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The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.

— Turkish proverb

Erich Fromm was a German/US social psychologist, philosopher and author. He wrote the seminal book Escape From Freedom during the 1930s, when Adolf Hitler was rising to power in Germany. Fromm describes how freedom is scary to some people, and how they will choose to give up their freedoms to a dictator like Hitler.

The common theme is fear. People give up their freedoms because they are afraid.

Fromm argued that freedom itself can sometimes be the cause of fear and anxiety, forcing us to find ways to escape from freedom. One of the ways to escape freedom, Fromm argued, is through authoritarianism. Let Big Brother make the decisions, it’s easier that way because then life’s responsibilities are lifted from our shoulders. Fromm argued that the rise of Hitler was a perfect example of escaping freedom through tyranny.

Dictators, tyrants, eco-lunatics, and medical bio-fascists are great at spreading fear. Politicians and school board members who allow boys into girls’ bathrooms to rape them (as happened twice in Loudon, County Virginia with the same perp) represent themselves as wood to the trees, even when the axe cuts into the tree trunk.

When I was growing up the fear was of nuclear annihilation. The US and the Soviet Union were in a great struggle, with nuclear bombs the ultimate weapon. Fear of nuclear war was used to frighten the population and resulted in a massive increase in “defense” spending and the creation of what Eisenhower called the military-industrial-complex.

During the 1960s to the present, climate change has also been a fear-mongering tactic used to scare the crap out of the global population. “A new ice age is coming” has alternated with “global warming will result in catastrophic loss of life on earth.” These two scare tactics are, of course, pseudo-scientific nonsense. Ice core data from Greenland and Lake Vostok in Antarctica show, over the last million years, constant temperature rises and falls, interspersed with Ice Ages. Ice ages occur approximately 100,000 years apart, and the last ice age ended about 18,000 years ago.

After 4 billion years of evolution, Gaia will not turn on humanity and the life it has created. The idea is, prima facie, absurd.

In 2020 and 2021, another and even more effective scare tactic has arisen: the invisible enemy. The propaganda and pseudoscience surrounding COVID-19 has destroyed rational argument. COVID-19 and the vaccines were in the beginning being developed and used to save lives.  Now we have unscientific and totalitarian vaccine mandates being forced, worldwide, on populations in many countries.

If the climate change fear and the pandemic fear tactics fail, the psychopaths who run our institutions will revert to their ultimate hole card: The fake alien invasion. This scare tactic is being held in reserve in case the lockdowns and mandates don’t work to squelch those pesky people who refuse to give up their freedoms. The scenario will be, “evil aliens with advanced galactic technology are here to destroy us.” OR, “the benevolent space brothers and sisters are here with life-saving technology to guide the human race to a utopian future.” Both sides of this scam hide its real purpose: the population of earth must unite in a Collectivist – communist, fascist, or technocratic – hive mind society ruled from above by a few with (supposedly) superior wisdom or technology. It’s happening right now.


Anti-social personalities, sociopaths, and psychopaths only have one motive: death, destruction, and personal gain. It’s easy to see through their schemes because all of them are based in fear.

All of them invite you to be cut down by the axe, because “the axe is one of us.” Don’t buy it.

Everything is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.”
— Dr. Pangloss, in Candide

Voltaire wrote this phrase as a sarcastic and damning expression of delusional persons who remain optimistic despite the reality of negative events. But this sentence can also be regarded from a higher perspective.

In these days when everything seems to be going haywire, and wrong, there isn’t a lot of meaning to the idea of the “best of all possible worlds.”

Or is there?

A materialist, an atheist, a secularist will tell you that the world is going to hell because life is a meaningless concatenation of random events. This philosophy, as we talked about in the last post, results in people believing that the earth is headed for a catastrophic climate event that will destroy life on the planet. To a cynic, such a conclusion is obvious and inevitable.

But what if there really is such a thing as natural law? In that case, life is not random, but is operating along benevolent lines that have created a beautiful planet, and complex ecosystems, that nurture and support life.

Now we have to throw in the variable of free will.

It is obvious that free will is a variable in this play we call life, for what we see as reality is so complex and bizarre that it could only result from the unfettered decisions of 8 billion human beings.

It appears that life is random (so materialists can be forgiven for thinking this) because there are so many individuals on the planet making so many free will decisions. Yet life goes on despite the madness. The earth supports life; it cocoons millions of species within a myriad of different environments. It appears that some kind of universal operating system is holding everything together; uniting so many variables to form a complex, but unified, whole.

