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Is the polarization in our society reflective of a more fundamental property of energy in the universe?

“In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can only be entered from the outside and from which matter and light cannot escape.” -- Wikipedia

Izthak Bentov, Russian physicist, has theorized that at the center of the universe is a white hole – black hole system, in which the white hole sends out energy, which curves around and is then sucked back in through the black hole. Here is a diagram Mr. Bentov drew:

Physicists call this the Circular Universe concept.

Here is an image of our own galaxy.

Milky Way galaxy

Notice the energy coming out from the center, forming the spiral arms. Is there a white hole – black hole system at the center of our galaxy? (Astronomers know that the center of the galaxy contains a black hole.)

Of course, white holes are speculative at this point. But if this is the design of galaxies, then there is a fundamental polarization of all energy in this universe. That would go a long way to understanding why the duality is present in everything we see. Perhaps the duality is a fundamental property of this universe – not just on earth.

If that is so, then all souls on the planet are working through the duality, no exceptions! Masters like Buddha and Christ, who all possessed high consciousness, would show much more love and light than low consciousness humans. Perhaps high consciousness can transcend the effects of the natural energy polarization of this universe. Perhaps this property of the physical universe provides the opportunity for soul evolution.

When I first saw this diagram of Bentov’s I was immediately struck by the idea that polarization, or the duality, might simply be an inherent property of energy. The only way out would be to transcend matter and energy itself – which would be something that only consciousness could do – high level consciousness. It would provide the impetus to evolve spiritually. You’d try every solution you could think of with the intellect, but this approach would only spin you around in a box. In order to get out of the box you would have to look inward and find the God within. The key must exist somewhere within the consciousness (or maybe the DNA) of the human being. This is what the masters and the great yogis and gurus have been telling us for thousands of years.

Whatever the key is, it is probably multi-dimensional. Or at least non-material. It probably can only be reached through an exploration of human consciousness, or a looking inward. It's probably why science, which looks outward at the physical universe, has given us great technological advancement but has not advanced spiritually.

I find it somewhat comforting that that the universe is built around duality. It means that it’s not our fault! Struggle in life is inevitable until you finally twig on the idea that you are an aspect of the One. In order to do that you have to go beyond a purely materialistic worldview and get more metaphysical. You have to understand that there is more to life than making money and  promoting your brand. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it won’t get you anywhere in the sense that you will still be running around inside the box. In order to get outside the box you have to think multi-dimensionally, non-linearly.

It’s a good system. It literally forces you to look for Spirit, however many lifetimes that takes, after you finally get tired of the same-old same-old.

Old souls are awakening on the planet, millions of us. The rest are in various stages of awakening, depending on how many lifetimes they’ve had on the planet. As I’ve said before, over 5 billion new souls have come to earth since 1930 (based on population increases), so the majority of the planetary population is busy building their brands or just trying to survive.

The Meme War

Here in the US the battle is raging. The level of hatred and violence is rising as those motivated by the old energy desperately try to bring humanity back to the old ways. I've already remarked in previous blog posts that this phenomenon is inevitable when the light begins to penetrate the dark. In order to go to the light we have to transcend the darkness, and the programming, that we have created for ourselves over the past 6,000 years.

Every one of my friends sees it differently. They claim that the world is hurtling into doom, that fascism is around the corner (represented by Trump), that the violence  and hatred we observe is an obvious indicator of a world heading toward destruction. I don't get this point of view. It's one of the reasons I keep writing this blog! If you are a lightworker how can you support this idea? Old souls are on the planet to spread light, not to get taken up by old energy remnants that co-create a dark future for humanity. I see this totally the opposite. The hatred and violence is an indicator that we are winning, that light is penetrating the darkness and that the darkness is fighting a losing battle. Sound irrational? In a linear way, it is irrational because a lot of evidence exists to support the "doom-and-gloom" idea.  A more multi-dimensional view requires a person to stand in the light and view current events.

I believe that the meme war is an indication of the progress we are making. I will try to explain.

The Nov 6 mid-term elections are coming, and the action is hot. Lots of people are motivated to vote. During the last mid-term elections in 2014, turnout was at a 70-year low. This year, it will probably be at an all-time high. This is a positive development: a more inclusive electorate.

