The Leo E. Wanta Story

I have been following the series of articles at for over a year, and I feel it is time to make this information broadly known.

Christopher Story, a respected UK intelligence analyst, has been documenting a gigantic financial crisis within the United States, and which affects the entire global economic structure.
At first I thought these stories were the ravings of some nutty "conspiracy theorist." I tell you, I've had my fill of that stuff!

However, Mr. Story names names, dates, and institutions. After studying these documents for quite a while, I am convinced of their authenticity. The only question I had was, "Well, if this is such a big deal, then why don't I hear about it in the news?" When you read these articles, the answers will become apparent.

Although I write on spiritual subjects, one of my degrees is in political science. Clearly there is no science in politics, because if there were, our politics would be much more rational and reasonable. However, there ARE natural laws that govern economics. Politics is, and always will be, a subset of economics. When politicians violate natural law, they will suffer. When a people allow their government to become corrupt, by continually electing persons who do not serve them, a nation will crumble.
On the surface, that is precisely what appears to be happening in the United States. But as Mr. Story points out in his latest installment, certain high-level officials are beginning to discover that their criminal activities just won't wash.

Intelligent persons can see that there exists a cabal of persons who have hijacked US economic and foreign policy. we've seen the suspension of habeus corpus, the standard of all civilized societies, with the passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. We've seen the erosion of our constitution with the passage of the "Patriot" Acts (true patriots shudder). With the passage of the Real ID Act, scheduled to go into effect next year, US citizens will be tracked like guinea pigs by a corrupt government that is out of control.

Well, ladies and germs, there is good news. The consciousness of humanity is rising. Corruption is being exposed. While it might SEEM that we are in worse shape then ever, what is happening is that the light is shining in the darkness, exposing corruption and criminality. What used to be hidden from the light of day is now being exposed. The readers of my website, and all those who are interested in spiritual development, have contributed to this rise in the consciousness of humanity.
You will not see any articles in the NY Times or the Washington Post about this. You won't hear anything about it on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, or NPR. But there is a quiet revolution going on in the grass roots of the USA and on planet earth . A revolution that will transcend the current paradigm of conflict, competition, and war.

I encourage you all to go to and read the archives. It will tell you about a great American patriot, Leo E. Wanta, and will turn your thinking around 180 degrees about who the good guys and the bad guys are. For instance, before reading these articles, I always thought Reagan was the bad guy and Clinton the good guy! Well, I won't spoil the fun. When you read this stuff, your jaw will drop. But it will drop in a good way.(a caveat: if you are a person who cannot think out of the box, don't bother. You won 't be able to handle this information)

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  1. Sparky

    Dear Mr MacLean,

    Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your Leo Wanta blog.

    Like you, I too have followed this interesting saga since day one; and I too think that there is much truth to it all.

    The first question those who read Story's complete article should ask themselves is this: If Wanta wasn't truly being silenced, why then did the state of Wisconsin have him extradited from abroad to face delinquent state tax liability charges. And why did Wisconsin then try, convict, and sentence him to 22 years in jail?

    With decades of tax related experience beneath my belt, I find that partiularly odd because I have always found state tax departments to focus solely on collecting monies owed and related penalties & interest. And to accomplish this task, states most typically employ property liens and income levies; they don't jail people!

    As for the rest of this interesting saga, I'm sure you'll find it all quite self-explanatory.

    In closing, hat's off to you Mr. Maclean for bringing much needed awareness to this very important subject.

    Best Regards,


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