Despite the madness of human events in certain places, the world keeps working.

In other words, given free will and irrational human decision-making, we are living in the best of all possible worlds.

I’m not sure Francois-Marie Arouet would agree with me, but the earth – despite the changing climate cycles for the past several millions of years – seems to be well regulated. Apparently, the operating system that regulates the earth has no agenda. Humankind is free to destroy itself if it wants to, or evolve peacefully in cooperation with Gaia. Either way, the earth isn’t going anywhere, despite the claims of climate lunatics over the past century.

If natural law exists then it regulates the earth, and all the life upon and within it. So humanity is also subject to natural law, as are human events, with the governing variable of free will added in. Therefore, Dr. Pangloss was right: Everything is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.

The Shift

What does an evolution in consciousness look like?    

My guess is, a lot like current events.

Humanity is undergoing a psychic cleansing; old karma is being worked through. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime on earth (and has accumulated karma) is working it out.

So events seem random, unexplainable, and scary.

Humanity is undergoing a shift in consciousness. This will result in an understanding of the importance of seemingly esoteric variables such as thought, intent, and expectations. These are qualities of consciousness. They are not scientific or quantitative.  They are attributes of consciousness that affect the physical reality of our society, for action always follows thought.

This idea has been around since Plato, and probably before.

Thought, intent, and expectations interact with natural law (the universal operating system) to affect physical reality.

As the earth gradually emerges into a galaxy teeming with life, this will become more and more obvious.

The crazier human events get, the more important it is to understand the power of thoughts and beliefs. Our expectations about future events place those expectations and beliefs on the future timeline. Human events are, essentially, a gigantic self-fulfilling prophecy of the human collective consciousness.

The Shift is the process of coming to realize that there is a higher power, a powerful esoteric system that is beyond the adolescent conception of materialism and secularism. These philosophies are taking us to their ultimate evolutionary direction: Transhumanism. Transhumanism is the materialists’ wet dream: a future where biology is altered and merged with technology to interface with artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, this evolutionary path is a dead-end for humanity. It will create a dystopian technocratic future where human beings are reduced to apps in a planetary blockchain run by AI. It will create, as it evolves, a dumbed down human race that will exist as a collectivist hive mind before the technological singularity absorbs us into an artificial super-intelligence where human beings are no longer necessary.

Of course this scenario is sociopathic. It is promoted by people like Ray Kurzweil of Google, who believe in the inevitability of humanity's merger with the technology it created, a concept widely known as “the singularity.” In this vein, Jose Luis Cordiero of Singularity University at Google (who works with Ray Kurzweil) said to the audience at the recent Transhumanist conference in Spain: “You are here by mistake. You are the last non-designed [by AI] generation.” These people actually believe this!

Before we roundly criticize Mr. Kurzweil and Mr. Cordiero, let’s remember the maxim that we live in the best of all possible worlds, with the variable of free will. Concepts like Transhumanism are necessary in order to show humanity the possible outcomes of its evolutionary choices. Do we want to live in a dystopian society? How would we know whether it’s bad or good unless it becomes a viable option?

People learn best through experience. AI is now being embraced by many in the scientific community, who are doing a good job publicizing it to the public. We are seeing what a Transhumanist world might look like, with proposals like Elon Musk’sneural chips implanted into the brain to allow communication with any computer on the web (hackable humans!). With our free will, we must decide collectively whether we manifest that dark path. Therefore, we should all thank Mr. Kurzweil, Mr. Musk,  Mr. Cordiero, and other Transhumanists, for bringing these ideas forward and into the human consciousness.

It’s all part of the Shift.

The Great Awakening

This is a general term that describes the shift in human consciousness from a materialist, technocratic conception into one that recognizes a higher power that created the universe, the earth, and all life everywhere. Opposing this idea is the Great Reset, the Dark Army’s conception of a collectivist hive-mind society under the boot heel of a global technocracy controlled by  sociopaths.

This isn’t a battle between dark and light so much as a set of possible choices.

I’ve used that phrase a lot until I understood that the dark-light framework is a dichotomy that forces you into a mentality of conflict. Human consciousness is beginning to rise out of that duality and into a more peaceful and pan-determined outlook on the problems that face us as a species.

I found this definition of dichotomy on Wikipedia: “A dichotomy is a partition of a whole into two parts. In other words, this couple of parts must be

• jointly exhaustive: everything must belong to one part or the other, and

• mutually exclusive: nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts.”