The dark-light war is heating up big-time, represented in human form by the Trump camp and the Clinton camp. These humans are just placeholders, or board pieces, for the struggle within human consciousness. The duality is becoming sharper: those who favor the dark and those who favor the  light are having to firm up their positions! You can no longer sit on the fence.

This sharpening of the duality has in turn led to a war of memes and information. I want to get into the meme war a little bit because it represents a very powerful phenomenon that is going on within consciousness here in the US, an awakening of sorts. It all began when those who favor the Trump-Russia narrative accused the screamers on the right of being programmed Russian bots, unable to see the obvious. The hint was that these people are merely following a script, and unable to think for themselves. This hit home to those on the right, who have responded with an even more powerful meme: the NPC meme.

I will let the New York Times explain this meme:

NPC stands for “non-player character” and comes from gaming. In World of Warcraft and other online games, people play against other people. But there are also computer (game) generated characters who interact with the human player characters. These “non-player” characters are one-dimensional and can only say and do what their limited programming tells them to. NPC’s have no inner life, no spirituality. The NPC meme image is based on Wojak, the face in the  MS Paint program,

, and evolved into this:

The original Wojak/Feels Guy is now used by memers to portray real human beings, the gray-face is used to represent NPCs.

The fascinating thing about this meme, and the Russian Bot meme, is that they check all the boxes of awakening in popular culture. These memes cut right to the heart of a person’s belief systems. They tap into the movie memes of “They Live” and “The Matrix,” the idea that humanity is programmed to think only in certain ways. Here are a few generic examples:

The fundamental dilemma of the human, according to the NPC meme, is whether or not he or she is an NPC, as shown in this meme:

The idea behind this meme, and the Russian Bot meme, is that if you are “triggered” by the meme, something has activated your programming.

Here is an example of the meme war between left and right, using both the Russian Bot meme and the NPC meme:

The “Russian Bot” meme and the “NPC Meme” both check the conspiracy theory box as well. These memes act as a sort of thought and belief cleanser by asking the question, “Are you a [Russian Bot][NPC]?” Which is the same as saying, “Do you really think for yourself, or do you merely parrot stuff you hear on the news (CNN, NPR, Fox, etc)? Is what you think and say really yours, or is it someone else’s opinion?”

These memes (whether on the left or the right) force you to ask yourself whether your belief system is programmed. It’s a very powerful way to break through what Lee Carroll calls a person’s “box of beliefs.” Many people don’t even know WHAT they believe! The meme war is forcing people to look inward and do a little self-inspection. In this throw-away culture of bling and superficial trendy marketing that places your attention outside of Self, that is a good thing.

Humanity has been Programmed: By whom?

History shows us that humanity has been programmed for thousands of years. History is just war after war, constant fighting and conflict. Nothing ever changes. Oh, a civilization might rise and have a golden age for a while, but it always sinks back down into the muck. Why?

If humans were really independent thinkers, if they truly had at least a little spiritual awareness, the cycle would have been broken long ago. The fact that it has not been broken is a testament to the idea of mental programming. The meme war is breaking open this question all over the planet. In a few simple photos or drawings with text, a powerful message is transmitted. Minds are being challenged, belief systems are being challenged. And that’s a good thing. Even better, anyone can make a meme and post it! Your opinions are only limited by your imagination. This phenomenon could never have happened if the dark was winning. Why? Because the darkness thrives when people are sleeping. Anything that wakes people up a threat to the dark side.

Although the debate is getting more and more contentious, I believe that the meme war is a very positive development. We have been mindlessly going down the road of “technology is our savior” when it is clear now that technology is just another in-the-box solution that can never transcend the fundamental duality that is part of the energy configuration of the universe itself. If the technology-as-savior idea persists without accompanying spiritual advancement, it will lead to a Borg-like, soulless society dominated by AI, cloning (a biological dead-end), or another materialist control system. The meme war, to me, is proof that humanity is beginning to awaken. The very existence of the NPC and the Russian Bot memes show that the human race is beginning to question its programming.

