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In the Beginning

The Bible tells us that at the beginning of the world, Adam and Eve were given fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and that was the beginning of human civilization. Of course this is just a metaphor, but there is an element of truth to it. The Bible story tells us several things. First, Adam and Eve are portrayed as homo sapiens, looking just like modern humans. That is unusual because at the beginning of the world there were several species of humans – Cro-Magnon,  Neanderthal, Home erectus, Homo habilus, etc.[1] Every other species on this planet has more than one variety, but there is only one type of human. Something happened (in a non-evolutionary fashion) to the human race to eliminate all of the other competing human species.

David Brin, the science fiction writer, has an excellent series of books he calls the “uplift series.” These books are brilliant, and describe a universe where evolving species on young planets (like earth) are given genetic enhancements by older, established species. This enables younger, promising races to evolve in consciousness, with the hope that they will eventually make it into galactic society. Moreover, creation stories from various cultures all describe “gods” coming to earth and giving humans a “divine spark.” Something like this must have happened on earth: one species of human (maybe the most promising one) was “uplifted” via genetic enhancement and had such an advantage over the others that it became dominant.

It is not understood how modern humans evolved from the apes. Geneticists now think that "the ancestor of great apes, including humans, underwent a dramatic genetic change. Small pieces of DNA replicated and spread across their resident chromosomes like dandelions across a lawn."[2] These duplication blocks of DNA, called core duplicons, are thought to be the basis for new genes and are thought to be a missing link in  human evolution. How and why these duplication blocks of DNA spread throughout the human genome is a complete mystery.

The idea that the human race could have been genetically manipulated violates the sacred academic assumption that the earth is alone in the universe and that we have evolved completely free from non-terrestrial influences. All right, then explain to us how this happened!

We live in a galaxy teeming with intelligent life and it would be absurd in my opinion to assume that this planet has not been visited by civilizations in our galactic neighborhood.

Over 90% of our DNA is unclassifiable. It is not protein-based but scientists cannot discover what it's doing in the human genome. According to Scientific American, "In 2000, when scientists of the Human Genome Project presented the first rough draft of the sequence of bases, or code letters, in human DNA, the initial results appeared to confirm that the vast majority of the sequence—perhaps 97 percent of its 3.2 billion bases—had no apparent function."[3] Now biologists are revising their idea of junk DNA by finding "previously hidden switches, signals and sign posts embedded like runes throughout the entire length of human DNA."[4]

How did these genetic signposts get into the human genome? Yeah, probably just by accident. It just happened randomly. Maybe. And maybe it’s time to expand our view of the universe and humanity's place in it.

The Duality

The Bible implies that when Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit it opened up a can of worms: we were given the duality, the knowledge of good and evil. Most of these Bible stories are just metaphorical, as are the creation myths of the earth's cultures and civilizations. But they would not have survived over the millennia if there were not a kernel of truth in them. All right, let's assume the "Garden of Eden" story has some truth to it. What is that truth? What is the purpose of the duality?

The duality has two aspects: free choice and evolution. The duality inherently creates free choice because there are always at least two options for every action: You can either go to the light or the dark. Obviously all choices are nuanced, so there might be dozens of choices for every situation.

(1) The idea that free choice comes from the duality is something I never really granted any credence to, mainly because it seems stupid to have the option of choosing misery, injustice, cruelty, and all of the other evils that afflict mankind. But a 50-50 balance (the starting point) in consciousness  between light and dark means there is an inherent choice offered in every life situation. There is an equal chance to choose one or the other, or gradations between them. So choice is built-in to the duality. The Bible seems to imply that the duality was a gift from God and that free will or free choice is a God-like attribute. There must be some benefit to having the choice to choose light or dark. That brings us to the second purpose of the duality: evolution.

(2) The choice between good and evil provides a tension; an energy. Without the darkness there would be no impetus for improvement. The duality provides contrast  that allows  for learning. When you take the wrong road you get smacked in the face. Karma becomes activated; through many incarnations a species gradually gains in wisdom and understanding.  The duality provides lessons that, if learned, allow a civilization to transcend it and become spiritually aware.

