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‘In the end all men will be saved, since all things come from God, and to God they must return.’
— Origen of Alexandria, c.185–c.253

“The total number of minds in the universe is One.”
— Quote attributed to Erwin Schrödinger, quantum physicist

“Every point in space and time is connected with every other point in space and time.”
— Ben Rich, former head of the Lockheed Skunkworks, according to Dr. Steven Greer

In my continual effort to promote the value and importance of spirituality and a broader definition of consciousness, here is my clumsy attempt to describe the earth’s spiritual system. A “spiritual system” is how consciousness comes into the physical and how it leaves. It’s a description – painting with the very broadest brush – of how life works.

Definition: Life is the ongoing interaction of consciousness with the physical universe. This statement leads us directly to the conflict between materialism and spirituality.

Materialism vs Spirituality

Materialism says that consciousness is nothing more than neurons firing in the brain. To a materialist, the entire concept of God (universal consciousness) is viewed as un-provable nonsense. Materialism leads directly to the idea that “when you die, you’re dead.”

Throughout history, a small minority of persons – those with self awareness, I submit – have stated that consciousness, or self awareness, exists independently of the physical body. Origen of Alexandria, almost 2,000 years ago, wrote that the souls of human beings existed even before the physical universe was created. Origen is, naturally, considered one of the greatest heretics of all time by orthodox religious figures. The scientific opinion of Schrödinger’s statement is equally dismissive. Rich’s quote is a modern formulation of the Logos, which the ancients defined as the rational creative principle that permeates the universe.

If consciousness does exist outside the physical, it would be undetectable with scientific instruments, because they only measure physical phenomena. Therefore, there is and has always been an unbridgeable gap between materialism and those who believe in spirituality.

I call the materialist conception of life the Consciousness is Meat theory. The meat theory of consciousness postulates that self-awareness originates from the meat brain. Even though it cannot be proven scientifically, it is accepted as Truth by orthodox thinkers and materialists. The spiritualist theory that consciousness exists independent of the physical, on the other hand, is only provable on a personal level: When you take your last breath you will discover the Truth.

The meat theory of consciousness is improbable, for where did the meat that created self-awareness come from? How does self-awareness – the awareness of being aware – come forth from meat? Matter, without the addition of the creative life force called consciousness, is essentially inert.[1] If you don’t believe this, try interacting with an inanimate object.

Here, in my view, are the elements of a spiritual system:

● The first element in any spiritual system requires the existence of consciousness – self awareness – with two attributes: (1) It exists independently of the physical body and the physical universe, and (2) It is the creative, animating principle of life.

In other words, anything that is alive is alive because it is infused with the animating principle.

● Every human being has a soul. A soul is defined as that greater part of YOU – a divine, immortal being with self-awareness independent of the physical body – that cannot “fit” into a human body. People in metaphysics sometimes call this the Higher Self.

● There is no such thing as death. This means that although the body stops breathing, the consciousness of the individual – that part of the soul incarnated in the physical body – returns to the fullness of itself in the higher realm of existence beyond the physical universe, which I will refer to as the Creative Source, or God.

○ Corollary: The true reality is the higher realm. Physical life is a temporary experience, a sort of divine vacation or life experiment.

○ Corollary: All souls return fully and completely to the Creative Source. There has never been a soul that is “trapped,” a la M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense.” (This is a great movie though, because it promotes the idea that there is life after death.) This means that all endings are happy endings, no matter how miserable your life is. After you take your last breath you will return, whole and complete and happy, into the loving arms of the Creative Source. In other words, consciousness is not interrupted by birth or death.

○ Corollary: All souls incarnate freely and voluntarily into physical bodies. There is no  Great Dictator shoving you into a physical life or into a physical body.

● The Creative Source is benevolent. That which created the physical universe and everything in it has infinite power and capability. We give enough credit to this Power to say that it is not psychotic, and wants the best for everything it has created. Psychosis is a human trait, not a divine one.

● Everything that happens on earth stays on earth. This statement has enormous implications, for it means that every person, regardless of what they do in human form, returns to their divine Home upon death of the body. It follows that even mass murderers return fully to the Creative Source. No matter how evil you have been in a lifetime, no matter how many mistakes you made, you return pure to the fullness of your soul.

