energy. By this I mean the invisible vibrational milieu that surrounds us, and that cocoons all Form. The ancients referred to this as the aether, or the ether. The famous experiment by Mickelson and Morely in 1887 proved, for physicists, the absence of an ether that carried electromagnetic radiation (light); from this physical discovery Einstein later developed his Special and General Theories of Relativity, which stated(among other things) the light travels in a vacuum. The ether I am talking about, however, is far more subtle, and represents the invisible realm of consciousness, what my guidance calls "Native State.'

Physical events always follow and are programmed by what happens on this subtle but powerful vibrational plane of thought and intention. Physical matter and energy is a manifestation of the action of subtle energy, somewhat like an oil extract is a condensation from plants. Human DNA, and everything we see around us are vibrational in nature and seem solid because our physical senses are vibrationally tuned to them. When two vibrations match, perception is possible. This is explained fully in my book, "The Vibrational Universe," and especially in the Appendices to the book. It is also explained in my movie, "The Vibrational Universe."

To understand the approaching denouement of the human race, one must not be fooled by events happening on the physical plane. The insanity of grossly harmful deficit spending (at least in the United States), the growing power of governments all over the world, and the suppression of individual freedoms, are but a mere background phenomenon. What is driving the events we see on earth today is the increasing desire of humanity for permanent, positive change, and a greater recognition of, for want of a better way to say it, the individual divinity and connection to source energy. The divine, God, consciousness, spirituality, prana, chi, Ka; all these terms are expressions for the energy of consciousness itself. This energy plays a vital role in the events that unfold on earth. For millennia, humanity has been mired in a collection of adolescent and self-destructive belief systems. We all know what these old beliefs are, for we see them acted out upon the political and economic stages of our world, every day. Those who adhere to the old memes know only one way to behave, and that is within the old paradigm of thought. Their solutions to everything are hierarchical, where a few at the top control the masses at the bottom. The geometric nature of their beliefs is pyramidical, with a few at the top and everyone else at the bottom. However, these belief systems are self-defeating because they inherently constrict thought and action to a vibrationally lower set of activities that are rapidly becoming less and less effective. The movement of consciousness is toward greater cooperation and harmony, greater abundance and greater empowerment for individuals; which will ultimately result in the ability to form powerful groups that act naturally for the benefit of individuals, and—without conflict of any kind—also for the greater good.

The "greater goods" is a concept that has little meaning in the old paradigm of thought, which is based upon control from above. Power, in the old belief system, simply means control, and comes from an inner insecurity. Control means the denial of self -empowerment and the suppression of one's connection to source. This way of thinking and acting is rapidly becoming disempowered, for the simple reason that it is vibrationally inadequate to keep up with the rising vibration in human consciousness, This rising vibration is in turn reflected in the ethers, which have a direct (but as yet unknown to science) effect on the physical. I have talked about this extensively on the Interview With Spirit show; the rapid population growth represents the desire of the race for spiritual maturity. As the human population increases, there is a greater interaction between the individual energy fields of humans with the planetary field, and the "etheric substrate" itself. This is causing an increase in frequency within the species consciousness, which in turn is raising the background vibration of the planet as a whole. Therefore, those who operate on the basis of the old memes of hierarchy, control, greed, and problem resolution through conflict are finding themselves marooned on a desert island as the waters rise around them. Their sphere of action is becoming more and more limited, and in their fear, they react in adolescent, but predictable ways. In fact, these people are severely limited by their own belief systems, which are becoming, in the rising overall vibration, more and more unsupported.

There is nothing to fear from the upcoming 2012, for example. Ludicrous and silly movies like "2012" are the product of severely limited and disordered minds that have no understanding or connection to the new paradigm of thought that is rapidly being created, not only by "lightworkers" and others who understand their divine nature and their connection to source, but also by the great majority of human beings under the fat part of the Bell curve. People all over the planet are beginning to feel stirrings in the ethers, and are beginning to react positively.

The negativity we see is the result of those in "power" reacting in the only way they know how, but it is also due to the old beliefs of humanity rising to the surface from the muddy river bottom. These old beliefs are coming up for inspection and are being acted out on the physical stage. Vibrationally speaking, this phenomenon is natural and inevitable: when a lower vibrational cyst meets a higher vibration, the cyst becomes exposed as the dark environment surrounding it becomes sublimated.

This is what most people don't get: When you REALLY begin to change, all of your old thoughts and beliefs are exposed. If you resist these dark areas, you re-empower them. But if you can recognize them for hat they are – old thought forms that have been created by you, and have your energy signature upon them (that's why they are so recognizable and so terrifying; because you created them in a lower vibrational state!) – then they will disappear. That is because it is not possible to see something unless you have vibrational altitude in relation to it.