Some argue that the Bible story of Adam and Eve provided a paradise for mankind; that we were already spiritually aware and that we descended into darkness BECAUSE of the duality. But here, mankind is in a state of innocence; completely inexperienced and without wisdom. In third density, this state of perfection isn't going to last very long! And so the duality is a way of evolving consciousness in learning and wisdom. It becomes a force for advancement and evolution to a divine state.

Regardless whether the human race started off as an uplifted species from the apes, or descended in consciousness from a state of innocent perfection, it is clear that humanity had to start over after the last Ice Age 18,000 years ago. Let's broaden our perspective and look at the evolution of planets from a galactic perspective. The universe is 13.5 billion years old. The planet earth is around 4 billion years old. Humanity appeared on the scene as homo sapiens a few hundred thousand years ago, which means there are probably a lot of much, much older graduate races out there. A young race like humanity is just beginning its journey (again?) and is not advanced in consciousness. The planet earth is sitting firmly in third density, which means it is mired in ignorance and materialism. Humans are clueless cavemen looking out at the lights in the sky; thinking that the earth is the center of the universe. Humanity has very little wisdom or spiritual understanding. If you are a graduate civilization how do you uplift  a species like that? You give it the "gift" of duality. You allow the species the opportunity to lift itself out of third density through its own conscious choices.

The Starting Point: The Divine

Ultimately everything in the physical universe is a creation of a universal intelligence. All incarnated beings on all planets and galaxies are aspects of the Creative Source. So the baseline, the origin, the starting point, of anything physical is consciousness. Although human consciousness has an obvious physical dependency, incarnated human consciousness returns to its higher state of physical independence after the death of the body.

For some reason the physical universe was created and aspects of the divinity incarnate into it. The object of the game is, apparently, to evolve physical structure  and physical consciousness to the starting point of the Divine. The very beginning of that process, the very first step, is experiencing the duality, and evolving out of it to higher states of awareness.

How many planets in our galaxy have intelligent life? Who knows, but I’d image there are millions. Do all planets with intelligent life achieve spiritual awareness? I’d imagine not. Here in third density, the duality doesn’t stop at the earth’s atmosphere. Some make it, some don’t. What would a planetary civilization that didn’t make it look like? It would probably have a strong resemblance to earth, with a lot of misery and conflict. Such a civilization wouldn’t have evolved to the point where beings recognized that they have a spark of the divine within them. They’d go on mindlessly fighting each other, and if they got out to space they’d probably be pretty aggressive and warlike. We’d get the Star Wars sce­­­nario.

Then there would be the civilizations that made it. These civilizations would “graduate” out of the stupidity of materialism and third density, and set themselves upon the path back to their divine origins. They would have transcended the duality, the basic tool of spiritual evolution. When that happens, graduate civilizations discover a multidimensional universe and multidimensional physics, which allows them to travel within their own universe and between other universes and dimensions.

And, perhaps, graduate civilizations would “seed” promising young planets (like earth) with the divine spark, and give them the opportunity to evolve out of materialism. That seed would include the duality and free choice. It couldn’t be any other way, really. A planet has to decide for itself whether to go to the light or not. To evolve out of materialism requires self-awareness, and you don’t get that by others doing it for you. The motherships aren't going to land on the White House lawn until AFTER we eliminate conflict and war and there is peace on earth. Transcending the duality (choosing the path toward the light) is the first and most important step. Duality creates contrast and allows free choice. It provides beings with experience, through karma and past lives, and a planetary civilization with the opportunity to advance. Therefore the duality is a gift, but disguised as a curse.

The duality is the spiritual testing ground that determines whether a planet makes the jump to higher awareness where all the good stuff is. If you don't make that jump then – even if you become technologically advanced – your civilization stays mired in conflict even on the interstellar level, a la Star Wars. And if you don't advance technologically your economy stays at the primitive fossil-fuel level, your civilization suffers resource depletion, and you basically die out, like a plant that doesn't get enough water.