This is an outrageous statement that will more than likely offend many readers. “Why be good and do good if the evil ones are treated the same?” Well, because it feels better to do good, and you don’t have to work off so much karma! The physical experience is a temporary life experiment for the soul. The soul is immortal and the Creative Source (God) is benevolent. You always get a second chance, no matter how much you screwed up before.

○ Corollary. Original Sin is an understandable misinterpretation of the statement above, assigning to the soul what happens in a physical incarnation. In the Hindu tradition, original sin is called karma. I believe this is a more accurate concept, for it recognizes that the soul is immortal and reincarnates lifetime after lifetime in the physical universe. Karma can be resolved by doing good works in another lifetime, to wash away the sins of the past. When the soul (you) reincarnates for a new lifetime on earth, it picks up all of the activity it has accumulated over all of their previous lifetimes (the accumulated karma). When the soul leaves it “deposits” the new experiences from the most recent lifetime into the soul’s esoteric ‘container.” It picks up the accumulated karma from that container when it reincarnates on earth. Therefore the soul – the consciousness of a person – arrives and returns pure and whole to and from the physical experience every time. This is a great system because the soul is never stained. It remains pure and only sends a “piece” of itself into the physical body in order to have all kinds of experiences. And that “piece” returns, uncorrupted, to the whole. In other words, consciousness is unbroken and continuous, both inside and outside the body.

I would liken a physical incarnation to going on a carnival ride. It’s an adventure when you’re up there, but when the ride is over you go back to your “real” life,

● Free will is an inherent property of the soul / consciousness because it exists independent of the physical body. No one can stop you from thinking or deciding. Your physical body can be made uncomfortable, but consciousness itself never loses free will.

● Whatever happens to you in life is a result of the free will decisions you make as an independent consciousness / self-aware personality.

● You choose your gender and your family and your place of birth before you incarnate. This follows from the previous statement that you exist, continuously, both inside and outside the body. Physical families are the incarnated representation of your spiritual family.

 ● Last but not least! In order to play the physical game on earth, almost all of the spiritual system is hidden from you. For example, it is not obvious at all that you have a soul. The survival mechanism is built-in to physical life and biases every human being to stay on the planet in the physical body, no matter how tough it gets. The Game is to see if you can get beyond the limitations of the body and the five human senses to discover the greater game of the soul, and the soul’s mission on earth.

Why do this? Because if the human being even got a whiff of how great it was in the non-physical realm, almost everyone would leave. That would break the physical game of life. Fortunately, the physical existence is temporary, and the human being always returns to their permanent, spiritual Home.

What are the consequences of the metaphysical system described above?

· Responsibility. It is impossible to be a victim in this spiritual system, for the circumstances of your birth were freely chosen by you, and nothing can be forced upon you. Consciousness continues uninterrupted after death and during a physical incarnation, so you are always you and are always making free will decisions, whether in the body or out of it. So: what happens to you in your life is the consequence of all of the free will decisions you make over time. Ain’t nobody else responsible for you, except you. Not The Man, not the gummint, not the society or the conditions you were born in, not your mommy and daddy, not your gender or race, not the evil corporations or international bankers, not Donald Trump or Joe Biden, not nobody!

· Integrity. The physical body becomes less important for a person who understands that they are an immortal being having a temporary physical experience. As Dr. King stated, the “content of your character” becomes more important than your gender or the color of your skin. These attributes are just body characteristics, and are used by materialists to divide people. True diversity has nothing to do with the body, but only with the characteristics of your individual personality.

· Less fear. I don’t care what anyone says, the greatest fear of all is the fear of death. In our materialist society, death means the literal extinction of Self. That is a fate no one can confront (and it is, fortunately, a lie). It causes nervousness, particularly when faced with disaster or a daunting life situation. When faced with death, knowing that you can’t really die, and that all endings are happy endings, is a very comforting feeling.

· Independence. You are divine, you are immortal, you cannot die. Understanding this leads to a feeling of greater independence and self-empowerment. The fear of death is irrationally enhanced by materialist philosophies like Transhumanism, which is a misogynist, woman-hating and child-hating trap for all those who engage in it. Materialism is embraced by all those on the Dark Side, for they have deliberately turned away from the light. This is apparent to all those with self-awareness and who even casually follow current events.