So events like draconian legislation passed in the United States, the Fort Hood incident, Congressional and governmental corruption on a planetary scale, the world economic crisis, all of these things are the physical expression of the old memes coming to the surface, demanding attention. They are the result of a RISING vibration, not a falling one!

Therefore, fear of something that we have created, and have been living for thousands of years, is just silly! When you have a mess in your house and look around, you may feel disgusted, but you shouldn't be fearful! You just dig in and clean up the yukky stuff. Funny, isn’t it, that just a few months ago that mess seemed entirely natural, and you didn't even notice it! But now, in your higher awareness, you realize that you have been living in a pig-sty. Well, that is what is happening with the human race recently. We are all, individually and as a species, approaching a denouement. We are coming to a recognition of our own polluted and sick belief systems, which have formed around our collective psyche's just like cysts in the body, and we are releasing them. But along the way, of course, we FEEL them and we EXPEIENCE them! That is what happens when you REALLY begin to change for the better.

The denouement represents the creation and the activation of a new set of beliefs that are much more consonant with who we are: divine, spiritual beings who have come to earth to raise an adolescent species to maturity, and create a new "golden age" 0f alignment with source.
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I've been around for 58 years, but I've rarely heard anything as stupid and as silly as the current debate over "health care." Nobody asks the fundamental questions. We hear debates about the "public option," privately-owned health care accounts, and waste and fraud in the current system, but nobody asks the question: "What IS health care?"

"Well," you say, "it's just what it says, stupid: health care…OK, it's a way to ensure that you get the proper care when you get sick."

But is it? These explanations all assume that "health care coverage" is about health. And it isn't.
It's about pharmaceutical drugs.

Look in the Physicians Desk Reference, and you'll find literally hundreds of drugs listed. But any doctor will tell you that these drugs treat symptoms. There isn't one drug in that entire huge book that cures anything, so far as I know. That's why the medical profession is so insistent that alternative practitioners can't claim a cure for any disease or health condition. They can't cure anything, so they assume that you can't either.

Orthodox, allopathic medicine has two tools in their "health" toolbox: drugs and invasive surgeries. That's what is covered in these so-called government guaranteed plans for "health care" coverage. The current health care legislation before Congress is simply a political payback to Big Pharma, for the millions big drug companies have poured into the coffers of our (so-called) elected "representatives." In most cases, your Congressman doesn't represent you, he or she represents the people who contribute to their political campaigns. That's what the party system has always been and probably always will be. That's why Jefferson and many of our founding fathers warned us against the party system.

But back to health care. Medical doctors can't cure anything. If you are given a drug, that drug will treat your symptoms, not the cause of those symptoms. Medical doctors are trained to believe –no, to know- that only a QUACK claims that he or she can cure anything. The FDA is simply an organization that promotes pharmaceutical drugs, and stomps on alternative medical practitioners. Don't get me wrong, we DO need a watchdog agency to clamp down on charlatans. Of course, there ARE alternative medical quacks, probably lots of them. But if you are going to be paying for health care, shouldn't you have a choice of practitioners? (And no, the government isn't paying for it, YOU are paying for it! Our government is bankrupt, and additional coverage guaranteed by the government will be paid for by printing more and more money, resulting in higher and higher inflation).

There are also allopathic medical quacks as well. The entire FDA drug review process is suspect, and some claim that the studies are biased toward approving drugs that have cost drug companies billions to bring to market. The recall of drugs like Vioxx make it plain that the FDA approval process has serious flaws.

A TRUE health care bill would include coverage for tried and proven alternative health systems like Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbology, reflexology, etc. These are systems that strive to ACTUALLY CURE your condition, not mask it so that you have to keep buying drugs. And a rational health care would also include coverage for proven new therapies such as Rife technology. Royal Raymond Rife, a brilliant American scientist, cured cancer back in 1934. A banquet was held in his honor back then, attended by prominent scientists and physicians in Southern California, called "The End to All Diseases." I know a doctor (who shall remain nameless of course) who is getting cancer cure rates over 94% using Rife technology, as opposed to under 5% with chemo. And chemo costs a bundle, whereas Rife is much, much cheaper and safer.

A rational health care debate would first ask the question, "what is health care?" and define it. And then proceed from there. But of course, that cannot be done. For to ask that question would bring forth all sorts of unpleasant realities about the pharmaceutical industry and BOTH parties' connection to it. The Republican opposition to health care is mere grandstanding.

So the next time someone asks you whether you have health care coverage, ask them what they mean by health care. I'll bet you most people can't even answer that basic question intelligently. And while you're at it, look up who your representatives in Congress are, and how they voted on issues that are important to you.