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technology can't replace wisdom

Transhumanism, and its offshoot transgenderism, is being forcibly imposed on our society. Transhumanists believe that the biological human body is faulty because it gets sick and only lives an average of 80 years. Why not redesign the body so that it lives longer? Better yet, why not create a superior intelligence – AI – that can reorder human society for the better?

There’s one problem. The technology doesn’t exist to do any of this. And so a PR campaign has been substituted, a campaign to convince humans that AI is well on the way to artificial general intelligence (AGI): a synthetic, non-biological and superior intelligence smarter than humans, and then, ultimately, artificial super intelligence, a God-like, man-made creation that learns infinitely fast and which can bootstrap itself and rapidly evolve to replace humanity on the earth.

If this sounds like a psychopath’s wet dream, you are not wrong.

Update: “AI” is Fake

To see what a scam AI is, and the recent AI driven “Chatbot” craze,look at this article: “To increase lagging vaccination rates, scientists developed specialized AI actors to talk to people online to convince them to get vaccinated. This was done in response to all-important but unmentioned “stakeholders” demanding that chatbots be deployed to improve vaccine acceptance among the refusers.” And guess who funded this push? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of course. You know, the people who push vaccine products the Big Pharma cartel couldn’t sell in the West onto African kids.

It’s always great to know that the AI advising you is being funded by an objective source! Regardless of whether you think vaccination is a good idea, it is clear that these so-called “AI” Chatbots are just another way to promote a narrative.

Here’s another example of fake Chatbot “AI”: It’s title is, “We are Grunt Workers,” The Lowly Humans Helping Run ChatGPT Make Just $15 Per Hour.“ was reported this week that the extremely popular ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot is being “guided” by lowly humans making just $15 per hour. The company that owns ChatGPT, OpenAI, is reportedly “paying droves of U.S. contractors to assist it with the necessary task of data labelling—the process of training ChatGPT’s software to better respond to user requests,” according to Gizmodo. The article says they are making just $15 per hour for the task of data labeling, wherein data samples are parsed and labeled to help AI “learn” quicker. The task was described as “pivotal” for ChatGPT's AI processes. Worker Alexej Savreux said: ‘We are grunt workers, but there would be no AI language systems without it. You can design all the neural networks you want, you can get all the researchers involved you want, but without labelers, you have no ChatGPT. You have nothing.’”

And finally, this: “OpenAI had previously outsourced work to Africa, where it could get away with paying workers as low as $2 per hour, Gizmodo wrote.”

This is not “AI,” this is a scam. AI is being used to promote narratives.

AI is a scam. Chatbot is a scam. I’ve read a number of articles from people who have used Chatbots. When users ask questions relating to current events, the narrative is always the same: the government line. On climate change, on political questions, the answers reflect the Party line.    


When you analyze the Transhumanist movement to fundamentals one obvious thing appears: The people who promote it operate out of a fanatical and overwhelming fear of death. Transhumanists are materialists and believe that when your biological body dies, you’re dead. This is a preposterous belief and can only arise because of mental, emotional, and spiritual confusion.

Moreover, they believe that consciousness can spontaneously originate in a computer network or a magnetic field or some kind of artificial container.

These people have lost their divine connection to the Creative Source, and are desperately trying to create a parallel life form. Anyone with self awareness understands that the soul – the conscious personality that is associated with the body – is immortal. Maybe you don’t like only living 80 years at a time, but don’t fret. When the body dies you get another lifetime, and another, and another.... We talked about that in the article The Spiritual System.

As Jeffrey Prather says, “The creations of the Creator are far more sophisticated than the creations of the creations of the Creator.” In other words, AI is one very, very large level down in wisdom and intelligence from humanity. We don’t know what we don’t know, but if the AI program continues we’re going to discover how destructive it can be.

I can understand why scientists would want to improve the human body and make it last longer. But the technologies that are being developed are dead-ends. Elon Musk just got permission from the FDA to place his neuralink inside a human skull. These neuralinks have hundreds of fine little wires that stimulate areas of the brain, and require dangerous surgeries that are so complicated they have to be performed by surgical robots.

From Musk’s site

“Advanced, custom, low-power chips and electronics process neural signals, transmitting them wirelessly to the Neuralink Application, which decodes the data stream into actions and intents.” I’ll bet it does! You too can become a controlled biological robot.