Both materialism and this metaphysical system are coherent theories of life. Unfortunately, materialism represents permanent death and creates fear, which in turn leads to conflict and war. Understanding the permanence of the soul, that a human being is essentially a divine piece of the benevolent Creative Source, can lead to much a much happier worldview and more positive outcomes in life.

[1] The Panpsychists believe that consciousness is inherent in all things, even matter. The word is made from two Greek words: pan (all) and psyche (soul or mind). This implies that “all is soul or mind,” and that even matter is conscious on some level. Some interpretations say that matter comes forth from a universal consciousness. This is the theme of my short movie, “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.

However, modern panpsychism says, according to philosopher Philip Goff, that “consciousness pervades the universe and is a fundamental feature of it. This doesn’t mean that literally everything is conscious. The basic commitment is that the fundamental constituents of reality—perhaps electrons and quarks—have incredibly simple forms of experience, and the very complex experience of the human or animal brain is somehow derived from the experience of the brain’s most basic parts.  I should clarify that by ‘consciousness,’ I don’t mean self-awareness or the capacity to reflect on one’s own existence. I simply mean ‘experience’: pleasure, pain, visual or auditory experience.”

I agree with most of this, because it would be absurd to say that a quark or a rock has self-awareness. However, it also expresses the materialist idea that consciousness comes from the brain. In my opinion modern philosophy, in its attempt to be scientific, has essentially adopted the materialist view.  

In Our DemocracyTM, ScienceTM and our “leaders” aren’t doing a very good job

Derivatives and the Banking System

With the failure and bailout of SVB Bank and Signature Bank, the FDIC insurance fund, which is supposed to bail out banks when they fail, is bankrupt. This banking insurance fund only had $100 billion or so before the collapse of SVB and Signature. SVB had about $150 billion in unsecured deposits, and Signature had about $50 billion. The rest of the bailout money was printed by the Fed. If another regional bank (perhaps your bank) collapses due to rising interest rates and falling bond prices, where will the “money” come from to bail it out? Sorry folks, there aint no money left. The elite venture capitalists already got theirs, and bankrupted the system. Mr. Potter doesn’t have any money left for the hard working taxpayers.

First Republic Bank is also on shaky ground. On Thursday 11 major US banks pledged to deposit $30 billion into it. This does not bode well for our banking system.

Small/medium sized banks are important to the economy.

Our elites are destroying the economy and swooping up the assets and the remaining wealth of this country, causing bank runs on their own banks, and sending over $100 billion for a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. The War in Ukraine has morphed from defending the Ukrainian people into a sophisticated money laundering operation, while the people are lied to by our so-called “leaders.” The corruption in both banking and government is becoming more and more visible to the public.

As shaky as the system is now, there’s an even bigger problem. No one talks about derivatives, the elephant in the room. Derivatives are financial contracts set between two or more parties that derive their value from an underlying asset or group of assets, such as a group of mortgages, stocks, bonds, or commodities. The problem is that although derivatives can be used to reduce risk (hedging), they are far more likely to be used to speculate on the price movement of an underlying asset, or to leverage holdings. A leveraged financial instrument can be purchased with only a small amount of capital and gives you an interest in a much larger amount of value in the underlying asset. So you can invest, with just a little cash, in a very large number of markets and financial instruments. In the process, of course, you spread you money very, very thin.

As more and more derivatives – such as collateralized mortgage obligations, which are tranches or slices of a pool of mortgages – are created on top of the original pool of mortgages, they become more and more detached from the real asset. Investment banks have been creating derivatives for decades as a way to make money. But many of these derivative contracts cannot even be valued – they cannot be “marked to market.” That is because many of these financial instruments are so far removed from the real asset that they are essentially valueless.

Ok, so no big deal, right? Our Tresury Secretary, Janet Yellen, tells us that the banking system is “sound.” Not being one to trust politicians, out of curiosity I looked up the exposure of U.S. banks to derivatives. I couldn’t believe what I found. This is a screenshot of partial list of banks.


Check out the first three investment banks – three of 20 Big Banks (banks that are “too big to fail”) that handle U.S. Treasury auctions and which collect substantial fees for doing so.

Leading the pack is Goldman Sachs, with over $53 trillion in derivatives. Uh, excuse me. $50 TRILLION? How the hell can a bank have that much exposure on their books?

