The Duality Is Growing Sharper

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more polarized, they have. The line between light and dark, between low and high consciousness, is growing sharper. This line of demarcation is seemingly based on which “side” you are on (left-right, liberal/progressive-conservative, Democrat-Republican). But the true origin of the conflict is how you feel about your fellow man.

Progressives think, “Our ideas for an end to war, healthcare for all, and climate change are clearly superior. Those who can’t see this are troglodytes. Their consciousness is too low to understand. Therefore, such people must be taken out of the public debate before they infect the thinking of others.” Conservatives think, “The radical ideas of progressives never work, and always result in failed economies. Our ideas for equality under the rule of law, the importance of religion, and conservative ideas of integrity and honesty are clearly superior. Those who can’t see this are useful idiots. These people should be removed from the public debate before they infect society with their failed ideas.”

Both sides object to the perceived failure of the other side’s stale and unworkable ideas. Progressives see Trump’s increased funding of the military as the continuance of endless war, and the potential rise of fascism in the country; and Trump’s refusal to provide Medicare for all as a continuance of the status quo where some get benefits and the rest get screwed. Conservatives see the rioting in the streets, and the “politically correct” squashing of the diversity of ideas, as the precursor to communism and a CCP-style totalitarian dictatorship.

Both sides have ample historical precedent to back up their view of the present situation and where it is heading. Both sides are intolerant, and think of the human beings on the other side as hopelessly flawed.

The current sharp divide cannot be solved by policy papers, by the other side “waking up” to the “truth,” by a revolution in the streets, or by electing or defeating Donald Trump.

TRUMP is a symbol of the breakdown of the old consciousness of conflict and “me first.” He is the human avatar around which the old meme structure is breaking down in preparation for a new consciousness. We are working through the old memes that are the backbone of the old paradigm. These have been on full display for the past four years as the light penetrates the darkness and the darkness responds in the only way it knows: with hatred, intolerance, and contempt. TRUMP is the catalyst, the change agent, around which this is happening. TRUMP is having, literally, an influence on every person on the planet. This is a sign of a historic turning of events.

A New Consciousness is Required

Paradoxically, although society is fragmented into two camps, there is great unity within each camp. Society is being organized around the idea of unity even though the two camps are violently opposed to each other. The situation is ripe for a seminal event that will expose the darkness within each camp. When this happens it will break apart the old meme structure. The two united but opposing factions will eventually find common ground. In this way the sharp contrast and the fighting will, like a balloon that has a leak, slowly collapse and sanity will return, but at a higher level. This is how chaotic systems evolve: there is more and more chaos until the system finally settles down at a new level.

Fighting Negatives

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Human societal problems are caused by a consciousness of fighting what isn’t wanted, instead of promoting that which is wanted. Many people recognize this, but nothing ever seems to change. I wrote a blog post about the difference between “ending racism” and “promoting harmony.” By embracing the latter, we subsume and dissolve the “problem” of racism. We recognize that with harmony and tolerance, racism simply can’t and doesn’t exist. By trying to “end racism” we focus on racism and make racial tensions worse.

What is needed is higher consciousness.

This sounds good, but there is a huge problem:  You can’t “re-educate” people to higher consciousness. You can’t force people to stop fighting negatives and embrace positives. “Re-education” is a low-consciousness solution that perpetuates low consciousness. It’s mired in the old paradigm. But that’s precisely what each camp is trying to do: “re-educate” the other side, marshalling arguments and factoids against the others. This is pointless, for it continues the old consciousness of conflict.

Throughout history, fascists, communists, and dictators have used concentration camps, gulags, and coercion to change thinking. After 5,000 years of this, why don’t we just admit it doesn’t work?  (“The more things change, the more they remain the same” is a pithy statement that has reflected the unchanging nature of human consciousness.)

A permanent solution to the ills of human societies and the establishment of peace on earth must involve a change in consciousness.

How is this supposed to happen? Consciousness is ephemeral and can’t even be described. Materialists (low consciousness) say it’s a bunch of neurons firing in the brain. But not even advanced spiritual thinkers can define consciousness so that it resonates with everyone. I’ve listened to Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru and others for a long time, but all I know is that a human being probably has a soul, and that a person might have a merkaba, which is supposed to be the soul’s presence in the physical body. That sounds good to me, but it is unreal for the vast majority of the population.

So we’re stuck, right?

Not really.

As the contrast and the duality sharpens, and people get tired of the conflict and contention, people begin to look “out of the box” for a different solution – I’ll call it a “soul-ution” – to ingrained human problems. The fighting and conflict causes a “forcing function” to a higher consciousness.

Forcing Function

 A forcing function is usually defined as any task, activity, or event that forces you to take action and produce a result. In society today, the very sharp polarity and division is acting as a sort of forcing function for a change in consciousness. After four years of Trump – anti-Trump hatred, more and more people are seeing the only elements the old paradigm has to offer: fighting, contention, hatred, and intolerance. People are weary of it.

Eventually, enough people will look for solutions that revolve around harmony, cooperation, and tolerance. Doesn’t seem that way now because the dark army is organizing, and showing what is really is. The hate is in our faces! This process will have to continue until enough people can see that fighting negatives simply cannot result in a positive outcome.