This is where the planet earth is now. Are we headed for a Borg-like fascist planetary society with control at the top, and advanced technology devoid of any spiritual component? That is the path to eventual death as a species. Technological advancement without spiritual understanding leads to a sterile, soulless society that cannot advance past the third density.

The solution is to advance spiritually, but all uplifted civilizations don’t make it. Planet earth has the chance to do so. We avoided WW III and extinction events. We got our plane off the ground. Now it’s up to us to fly to a good place; a place where we can fulfill our potential and join a community of graduate civilizations at the multidimensional level.

We are sowing the seeds now, right after 2012, for the next several thousand years. Trans-humanism and dependence on technology as some kind of savior are dead-end paths. We must understand and develop our own consciousness and discover the divine within. If we do that an entirely new level of technology will be discovered; a multidimensional technology that works in cooperation with consciousness. A multidimensional physics will be discovered, disease will be a thing of the past, our cellular structure will be able to heal itself quickly and even grow new limbs.

Transcending the Duality

How do we transcend the duality? Here's a situation that comes up a lot on earth: a criminal goes on a rampage; killing people, destroying property, stealing. When the criminal is caught  the question becomes: What do we do with this dangerous lunatic? The standard solution is punishment and at the extreme, execution. But punishment and/or execution just places us back in the duality; it continues the karma created by the criminal and also attaches it to the punishers and to those who acquiesced in the punishment. Both sides of the situation are enveloped within the duality. The solution? forgiveness. Does this mean we let the psychopath back out on the streets? Nope. But a sane society makes it clear that a human being is valued and important, and acts on this principle. Criminals and psychopaths are created from karma (abuse from parents to children), which continues to the next incarnation, and the next, and the next, until forgiveness and tolerance finally breaks it. You don't have to love the unlovable to break karma. But you do have to have tolerance.

How is it possible to even show tolerance toward a murderer or a child molester? Isn't that itself an act of insanity? Here is where the master shrugs and says, "What kind of future do you want for yourselves and your children? There is only one path out of the duality. That path is love and tolerance." The master says, "Why do you think you have a divine spark inside you? It's your ticket out of misery and karma and short lifespans and disease and injustice. Either use it or lose it."

And that's the truth ladies and germs. It's hard, it's really hard. Because when a civilization is mired in the duality it makes sense vibrationally to have solutions that resonate to the duality. So, "an eye for an eye" makes sense. Punishment makes sense. "Why should we let criminals ruin our societies? We have to make the penalties for crime so harsh that no one will want to misbehave." Again the master shrugs. "I told you 2,000 years ago to turn the other cheek. I got killed for daring to mention the path out of the duality. I'm telling you, there's only one way out. There are thousands of justifications for not showing tolerance and love even when it makes sense to not do so. It's your choice."

That's the reality. As Red says in the Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy living or get busy dying." The duality represents death and karma. The way to "get busy living" is, at a minimum, to show tolerance even when the person you are dealing with is an asshole. Because love and tolerance sets up a vibration within you of love and tolerance, and then you don't meet up with any more assholes. And you break the cycle of karma.

There are probably thousands of civilizations on thousands of planets who didn't have the courage to find God inside. Those civilizations didn't make it. They are doomed to a continuation of their karma until, eventually, their civilization collapses and they have to begin again, or they just die out. We've seen it on earth over and over again with the rise and fall of empires. Now, we are approaching planetary consciousness. If that planetary consciousness is still mired in duality, we become just another civilization that didn't make it. We go out into space and fight wars and get into disputes and compete and never realize a fraction of our potential. Instead of transcending the duality and graduating to a higher level of consciousness we become like the Brooklyn Swami: "I told you guys to center yourselves, but you was too stupid to understand what I was talkin' about."


The duality inherently leads to free will and to a state of potential evolution to a higher state of consciousness. "Uplifted" races such as humanity have a seed, or a divine spark, of divinity inside, that enables them to transcend the duality, to choose love and tolerance over hatred and intolerance. It's a test, basically. A test of energy. There are thousands of perfectly legitimate justifications for remaining mired within the bubble of duality. In fact, that's the setup. The test is to see if we can go beyond the Brooklyn Swami and attain mastery. It's up to each and every one of us.

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