It comes from greed and unbridled speculation. Note that the values listed here are par values. Meaning that this is what the banks themselves determine is their worth. The real value of many of these derivatives aren’t even close to the par value, but the banks can’t admit that or they will all collapse. Neither can the bank regulators. Oops! Also note that this isn’t new information. A banker would yawn at this essay. It’s common knowledge at the Fed, and the government oversight committees in Congress, at the FDIC and the SEC.

The next two banks all have around $50 trillion in derivatives on their books. If you go to this website and add up these figures, you get an astonishing total of about $193 trillion dollars in derivatives on the books of U.S. banks (that was my quick calculation).

And we wonder why banks are in trouble?

Go to the website and check the list to see where your bank stands. The list is longer than the image here.

The graph above just lists the derivatives held by banks in the US. According to Investopedia,

The derivatives market is, in a word, gigantic—often estimated at over $1 quadrillion on the high end. How can that be? Largely because there are numerous derivatives in existence, available on virtually every possible type of investment asset, including equities, commodities, bonds, and currency. Some market analysts even place the size of the market at more than 10 times that of the total world gross domestic product (GDP).”


Again, the values in this table are the dollar amounts that the banks assign to the worth of their derivatives. This is called the notional value, or face value.

Notional value is a term used to value the underlying asset in a derivatives trade. The notional, or face, value of derivatives contracts is much higher than the market value due to the use of leverage, or borrowed money.”

The derivative game is played by investment banks assigning dollar values to their own portfolios. The derivatives market, worldwide, is a gigantic albatross around the neck of the world’s financial system.

It’s a nice gig, isn’t it? Hey, why don’t you get a printing press and start printing money in your basement? That’s what the derivatives market essentially does. If you or I were to do this we would be – rightly – thrown in jail.

Investment banks have the ability to literally create financial instruments that are backed by nothing, just like the fiat money currencies such as the dollar and the euro.

So the next time you hear rich guys – like the venture capitalists in SVC Bank, whose investors started a run on their own bank – cry about bailouts, take it with a grain of salt. The gummint bailed out the rich depositors in SVC Bank and Signature Bank, and bankrupted the FDIC’s bank insurance fund.

In my opinion, the banking system must be reset to wipe out all so-called “assets” that cannot be marked to market. But what do I know? I’m no expert.

Who is Running Our World?

So far we are on pretty solid ground. Now let’s get into the realm of speculation.

First, remember that the internet began as a secure, closed information-sharing network of the U.S. Department of Defense and research institutions, called ARPANET. What they don’t tell you is that one of the goals of this network was to engage in weapons research at various universities across the country. That’s why the military created the network in the first place, in my opinion.

We also know that the Patent Office has confiscated thousands of inventions that the military and the intelligence community consider threats to “national security.” According to Wired (and many other sources),

Government Secrecy Orders on Patents Have Stifled More Than 5,000 Inventions. If the government thinks your patent-pending invention has national security implications, it can slap a secrecy order on it that prevents you from developing it. More than 5,300 such orders have been issued, with some of them in effect for decades.”

If the Department of Defense thinks your invention is a threat to national security – which means, the established order – it can slap a Patent Secrecy Order on your invention. Which means you can’t commercialize it or even publicize it. Your invention just sits at the Patent Office.

According to Wired, “Tens of thousands of patent applications are manually examined each year under the Invention Secrecy Act and referred for a final decision to the Pentagon, National Security Agency, Department of Justice and, more recently, Department of Homeland Security.” Yeah. These outfits all belong to the military/intelligence complex.

But what happens to your invention after it gets sequestered? Well, as far as I can tell, it’s stolen, basically. An entire industry has been built around cutting-edge inventions that have been stolen from U.S. inventors. These inventions are monetized by venture capitalists (at places like the CIA and SVB Bank, the one that just failed and got bailed out.)

To see how the CIA monetizes patent information, let’s take a peek at In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital outfit. The name of the website is If you click on the “Portfolio” link ( you can see hundreds of cutting edge organizations sponsored by the CIA. This is just a screenshot of part of the first page:

These CIA-created/sponsored companies are creating high-tech startups using technology stolen from American inventors under the guise of national security. Some of this technology is being weaponized. But of course, it’s all in a good cause! Serving the interests of America’s elite millionaires and billionaires, and hidden cliques within the secret national security and intelligence community.