The idea that belief systems can be programmed is a fascinating one, because this idea never could have come about if it were not for technological advances! Computers and computer programming are the basis for this idea. Those who shout the loudest on both left and right are somehow “triggered” by these memes, which question the fundamental idea of Self. Those without self-awareness cannot look inward to examine their soul motivations, which causes immense frustration (“triggering”). Some brilliant person once said that love is quiet. I think that's true. A balanced, compassionate person doesn't need to shout.

Some on the right say that “NPCs” may not even be human – that they are programmed collections of protoplasm that simply react emotionally to events. This is absurd, in my mind.

A far better explanation is that many who get triggered are souls who genuinely want to see humanity rise in consciousness and reach our potential, but they recognize that it’s going to take a long time for this to happen. They want to see humanity quickly reach a tipping point in consciousness, and are frustrated that humans with “lower consciousness” are preventing the collective consciousness from doing so. The motivations of these people are good. Of course, many more on both sides of the meme war simply love to fight. The fascinating thing about the meme war is that even if your intent is only to skewer the other side's programming, the result is positive! It gets people on BOTH sides to look inward and question their programming.

I believe it was Max Planck who said, in respect to science, that scientific ideas don’t get accepted because the community sees how brilliant a new idea is, and embraces it. No, Planck said, new scientific ideas become accepted only when supporters of the old ideas die off. In a previous blog post I summed this idea up with the phrase, “Human progress advances one grave at a time.” I’d imagine that in the old energy, this was true of ANY idea. However, there is a fundamental difference, metaphysically speaking, since the end of 2012. We made it past the extinction events. Humanity is going to survive and go forward on this planet. There will be no WW III, no runaway global warming that will destroy the environment, no meteors striking the earth from space, none of that shit.

So who programmed humanity? A bunch of reptilian ETs a la David Icke? Or was it us? The answer is another question. When will humanity finally get over the view of itself as victims? The meme war is helping us to understand that we are co-creating our lives and our futures.

Humanity is facing the meme structures that it built over the past 6,000 years. We all participated in building this meme structure, that’s why everyone who has ever lived on earth is here now. It is up to us to examine these memes and decide whether we will continue to participate in old, superannuated belief systems. As the saying goes, “We made our bed and are lying in it.” Fortunately, we all have free will and can decide to build something better.

We Are Making Progress

As the consciousness of humanity rises the light penetrates the dark, and old systems and beliefs are exposed. Some begin to fail if they lack integrity or are self-defeating. Those who hold to the old beliefs and  systems will fight to the death to preserve them. But the battleground has shifted with the advancement of the meme war. It has shifted to the thought/mental plane, where all the action is! The mental plane is where beliefs live, and where the motivation for action lies. The meme war is hitting this directly; it is targeting minds all over the planet via the worldwide internet messaging system.

In my opinion, we have advanced incredibly far since December 21, 2012. I never thought we would make this much progress so fast; and yes, we are making progress. Those who think that the world is going down into darkness – on both sides – are accessing the old time fractals, the old potentials that have been hanging around in human consciousness for 6,000 years. The Akash of old souls tells us: “It’s always happened before that when we get to this stage, society collapses. I remember because I lived through it. We’re at that stage now.”

Yeah, we’re at that stage now, but we are making great leaps forward.  2018 has been an amazing year, 2019 will be just as amazing or even more so as the light continues to penetrate dark and hidden structures and organizations. The rabbit hole is very, very deep and we have only scratched the surface of what will eventually be revealed.

We are on a different track than before 2012. The old prophecies and paradigms no longer apply. Rapid change is occurring in a new paradigm that we have never seen before as the planet ascends. Ascension isn't a waving of a magic wand by ascended masters as everyone magically goes to the light all at once. Some of us will be dragged there, kicking and screaming.

Don’t give up the ship just when we’re starting to right the ship. Lightworkers and old souls, this what you came to earth for: to be part of the movement of light that gets us over the hump for good!

And if you feel inspired, make your own memes and post them.


Here is the ultimate "are you programmed" meme. I laugh at these things, hopefully you will too, because it's supposed to be a joke: