Intention and Expectation

Intention and expectation are the force multipliers of human consciousness.

What will your future be like? That question can be answered by, “What do you expect to happen?”

Expectations determine, in a general way (and sometimes specifically) what will happen to you. A person who constantly thinks that he or she will come down with the latest cold or flu or illness has a much better chance of getting sick, because a very strong resonance has been established toward disease. This isn’t rocket science, really. The entire universe contains energies of every different kind. Every atom, every element in the Periodic Table, has a different energy. Every object in the universe has a distinct and unique energy pattern, otherwise it would not have an independent existence. Every person on earth has a distinct and unique energy.

What if human consciousness itself is also an energy? What if the timeline of a person’s life is an actual, definable energy path? In that case, the expectation that the future will be a certain way places that energy on the future timeline. Then, when you get there, you say, “It’s just what I expected. The same old shit.” And it feels comfortable! Because it’s your energy, so it feels totally natural. “Just more proof that the more things change the more they stay the same.”

I have experienced this so many times, and you probably have too.

All of us are working the puzzle of life with energies that are esoteric, and invisible to the five human senses.

But this isn’t what we are taught.

We are taught that only matter and visible energy (such light and color and mass, and “the current reality”) are valid. But this solution to the puzzle guarantees that the future never changes, for nothing new is created. The energy that is put forth into the future remains the same.

But intention is a force. When a person is motivated or passionate, that can be felt. When a person has the expectation that all will be well, it can be felt. We say that person “has a sunny personality.” A person who expects the future to be dark can also be felt.

So why don’t we pay more attention to our own intent and expectations? Because we are taught that doing this is stupid.

Oh, there is a fringe element in society that talks about “positive thinking” and “the power of thought,” but no one really believes this anymore. Our society seems to be coming apart at the seams, and people are at each other’s throats.

But all of this is learned behavior. IT is programmed behavior.

The American Heritage dictionary defines intention as, “an aim that guides action; an objective.” Merriam-Webster says that intention is “the state of mind with which an action is done.” defines expectation this way: “An expectation is a belief about what might happen in the future, like your expectation to stay close with your best friends your whole life.”

These definitions involve aims, state-of-mind, and belief. These terms are not objects, but qualities or aspects of consciousness. They cannot be quantified or measured. All of them, however, have a unique feeling to them. They are energetic projections (vibrations) of human consciousness. They have an independent existence, they can be felt, they are not negligible.

An aim is something a person might visualize. This visualization will have a distinct energy pattern, a unique feeling. A state-of-mind is a person’s attitude toward something. Attitude is also a feeling, an energy. A bad attitude or a good attitude is recognizable, it can be felt. A belief is a person’s decision about something that will guide their actions. Someone’s beliefs about an issue also create an energy that can be felt. If beliefs are criticized this may trigger someone to anger. We have all experienced this.

So intention and expectation are energies, not just something esoteric and stupid that has little meaning or effect in the world. They are just as real as the “real” world around us.

So what happens when a respected or popular person or political commentator comes up with a vision of the future that is dark? Well, it’s their vision. It’s their energy. It doesn’t have to be yours or mine.

Let’s imagine the power of the energy when the intent and expectations of EIGHT BILLION human beings are accounted for. As individuals we are, via our expectations of the future, placing energies on our personal future timelines that we eventually encounter as individuals. Humanity is also doing this collectively.

We are now at a critical inflection point in the history of humanity and this planet. We have been taught to expect negative outcomes (“peace is just an interval of quiet between wars”), but as people awaken more and more are rejecting this pre-programmed nonsense.

We don’t need 8 billion human beings all intending and expecting a positive future to get a positive future. That’s because the Light is so much more powerful than the dark.

It only takes a relative few of us to create a tipping point in human consciousness, which is in chaos right now.  Maybe we can give it a new direction and a new momentum. Those who understand the power of the Light can be spiritual warriors in this effort. And we can do it quietly, with our family and friends, and in our meditations. And it will spread across the planet, because the Light illuminates the darkness and people respond to the Light.