How many billions (or trillions) of dollars have CIA funded companies like this made over the years? Scroll through the portfolio section on the In-Q-Tel website and click on some of these companies. The CIA is engaging in cutting-edge tech in every imaginable field, funded by taxpayer money, and we have no say in what is being researched, or how that research will be applied to American society and the economy.

We can conclude by saying that innovation in technology is driven by a control paradigm, and it is managed by insiders in the military and in the intelligence community.

How do you like them apples?

But no worries, folks. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and President Joe Biden tell us that the banking system is “sound.” Like the avalanche of phony derivatives held by our banks, these people are divorced from reality. But remember folks. In Our DemocracyTM, ScienceTM and our “leaders” are working for the best interests of the people!


Anyone can participate

So many major events are occurring every day in the news cycle. It is impossible to keep up. From bank failures to the war in Ukraine, from a wide-open southern border to inflation caused by massive government spending, from rigged elections to a Transhumanist assault on humanity itself, the world seems to be falling apart.

The world IS falling apart – the world of darkness. It is a bit depressing to realize that many of our institutions – both  private and public – are being run by psychopaths, but that’s the way it is. The people in charge are the worst of us.

I could have written 20 pages on a list of occurrences that would back up the opening paragraphs, but you wouldn’t be reading this substack if you weren’t aware of this. Besides, it’s boring and unproductive to point out all of the things that are wrong. Let’s try to shed a little illumination on a world that is undergoing a revolution in consciousness.

Yes, a revolution in consciousness. If you follow current events, what you see on your screens every day is what a revolution in consciousness looks like. It’s an exposure of the Dark.

The collective consciousness of humanity is cluttered with negative energy and karma. The dark closet looks filthy and gross when you turn on the light. When you start to clean it out you get dirty.

Looking to “world leaders,” or leaders of any kind, to solve societal problems won’t work anymore because the situation is planet-wide. It’s too massive for any leader or group to solve. We are way past the “follow the leader” paradigm. We did that for 6,000 years and look where it got us. Th e solution involves 8 billion individuals. It’s a decentralized solution, not one imposed from above.

We live on a planet where every individual exercises free will. The world situation is a combination and conflation of 8 billion independent creators. The UN isn’t going to solve our problems, or the WHO, or the goverment. This is a collective problem contributed to by 8 billion unique individuals.

Human Consciousness

First let’s discuss what human consciousness is. Human consciousness is a melding of the physical body with a divine soul. Without the understanding that awareness comes from a higher, divine source, the  situation on this planet will continue to deteriorate.

 The idea that self-awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain is something invented by people with no self-awareness. Yet humanity has been operating on this paradigm since hominids emerged from the caves 200,000 years ago. Isn’t it obvious by now that this definition of consciousness produces nothing except war, conflict, misery, and poverty?

Cooperation and harmony, the bedrocks of all successful human societies, comes from a true definition of consciousness: something divine and loving that wants people to succeed, and which brings out the best in people.

The human race is now in the process of discovering this, discarding old belief systems that simply don’t work anymore. On the other side of the equation are those who consciously turn to the dark side and who are working to destabilize the planet. Those people are manifesting the dark memes in the collective consciousness and covering their activities with a veneer of Light. However, the dark memes and the karma in the collective consciousness have been placed there by all of us! Therefore, to disable them requires everyone’s participation. In a sense, current events are a physical representation of the current status of the collective consciousness.

Assigning blame for bad outcomes (conspiracy theories) to one or two human beings or organizations identifies the wrong target (“It’s Bill Gates’ fault!” “Klaus Schwab is the evil genius!” “The government is to blame!” “It’s Donald Trump!”). The situation is being created by all of us, for all humans on the planet contribute to the collective consciousness.

Assigning blame does not solve problems, it continues them.

It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Human beings – and all life forms – learn through experience. In order to see the failures of those who apply degraded definitions of consciousness to human societies, people have to see the results in real life. So a lot of bad stuff has to happen first.  That’s the phase we are in now collectively; the phase of working through collective karma.

The question is, how much more time do we have to spend being miserable?