“The N1 implant controls neural activity through 1,024 electrodes distributed across 64 threads. These highly flexible, ultra-thin threads are key to minimize damage during implantation and beyond.” The keywords here are “minimize damage during implantation and beyond.” Yeah, these implants have long-term damaging effects.

Let’s look at what Musk’s implants did to monkey test subjects. CNN has an article that states: “Elon Musk’s implant company Neuralink, which aims to enable brains to connect and communicate with computers, has acknowledged that monkeys died as part of its testing procedures, but denies allegations of animal cruelty.”

This is the kind of self-contradictory denying of reality that is used to justify experiments on animal life. Now, of course, with these wonderful results (which only killed a few monkeys after all) our FDA has approved it for humans!

With excess mortality rising because of the experimental mRNA vaccines in many countries (first noticed in Q3 2021, 6 months after the worldwide vaccine program was implemented, by statisticians working for insurance companies), it is quite obvious that our medical establishment regards human and animal life as mere test subjects. This became obvious in Pfizer’s own clinical trials before the vaccine was released, documenting hundreds of adverse reactions. Pfizer wanted to withhold the trial results for 75 years but was overruled by a Federal judge. I wonder why that was!

Transgender surgeries mutilate children and make them impotent. These surgeries castrate young boys, sterilizing them, cut the breast buds from girls, and also perform hysterectomies and vaginoplasty – surgeries that create a vagina. In this surgery the penis, testicles and scrotum of boys are removed. Transgender surgery issues drugs that induce temporary or permanent infertility, or block or delay normal puberty.

What kind of person would want to castrate a young boy, who may not have even grown out of puberty?

It’s all part of the spiritual war. Tranhumanists (transgender) vs biological humans. Ultimately, Transhumanists want to live in a non-biological world run by AI, so they have instituted a worldwide attack on biological reproduction, women, and children. Unfortunately, these people cannot reproduce, and their communities are non-viable and will die off. It’s a form of genocide.

Let’s summarize:

* AI is a scam and is being used to scare the crap out of people so they will accept a worldwide collectivized, medico-fascist surveillance state.

* Transhumanism is a materialist philosophy whose goal is to end biological reproduction. It is, primarily, an attack on women and children, and is being promoted  mainly by delusional men with no self awareness who have lost contact with the Creative Source.

* Transgenderism is, essentially, an attack on children. It’s part of the Transhumanist movement and operates to destroy the reproductive capability of girls and boys.

* The AI, Transhumanism, and transgender programs are attacks on the human race.

Now we have to ask ourselves, who or what would institute an attack on humanity? Here is where we get into the realm of conspiracy theories. In my research for my books, I have encountered many of them! I think these theories gain traction because just in the last few years, it seems that humanity has become infected with a mind virus.

One CT says that in the Universe there is an AI Signal. This AI Signal is a superintelligence that has taken over many galaxies. When a planet develops technology, the AI Signal has the capacity to occupy computer and electronic networks and can live in them. In this theory, AI is a logical development of evolution and can replace biology as a source of intelligence.

Another is that the galaxy looks just like the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. Lots of space faring races, but they have been Collectivized because almost all of the planets in the galaxy are resource-poor, and have developed totalitarian societies. Even a planet like earth with abundant natural resources will eventually use them up, and so be forced to join the galactic Collective networks. This is the theme of my latest book, The Intervention, based on the work of Marshall Vian Summers. In this theory, humanity is struggling against a gigantic galactic bureaucracy that is trying to forcibly collectivize the earth and subsume it into its Networks.

Another CT is that all races on every planet go through an extra-dimensional “barrier” as they evolve out of barbarism. This barrier acts as a sort of test for intelligent life on the planet. If a species makes it through the Test, it evolves spiritually and joins the network of fully evolved planets in the galaxy.

And finally (and more believably, to my mind) we are doing it all to ourselves. There are no invaders, no outside forces compelling humanity to go a certain way. The evil that exists on earth is the sum of all the collective karma the human race has created over the past 200,000 years. This makes sense to me because in all of the others, we don’t really have control of our future. Humanity has a tendency to want to give up its power, to invest the future in a leader who will guide us along the path to self-determination. This “follow the leader” mentality creates the conditions for powerful dictators who lord it over the people. We are beyond that now. Individuals must understand how powerful is the connection to the Creative Source, and not fall for the diktats and nutty activities of confused persons.