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I get emails all the time from wonderful people, offering to activate my DNA and my Akash, give me quantum healing, and a lot of other spiritual programs that really sound great. But are these programs really necessary? Is it possible, all by yourself, to do these things?

In this time of shift, it is. That's because the veil is lifting. The consciousness of humanity is rising; by that I mean that individuals are becoming more aware that Spirit/God exists within them. When I grew up in the old energy I was taught that God was "out there" and that if I prayed or visualized strongly enough, a Higher Power would grant my wish. But if you turn that around just slightly you are able to step into your power. When I began to understand that God was ME, that Spirit was in my DNA, in my merkaba, I began to feel a greater sense of self worth. I began to understand that the only help I need is from God, and that God is inside. So if I just asked the God inside to activate my DNA and my Akash (in all appropriateness) this made the process of spiritual "advancement" a lot simpler.

More than likely, dear reader, you have already figured this out. The problem for many old souls, however, is a lack of self worth. This comes from hundreds or thousands of lifetimes on the planet, awakening, and being shot down by a planet mired in low consciousness. The shamans, the healers, the psychics and visionaries of the past were all attacked. After hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, we simply learned to put a bushel over our light, to not proclaim our understanding for fear of being attacked. Well, this makes it more difficult to really believe that a Shift is in progress and that we can attain a greater knowledge of Self, as some of the great channelers and spiritual leaders tell us is possible.

It IS possible, but we (or at least, myself) have to approach the subject from a slightly different aspect.

If God/Spirit is inside, then each individual can attain a connection to Spirit/God without outside help. Hold on! I'm not saying that you shouldn't ask for help! It's just that, ultimately, all the help you need comes from within you. Surrounding all of us is a 25-foot field of subtle energy that connects directly with our Higher Self and our personal guides. Within your own DNA are the templates for perfect health. Within your own Akash are abilities and wisdom from all of your previous lifetimes.

The mistake I made at first was to say, "OK, if all this stuff is available, where the hell is it??? I've been searching for 50 years now." That's not QUITE the attitude or the approach needed to contact the God within! What I discovered is that the process occurs gradually. Yeah, that really sucks, because if you are like me you want it to happen NOW. I can only describe my personal experience, because everyone is different.

What I noticed is that when I become more in tune with the God within there is more "randomness." By that I mean that things happen more often in a "just in time" manner. I have never been a great planner, but almost all of the plans I do make now never come to fruition in the way I expect. There is an element of multidimensionality, as if my Higher Self is arranging things in the background without my knowledge. I built up an editing business over the years, but a couple of years ago it just went ppffffft! After that I began to get more contracting jobs in my home service business. I noticed that these jobs came from the ethers, just when I needed them. Between these jobs I got inspired to write more books and blog posts. But I didn't get rich. I didn't gain fame. After a while I understood that my life unfolds according to my soul purpose.

For some people like Deepak Chopra, that means international fame. For me, it meant being happily and quietly (emphasis on quiet!)  going about my business. I was told that I was on the exact right life path for my mission this lifetime to the planet.

"Yeah right," I replied. "That's great but it would be nice to be wealthy." And all sorts of other objections. What I learned finally is that you have to know your life path and accept it. When that happens you feel right. You feel comfortable. There's this feeling of  quiet satisfaction, and even serenity. I'm to the point now where I don't want fame and money. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn't, no big deal. I've accepted the idea that my life path this time around is to learn limitation. I was born with a fiery personality, with an underlying feeling of lack of self worth. That's been a trial to me for a long time. Now I understand that my fiery personality is just an expression of an underlying spiritual passion. The lack of self worth issue has been a long time resolving, but when I accepted the idea that the planet really IS in a profound Shift toward greater awareness, I was able to overcome this.

When you learn and accept the lessons you're supposed to learn, life becomes a lot easier. Sure, that's pretty obvious! But knowing something is a lot easier than doing it.

I'm not supposed to be famous this time around. I'm not supposed to have plaques on the wall, and be admired by lots of people. I'm not supposed to be a world traveler. I'm supposed to love my wife a lot, meet people in my little contracting business, write books and blog posts. To stay put in my area. That's how I'm supposed to spread my light. Now, I have no idea what's going to happen after that. Perhaps guys like Deepak Chopra figured this out for himself a long time ago, and then he was guided to become famous. Maybe that's what happens to EVERYONE when they finally get it.