It depends on how many people continue to embrace a false definition of consciousness. A person can believe anything they want. It’s what a person chooses to believe that is important.

To illustrate this concept, here is an assertion: “Intractable human problems like world hunger can be solved overnight if every person on earth embraced the Light.”

What was your reaction to the last sentence? I’ll bet it was something like, “That aint never going to happen.” If it was, don’t feel bad! That’s the natural reaction of probably 99% of the population. It shows how much our minds have been conditioned to believe in a degraded conception of what a human being is, and how we have embraced a faulty conception of human nature.

Humanity has embraced the wrong definition of consciousness

We have, as a species, convinced ourselves that an individual human being is a pile of meat, a savage masquerading as a civilized being, and that human nature not only is conflicted and greedy, but that it is immutable (cannot be changed).

As our societies degrade further into barbarism, the human race is now facing a stark, undeniable fact: We either recognize the divine nature of the human being, or we regress into  worldwide societal collapse.

That’s what the process of Awakening involves: an acceptance of the true nature of consciousness and a rejection of everything that is not in alignment with it.

There are no other “solutions” to humanity’s survival. We have tried them all – political, economic, and sociological – and they have all failed. Our society in 2023 is not too different than society was 200,000 years ago. We still kill animals for food and compete and fight with each other for resources, just like our caveman ancestors. The only difference between then and now is an overlay of technology and a veneer of “civilized behavior.”

We have not advanced very far in wisdom, as a species, since the first primitive hominid emerged from the cave and wondered, “What are those fascinating lights in the sky?”

Back then there was an excuse – humanity was just an infantile species and didn’t know any better. But not today.

  Humanity has always had two evolutionary paths: Dark and Light. The evolutionary path of Light eventually opens a portal to the One consciousness, to Spirit, to God, to the Higher Power, and to peace on earth. The Dark path leads to species suicide.

Our species has the choice to open that portal and achieve peace and prosperity, or to destroy itself. Humanity is in the crucial phase of making that decision at the present time.

Which way will it go?

Well, all humans have free will, and trying to stop another from doing what they want is futile. Maybe after 200,000 years of evolution we can finally learn this! History is replete with groups of people trying to get other groups of people to follow their agendas. That’s how wars start, and how societies collapse.

The only solution left in the evolutionary toolbox is for individuals to embrace a true definition of consciousness; one that rejects hatred and anger and embraces cooperation and harmony. That’s what it has come down to, folks, and it’s a little late in the game to be asking the same stupid questions about which leader or what new policy to follow. It’s time to choose the path of Light and we have to do it NOW. We either understand our divine origins and reject materialism, or we are going under.

For over 300 years we have given ScienceTM a big chance to prove itself. But ScienceTM has now reached its evolutionary endpoint in this materialistic society. It has become manipulated and politicized junk, just another narrative used by psychopaths to impose their agendas.

“Choosing the path of Light” sounds pretty vague and ineffective, doesn’t it? People have been saying this for 200,000 years. Well, a tiny, tiny minority of people have been advising this throughout human history, but it has never been embraced collectively. The tired, superannuated and false conception of consciousness is always rearing its ugly head to remind us that we are just walking hamburger, and that individual human beings are powerless. However, embracing these false conceptions is a choice.

False, degraded definitions of human nature is the evolutionary path of the Dark that leads to species destruction. We are seeing this destruction on our screens every day.

Anyone Can Quietly Participate

There’s no more time for the same old shit. The consciousness revolution can’t be fought in the streets. That’s an old solution that just leads to revenge, retribution, and death. The new consciousness revolution begins with individuals looking inward, fining their personal portal to God. At this point who cares how you do it! If you can find your personal connection in a church, have at it. If you can find it by walking in the woods or playing on the beach, go for it. Or through meditation, or martial arts, or by embracing a career, or by being a homemaker, it doesn’t matter. Find your path to the light and reject all of the thousands of Dark paths.

The reward for following a path of Light is positive emotion.

Love and harmony are universal solvents because they dissolve hatred and expose darkness. Fighting and conflict increases the stupidity quotient. Embracing harmony and cooperation makes a person more intelligent, and we need more smart people in the world! Anyone can quietly participate in the consciousness revolution. It’s no longer just a nice idea. It’s essential to saving our societies and our planet.