During times of great change, a seminal event occurs that sends the system to a different level. The invention of the transistor, the discovery of DNA by Crick and Watson, the invention of the internet (not by Al Gore!); these are all events that sent the world on a different course. Now, humanity is ready for the biggest one of all: the recognition of the power of consciousness to change its own thinking, and to re-define what human nature is.

The result of the forcing function will be a seminal event that changes human consciousness. If I knew what that was I’d tell you, but I know it’s coming. I know it involves an event that will cause people to recognize the human connection to a higher power, and the redefinition of “human nature.”

We’ve Tried all of the Old Solutions

Humanity is ready now (or will soon be ready) for a higher solution.

The old thinking has resulted in no permanent solutions to the intractable problems of human society, even after 5,000 years of human civilization. We’re still fighting and killing and hating each other as we have done for millennia, even though we know that love dissolves hate.

Science can provide no answers, for science investigates the material world and necessarily avoids metaphysics and consciousness. It is fascinating to see how science and metaphysics may have common ground, but these ideas unite at the far boundaries or edges. The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, for example, accounts for the decisions of consciousness, but these scientific explanations aren’t real for the vast majority of people. They will never penetrate the collective consciousness enough to affect human day-to-day behavior.

The solutions we have now don’t work. We are asking the wrong questions and working on the problem with the wrong approaches. A metaphysical solution that involves human spirituality is the next evolution in human thought and will take us out of the old paradigm and into the new. Paradoxically, it will take a forcing function like rioting in the streets, and violence and hatred, to shock people out of the current mode of thinking. The dark side has its uses.

Cheer up folks! Human society is not headed for another downward spiral. The  chaos we see today is the light penetrating the darkness, paving the way for a better future.

A New Consciousness

A new consciousness on earth would dissolve the problems of injustice, conflict, and war, just as promoting harmony automatically dissolves the intractable problem of ending racism.

“So how is this to be done?” you ask.

That’s the wrong question.

As soon as you ask “How?” you open the box of old solutions that haven’t worked for millennia.

A new consciousness is simply an agreement by enough human beings that fighting and conflict in no longer supportable in human relations. This results in broad agreement throughout society in the promotion of harmony rather than the ending of injustice. It is simply a focus on creating what is wanted instead of fighting what isn’t wanted. It’s coming, and it’s coming soon.

Of course we’ve known this for millennia, so why should it work now?

Because a new, worldwide messaging network connects every human being on earth. (The worldwide internet may be the most important factor behind the forcing function.) Because people are tired of conflict and war. Because it’s almost impossible to hide anything now. In the past, before a global connection, humans were isolated into separate nations and locales that solved problems by fighting about them. Now, a beheading in Paris or the corruption of a political candidate in one country becomes headline news throughout the world.

The darkness just can’t hide anymore.

We’re already seeing a push toward harmony by the social justice movement, which asks for an environmentally supportable economy, healthcare for all, and an end to war. In true dualistic fashion, these sentiments have been hijacked by authoritarian personalities and organizations that want to establish yet another top-down, hierarchical and global control state, monitored by AI and ubiquitous surveillance, and the institution of social credit systems that treat human beings like apps. The people out on the streets rioting and looting and burning are unconsciously fighting an old definition of human nature that has been in place for 5,000 years (but they are using the toolbox of old consciousness). They see no hope of working through “the system” and are sick to death of it. Their idea is that the system must be completely torn down before a new society can be built. These activities are all part of the forcing function that will result in a higher consciousness.

The energy behind the forcing function is the fervent desire by 8 billion human beings for peace, tolerance, and cooperation. This is the energy of consciousness, which is becoming stronger and stronger and will make itself felt more and more as time goes on.

“Sounds like a miracle,” you say. “Good luck with that.”

Fortunately, luck plays no part in the new path to higher consciousness. My movie, “The Evolution of Consciousness,” shows how human thought and the desire for a better world influence the collective consciousness and the meme structure of humanity. Action follows thought.

It’s coming!

The darkness serves only to unite the vast majority of humanity toward the light.

The New Human Nature

Human beings have been trapped in a box of beliefs of our own making. In this box is something called “human nature.” Human nature is supposed to be the idea that people will always look out for themselves and reject harmonious approaches “because some jerk (or jerks) will always exploit the situation.” This idea is that the wolf will always attack, scatter, and kill the sheep. That the strong will always exploit the weak. Look out for number one.

Intellectually we know that love dissolves hate, but our intellectual understanding has not been sufficient, it is said, to overcome our baser “human nature.”

A new human nature is coming, brought to you by the forcing function of the sharp contrast and the “line of demarcation.” The new human nature will come from the understanding by people across the planet that the old ways of coercion and intimidation and violence and “re-education” don’t work anymore. People will naturally gravitate to a new paradigm based on greater tolerance, simply because all human beings are connected to God, and God (the Creative Source) is the love source.

The forcing function will propel the human race to reach past the old, outdated box of beliefs that has been driving “human nature” for 5,000 years.

We’re going to be ready for it sooner than anyone thinks, because too many people are ready to believe in something better!