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The Leo E. Wanta Story

I have been following the series of articles at for over a year, and I feel it is time to make this information broadly known.

Christopher Story, a respected UK intelligence analyst, has been documenting a gigantic financial crisis within the United States, and which affects the entire global economic structure.
At first I thought these stories were the ravings of some nutty "conspiracy theorist." I tell you, I've had my fill of that stuff!

However, Mr. Story names names, dates, and institutions. After studying these documents for quite a while, I am convinced of their authenticity. The only question I had was, "Well, if this is such a big deal, then why don't I hear about it in the news?" When you read these articles, the answers will become apparent.

Although I write on spiritual subjects, one of my degrees is in political science. Clearly there is no science in politics, because if there were, our politics would be much more rational and reasonable. However, there ARE natural laws that govern economics. Politics is, and always will be, a subset of economics. When politicians violate natural law, they will suffer. When a people allow their government to become corrupt, by continually electing persons who do not serve them, a nation will crumble.
On the surface, that is precisely what appears to be happening in the United States. But as Mr. Story points out in his latest installment, certain high-level officials are beginning to discover that their criminal activities just won't wash.

Intelligent persons can see that there exists a cabal of persons who have hijacked US economic and foreign policy. we've seen the suspension of habeus corpus, the standard of all civilized societies, with the passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. We've seen the erosion of our constitution with the passage of the "Patriot" Acts (true patriots shudder). With the passage of the Real ID Act, scheduled to go into effect next year, US citizens will be tracked like guinea pigs by a corrupt government that is out of control.

Well, ladies and germs, there is good news. The consciousness of humanity is rising. Corruption is being exposed. While it might SEEM that we are in worse shape then ever, what is happening is that the light is shining in the darkness, exposing corruption and criminality. What used to be hidden from the light of day is now being exposed. The readers of my website, and all those who are interested in spiritual development, have contributed to this rise in the consciousness of humanity.
You will not see any articles in the NY Times or the Washington Post about this. You won't hear anything about it on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, or NPR. But there is a quiet revolution going on in the grass roots of the USA and on planet earth . A revolution that will transcend the current paradigm of conflict, competition, and war.

I encourage you all to go to and read the archives. It will tell you about a great American patriot, Leo E. Wanta, and will turn your thinking around 180 degrees about who the good guys and the bad guys are. For instance, before reading these articles, I always thought Reagan was the bad guy and Clinton the good guy! Well, I won't spoil the fun. When you read this stuff, your jaw will drop. But it will drop in a good way.(a caveat: if you are a person who cannot think out of the box, don't bother. You won 't be able to handle this information)

Please also check out my websites, and


It's The Economy, Stupid

While the mainstream media focuses on politics, scandals, Scooter Libby and the war in Iraq, behind the scenes the very fabric and foundation of our country is being destroyed. The Wizard of Oz motif has been overused, but really, when you pull back the curtain you see that idiots are running the show.

Politics is a subset of economics. In other words, politics is itself about securing privileges for various competing factions. It doesn't matter if the government is a group of village elders in the rain forest of Brazil, or the government in Washington. Government exists to organize and protect the vested interest. When a transportation bill is passed, for example, perks are written in for companies that have contributed to the campaigns of the elected officials who serve on the committee. Those perks involve contracts for road and bridge building and repair, for example. That's about MONEY. If you have money you can influence people.

The United States became the most powerful military force in the world because we had the strongest economy. But that is no longer the case. The United States is bankrupt..
If you read my Federal Reserve post, you understand that since 1973, when the U.S. went off the silver standard, our money has been created out of thin air. The dollar has been inflated to the point where there are now, according to World Reports Limited (Christopher Story) over 1 quadrillion US dollars floating around in the international derivatives market. That's 1,000 trillion dollars, folks. And that doesn't include our annual balance of payments deficit and our government's deficit spending!

Where do you think the government gets the money to fight the war in Iraq, for example? Well, the U.S. Congress authorizes expenditure and the Federal Reserve creates the money out of nothing, thus inflating our currency (and destroying its purchasing power) every time a dollar is appropriated that does not come from revenues (taxes, fees, etc).

"But this is insane!" you say. "How can politicians get away with that?"

Well, it's pretty easy: YOU ELECTED THEM. Yeah, these guys are assholes. But we put them into office.

Once you get used to the idea that you can create money out of nothing, it becomes addicting. Most of our Congress people are well meaning, but they simply do not understand (or ignore) economics! The current Administration is more interested in establishing some kind of religious Christian state, and attacking unbelievers in some kind of fucked–up Third Millennium Crusade, than it is in keeping our economy strong.

Fiat money has, quite simply, created a disconnect between economics and politics. Politics and religious fervor is seen as morally superior to economics and a sound currency, which probably stems from a Biblical belief that money is the source of all evil. Well guess what morons, natural laws are superior to man–made laws. You can legislate all the wars and perks you want, but if you ignore the laws of supply and demand, you are screwed. And that's exactly what is happening today. The United States, and the world economy, is on the brink of economic collapse. If the US dollar becomes worthless, our trading partners will no longer accept it as payment for goods and services. This will lead to a devaluation, similar to what happened in the Soviet Union after it collapsed. The Russians took a zero or two off the ruble, and their economy has still not recovered.

For example, it costs the Fed a few dollars to print up a note for $3 billion. That piece of paper magically assumes a value of 3 billion when it is sold to one of our trading partners; the Chinese, for example. How does that piece of paper magically assume a value of $3 billion? How does the US get away with that? Well, mainly because we are living on our rep. The dollar used to be as good as gold, and even when our currency became fiat, it was still backed by the full faith and confidence of the US government (which means the productivity of the US economy). When our economy was the most productive in the world, that was no problem. But it's not anymore. The dollar has been inflated and debased out of all proportion, and people around the world are getting worried. No one wants the US dollar to collapse because everybody holds US dollars! It's like the old saying "If you owe me $100 I've got you by the balls. But if you owe me $100,000, you've got me by the balls!" This statement just expresses the idea that when someone owes you a ton of money, you have no way to make them pay you so you'd better be nice to them.

All I'm saying is that we'd better get a grip. We'd better understand that politics is dependent upon economics. We'd better get our financial house in order. It's still not too late. The people we vote into office (Democrats and Republicans) have failed, however. It's that simple. These people have abandoned their responsibilities to a strong currency and a sound economy. We can no longer afford to keep voting for the people who are ruining our great country.

What can you do?

Vote independent. STOP voting for IDIOT Democrats and Republicans, UNLESS you are SURE of their integrity. IF WE DON'T CHANGE WHO WE VOTE FOR, THEY WON'T CHANGE.

Join Downsize D.C., an organization dedicated to bringing back sanity and responsibility in Washington.

Go to my website and check out some of the free articles. The real problem is a disconnect between the spiritual and the material. When you think you are a piece of meat, when you believe that when you die you're dead, you do all sorts of stupid things. That's because you do not know who you are. I guarantee you that the mischief makers on our planet are ALWAYS those people who do not understand their spiritual nature. Despite the religious hypocrisy that comes out of their mouths.


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