Daily Archives: January 29, 2022

It used to be lauded in society that when you fall down, you get back up. When you fail, you try again. When you get a game-over screen, you hit continue. The idea of persistence and perseverance was desirable, but now, after a generation of “everyone gets a trophy,” the idea of failure is incomprehensible.

When you’ve lived your entire life being told you are special and can do no wrong, what do you do when you enter the real world only to find out you are average at best? The answer is, you tear everyone who is better than you down. You rig the game. You change the rules. After all, you are special, you deserve it, just like mommy and daddy told you.”

WhatsHerFace, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t395fCSpQyg

Cue (for example) Elizabeth Warren, who had to apologize to the Cherokee Nation for falsely claiming that she was Native American. Senator Warren has many admirable qualities (among them, exposing potential voter fraud in U.S. elections), but grifting isn’t one of them. She was able to use her claim as a Native American to get a cushy job as a law professor at Harvard, a place that loves their “diversity” quotas, and apply to the Texas bar under a minority classification.

“Special” persons have no qualms at all about lying publicly for personal advantage. They deserve it. It’s all part of rigging the game.

That’s what DEI (for example) is all about: rigging the game for those who couldn’t have success any other way. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not about equality of opportunity, it’s about equality of outcomes. Here is what InclusionHub says about Equity:

Where equality is a system in which each individual is offered the same opportunities regardless of circumstance, equity distributes resources based on needs. We live in a disproportionate society, and equity tries to correct its imbalance by creating more opportunities for people who have historically had less access.”

“What IS DEI,” https://www.inclusionhub.com/articles/what-is-dei

Yup. Some people have “needs” that require a society where ability, hard work, and persistence are “racist.” The ultimate evolution of a world that embraces this irrational belief is an Idiocracy. The US is rapidly heading down that road under the urging of people who have never had to get off the mat after having tried and failed.

If two human beings are the same, one of them is superfluous. Equality of outcomes guarantees that the able and the talented are the nails that get hammered down in a termite colony society.

The goal of the privileged grifters behind DEI and other lowest-common-denominator philosophies is the squashing of the human spirit, which always seeks to create, to inspire, to do better, to soar above the mediocrity of the herd.

To the spoiled and arrogant, however, striving to be the best is a fearful concept. Therefore, strivers like Joe Rogan must be canceled. Instead of open debate, censorship of opinion is a necessity, for incompetents fear the exposure of the principles behind their special programs. Grifters cannot win debates on the merits; therefore, those with high ability must be silenced. Programs for gifted children, for example, must be eliminated. We wouldn’t want exceptional children to display their abilities! They might grow up to be exceptional persons and that would make the incompetent feel small.

In New York city,

Students currently admitted to gifted and talented program will continue their elementary education in their current programming, the DOE said. Under the new plan, students heading into third grade will be universally screened to evaluate whether they may benefit from tailored accelerated instruction, however will remain in mixed-level classrooms, according to the DOE.”


The task of mandating equality is hopeless, because we are all born with different abilities. Under the mantra of “diversity” such equalizing programs kill diversity. The basis of programs like DEI is a stupid sort of materialism that only regards the physical body. Materialists don’t see past the physical body, they lack self awareness and perception of a human being’s higher potential. Such awareness goes beyond the physical body and into the realm of higher consciousness. Therefore, to materialists, “diversity” means race and gender, which are all characteristics of the body. True diversity goes far beyond that. It involves the divine qualities of the human spirit, which animates the body and comes from the Creative Source.

If you want to really piss off a materialist, present this argument. Such persons will immediately become triggered, for the idea that there exists a realm of thought and reality beyond the meat body is terrifying to them. Grifters, materialists, cancel culture, and programs that seek to place human beings in a blender and come out with a homogenous liquid, kill the spirit that makes society work. It is a path that leads to societal collapse.

Let’s give everyone an equal opportunity without destroying the aspiring nature of the human spirit that has created everything admirable and inspirational in human society.