The key is the phrase, “nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts.” Here we have a built-in exclusivity that promotes division and conflict. If we look at current events not as a battle or a fight, but as merely a set of choices to be freely accepted or rejected, we can avoid verbal and physical conflict. This, I believe, is what the Great Awakening is all about.

In order to validly accept or reject a concept it must be manifested, and must be experienced. Therefore, the presence of darkness or evil is a necessary component to an advance in consciousness.

Evil will disappear tomorrow if people don’t embrace it.

People who abuse others were themselves abused. Human nature is actually benevolent, not cynical or violent. Human beings incarnate as souls that are directly connected to God, or Spirit, or the One. The earth is simply an experiment where a person comes in untainted, then picks up the karma from their past life. In the past, that’s all we had to roll with. Now, that old karma is being resolved in an accelerated process where 8 billion of us are here all at once. That’s why events are so crazy! The dark memes in human consciousness are on full display now. They must be confronted, worked through, and transcended.

Concluding Thoughts

We are living in the best of all possible worlds. Our free will choices set the bar low, or high. Ideas don’t battle each other; that conception itself guarantees conflict. When we look at the current crazy situation as a series of choices, rather than a fight, we can gain clarity on where we’re going.

I found this on a comment board:

REALITY CHECK: At a neighborhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbor, a BC Hydro Executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious. “If you really intend to adopt electric vehicles, you have to face certain realities.”

“For example, a home charging system for a Tesla requires 75-amp service. The average house is equipped with 100 amp service. On our small street (approximately 25 homes), the electrical infrastructure would be unable to carry more than three houses with a single Tesla each. For even half the homes to have electric vehicles, the system would be wildly over-loaded. This is the elephant in the room with electric vehicles. Our residential infrastructure cannot bear the load.”


Eric test drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors and he writes,

"For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt switched to the reserve gasoline engine.” Eric calculated the car got 30 mpg including the 25 miles it ran on the battery. So, the range including the 9-gallon gas tank and the 16-kwh battery is approximately 270 miles.

"It will take you 4.5 hours to drive 270 miles at 60 mph. Then add 10 hours to charge the battery and you have a total trip time of 14.5 hours. In a typical road trip, your average speed (including charging time) would be 20 mph.

"According to General Motors, the Volt battery holds 16 kwh of electricity. It takes a full 10 hours to charge a drained battery. The cost for the electricity to charge the Volt is never mentioned, so I looked up what I pay for electricity.

"I pay approximately (it varies with amount used and the seasons) $1.16 per kwh. 16 kwh x $1.16 per kwh = $18.56 to charge the battery. $18.56 per charge divided by 25 miles = $0.74 per mile to operate the Volt using the battery. Compare this to a similar size car with a gasoline engine that gets only 32 mpg. $3.19 per gallon divided by 32 Mpg = $0.10 per mile.

"The gasoline powered car costs about $25,000 while the Volt costs $46,000 plus. So, the Government wants us to pay twice as much for a car, that costs more than seven times as much to run and takes three times longer to drive across the country."

A thoughtful comment I saw from "Bobc," on a comment board.

"You're crazy," you say. "The Tesla supercharging station can recharge your battery in an hour. You don't have to wait 10 hours."

Sure, but who can afford a Tesla? Certainly not working class and most middle class families. even more important, where does the power to run the EV superchargers come from? Mainly from the grid.

They still get almost all of their energy from the grid. Most superchargers do not even have solar panels, and in practice the idea is totally impractical with current solar technology.

A supercharger gives an 85kWh model S a half charge in 20 minutes. That equates to a power output of around 120kW. With 1kW per meter square solar panels, which is typical, that's about 120 square meters of panels. That's nearly ten times the size of a typical parking space (about 16 square meters)

I love Tesla, but the solar canopies on the superchargers are marketing bullshit. Unless you see a field of solar panels next door, the power is from the grid.", Simon Kinahan, Leaf owner.

There are some other interesting responses on this page, well worth reading.

I'm all for getting rid of fossil fuels. They are clumsy and inefficient. BUT, because of the established energy grid and distribution system, they are reliable. Government regulations that mandate green energy systems and ban fossil fuel plants are, at this time, irrational and will cause massive economic damage to working class and middle class families. Let's apply common sense and gradually phase out fossil fuel energy and gradually phase in clean energy.

People think that EVs are totally green, but that's just not true. To discover where the materials to make EV batteries come from, read this:

Moreover, if EVs become government mandated, there will be a huge pollution problem because recycling of batteries here in the US is not robust, and EV car batteries only last about ten years.