At this point I don't care. I don't care that it took me 66 years to figure it out. Better late than never! I have no idea what my life is going to look like in the future, and I'm happy with that. If I just continue doing what I'm doing I'm happy with that. There's a feeling of calm now, a feeling of serenity even. Not that I don't go into the "shit-hopper" (as my father used to say) like everyone else. It's just that I don't get so angry when it happens anymore. I recognize that events that happen to me sometimes come from my karma, from my Akash, as setups. Once I accept what happens the issue resolves without much problem.

If you are an old soul you have a lot of wisdom from past life experiences. I find that I simply don't get into bad situations anymore. When something happens that I don't like I don't consider it "bad." It's just life, an opportunity to resolve it and grow from it.

All this to say that when you step into your power you will find your life purpose. Maybe your life purpose is to be famous. And maybe it isn't. Maybe, like me, you are just supposed to play your small part in making the planet a better place. Whatever your soul purpose is, you don't need a course on DNA activation, or a ten-step process to activate your Akash, or  any of the well-meaning programs out there. All you have to do is go inside. Find out what YOUR soul purpose is. When you find it you will feel a surge, or a tingling. That's the God inside telling you that you found it. Whatever that is, accept it and go with it.

Inner vs. Outer

As the light penetrates the darkness it's going to be easier to do this, even as events in the outer world become more and more chaotic.

This sounds contradictory but it isn't. As I've said in a previous blog post, there are at least 5 billion new souls on the planet now. 5 billion newbies. You know what happens in groups when newbies show up: these people may be well meaning but they are clueless. They create unintentional chaos. Combine that with 6,000 years of low consciousness that has created a bizarre and inverted human meme structure. What results is chaos as the light overturns old belief systems that are mired in problem resolution through conflict and war. Combine that with political and economic systems designed to support a few elites at the expense of the rest of us.

Chaos is inevitable as the light penetrates into systems, organizations, and individuals without integrity. So let's face it. The outer world will be chaotic for a while.

What's the solution? Go within. This has ALWAYS been the solution. But in the old energy, only a few could do it. As the Shift progresses, it's becoming easier.

As more light comes into the planet, individuals will be able to resolve their  personal life paths. As more light comes into the planet, "causes" become harder to accomplish. Not because these causes are bad, but because the solution for the entire planet has devolved (or evolved) down to the individual level. Individuals now have more and more power to understand themselves. When more people understand themselves, problems with groups will gradually dissolve as individuals become more centered, secure, serene, and less confrontational. Compassion and tolerance will become the accepted standard. In other words, organizational problems will resolve more because the individuals in them will know who they are! Not because somebody with a "cause" is successful at "re-educating" people.

You can see this happening on the national stage as frustrations mount on both sides of the conservative-liberal divide. "Why can't these stupid people see the truth?" is probably the most frequent complaint. In the old energy, the solution was always to mount a campaign. "We have to convince these idiots with the facts that we are right and they are wrong."

This isn't going to work anymore. It's an old energy solution.

As the planet becomes lighter and more multidimensional, old institutions and meme structures are simply going to break apart. This will be perceived by many as the end of the world, or that the sky is falling. I can't think of a better example than Trump's recent summit with Putin in Helsinki. Most of the media simply went nuts, accusing the president of being disgraceful, of being a wimp, of being pathetic, and even treasonous. One commentator compared Trump's performance at the summit to Kristallnacht and the Holocaust! This is very strange because no one knows what occurred during the talks except for the two presidents and their interpreters. When light penetrates darkness hyperbole and exaggeration sometimes result because the dark panics.

The world is (and has been since the Cold War) in an intelligence war, which is caused by a battle between the forces of light and darkness acting out on the world stage. Dark and light exists both on the conservative and the liberal side. I quoted Solzhenitsyn last week, and it will continue to be relevant: "If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

Chaos is now the result of the dark-light battle as old organizations, systems, and individuals still in the old energy are turned inside out. This is expected. The outside world  will continue in its chaos for a while; no need to panic. Fortunately we are well past "extinction events" like WW III.  Chaos merchants may promote such, but it aint going to happen.

The more you can go within the more you can stay out of fear; the better will be your understanding of these things. You will be guided to information that will perfectly explain everything for you. All of us are connected to our Higher Selves. Our guidance is waiting for us to ask questions and give appropriate answers.

The solution is always to go within and find the answers, which MUST be unique and personal to each individual. In this time of Shift, you are guaranteed to get the perfect solution for you, because Spirit and your Higher Self understand exactly what you need. Go within and ask!