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Anyone can participate

So many major events are occurring every day in the news cycle. It is impossible to keep up. From bank failures to the war in Ukraine, from a wide-open southern border to inflation caused by massive government spending, from rigged elections to a Transhumanist assault on humanity itself, the world seems to be falling apart.

The world IS falling apart – the world of darkness. It is a bit depressing to realize that many of our institutions – both  private and public – are being run by psychopaths, but that’s the way it is. The people in charge are the worst of us.

I could have written 20 pages on a list of occurrences that would back up the opening paragraphs, but you wouldn’t be reading this substack if you weren’t aware of this. Besides, it’s boring and unproductive to point out all of the things that are wrong. Let’s try to shed a little illumination on a world that is undergoing a revolution in consciousness.

Yes, a revolution in consciousness. If you follow current events, what you see on your screens every day is what a revolution in consciousness looks like. It’s an exposure of the Dark.

The collective consciousness of humanity is cluttered with negative energy and karma. The dark closet looks filthy and gross when you turn on the light. When you start to clean it out you get dirty.

Looking to “world leaders,” or leaders of any kind, to solve societal problems won’t work anymore because the situation is planet-wide. It’s too massive for any leader or group to solve. We are way past the “follow the leader” paradigm. We did that for 6,000 years and look where it got us. Th e solution involves 8 billion individuals. It’s a decentralized solution, not one imposed from above.

We live on a planet where every individual exercises free will. The world situation is a combination and conflation of 8 billion independent creators. The UN isn’t going to solve our problems, or the WHO, or the goverment. This is a collective problem contributed to by 8 billion unique individuals.

Human Consciousness

First let’s discuss what human consciousness is. Human consciousness is a melding of the physical body with a divine soul. Without the understanding that awareness comes from a higher, divine source, the  situation on this planet will continue to deteriorate.

 The idea that self-awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain is something invented by people with no self-awareness. Yet humanity has been operating on this paradigm since hominids emerged from the caves 200,000 years ago. Isn’t it obvious by now that this definition of consciousness produces nothing except war, conflict, misery, and poverty?

Cooperation and harmony, the bedrocks of all successful human societies, comes from a true definition of consciousness: something divine and loving that wants people to succeed, and which brings out the best in people.

The human race is now in the process of discovering this, discarding old belief systems that simply don’t work anymore. On the other side of the equation are those who consciously turn to the dark side and who are working to destabilize the planet. Those people are manifesting the dark memes in the collective consciousness and covering their activities with a veneer of Light. However, the dark memes and the karma in the collective consciousness have been placed there by all of us! Therefore, to disable them requires everyone’s participation. In a sense, current events are a physical representation of the current status of the collective consciousness.

Assigning blame for bad outcomes (conspiracy theories) to one or two human beings or organizations identifies the wrong target (“It’s Bill Gates’ fault!” “Klaus Schwab is the evil genius!” “The government is to blame!” “It’s Donald Trump!”). The situation is being created by all of us, for all humans on the planet contribute to the collective consciousness.

Assigning blame does not solve problems, it continues them.

It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Human beings – and all life forms – learn through experience. In order to see the failures of those who apply degraded definitions of consciousness to human societies, people have to see the results in real life. So a lot of bad stuff has to happen first.  That’s the phase we are in now collectively; the phase of working through collective karma.

The question is, how much more time do we have to spend being miserable?

It depends on how many people continue to embrace a false definition of consciousness. A person can believe anything they want. It’s what a person chooses to believe that is important.

To illustrate this concept, here is an assertion: “Intractable human problems like world hunger can be solved overnight if every person on earth embraced the Light.”

What was your reaction to the last sentence? I’ll bet it was something like, “That aint never going to happen.” If it was, don’t feel bad! That’s the natural reaction of probably 99% of the population. It shows how much our minds have been conditioned to believe in a degraded conception of what a human being is, and how we have embraced a faulty conception of human nature.

Humanity has embraced the wrong definition of consciousness

We have, as a species, convinced ourselves that an individual human being is a pile of meat, a savage masquerading as a civilized being, and that human nature not only is conflicted and greedy, but that it is immutable (cannot be changed).

As our societies degrade further into barbarism, the human race is now facing a stark, undeniable fact: We either recognize the divine nature of the human being, or we regress into  worldwide societal collapse.

That’s what the process of Awakening involves: an acceptance of the true nature of consciousness and a rejection of everything that is not in alignment with it.

There are no other “solutions” to humanity’s survival. We have tried them all – political, economic, and sociological – and they have all failed. Our society in 2023 is not too different than society was 200,000 years ago. We still kill animals for food and compete and fight with each other for resources, just like our caveman ancestors. The only difference between then and now is an overlay of technology and a veneer of “civilized behavior.”

We have not advanced very far in wisdom, as a species, since the first primitive hominid emerged from the cave and wondered, “What are those fascinating lights in the sky?”

Back then there was an excuse – humanity was just an infantile species and didn’t know any better. But not today.

  Humanity has always had two evolutionary paths: Dark and Light. The evolutionary path of Light eventually opens a portal to the One consciousness, to Spirit, to God, to the Higher Power, and to peace on earth. The Dark path leads to species suicide.

Our species has the choice to open that portal and achieve peace and prosperity, or to destroy itself. Humanity is in the crucial phase of making that decision at the present time.

Which way will it go?

Well, all humans have free will, and trying to stop another from doing what they want is futile. Maybe after 200,000 years of evolution we can finally learn this! History is replete with groups of people trying to get other groups of people to follow their agendas. That’s how wars start, and how societies collapse.

The only solution left in the evolutionary toolbox is for individuals to embrace a true definition of consciousness; one that rejects hatred and anger and embraces cooperation and harmony. That’s what it has come down to, folks, and it’s a little late in the game to be asking the same stupid questions about which leader or what new policy to follow. It’s time to choose the path of Light and we have to do it NOW. We either understand our divine origins and reject materialism, or we are going under.

For over 300 years we have given ScienceTM a big chance to prove itself. But ScienceTM has now reached its evolutionary endpoint in this materialistic society. It has become manipulated and politicized junk, just another narrative used by psychopaths to impose their agendas.

“Choosing the path of Light” sounds pretty vague and ineffective, doesn’t it? People have been saying this for 200,000 years. Well, a tiny, tiny minority of people have been advising this throughout human history, but it has never been embraced collectively. The tired, superannuated and false conception of consciousness is always rearing its ugly head to remind us that we are just walking hamburger, and that individual human beings are powerless. However, embracing these false conceptions is a choice.

False, degraded definitions of human nature is the evolutionary path of the Dark that leads to species destruction. We are seeing this destruction on our screens every day.

Anyone Can Quietly Participate

There’s no more time for the same old shit. The consciousness revolution can’t be fought in the streets. That’s an old solution that just leads to revenge, retribution, and death. The new consciousness revolution begins with individuals looking inward, fining their personal portal to God. At this point who cares how you do it! If you can find your personal connection in a church, have at it. If you can find it by walking in the woods or playing on the beach, go for it. Or through meditation, or martial arts, or by embracing a career, or by being a homemaker, it doesn’t matter. Find your path to the light and reject all of the thousands of Dark paths.

The reward for following a path of Light is positive emotion.

Love and harmony are universal solvents because they dissolve hatred and expose darkness. Fighting and conflict increases the stupidity quotient. Embracing harmony and cooperation makes a person more intelligent, and we need more smart people in the world! Anyone can quietly participate in the consciousness revolution. It’s no longer just a nice idea. It’s essential to saving our societies and our planet.