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The old systems of human thought are breaking apart. This is causing some people to become imbalanced, emotionally triggered by current events, afraid of the future, and lashing out at others for no apparent reason. In old souls it is also causing the opposite effect: a feeling of greater serenity and a growing confidence that the craziness of current events and all of its hatred and contention, is a transition to a higher level; a passing (but necessary) phase.

Why would anyone feel calmer and more confident in the current atmosphere, where a person is judged by how he or she voted in the last election, and a growing intolerance for other points of view? Isn’t that delusional? Not really. More and more people are waking up to their spirituality. By that I mean the understanding that a person is much, much greater than their biology. Human consciousness is that part of the soul that can “fit” into a human body. The human body is surrounded by the merkaba, a 24-foot sphere of light. The merkaba is the biology’s connection to the eternal soul (if the person wakes up enough). At this point human beings cannot “see” the merkaba or understand it. There’s just a vague feeling that “I’m a lot bigger than I think I am.” Sometimes a person has a soul mission and wakes up to that. This is accompanied by a feeling of purpose and passion.

The feeling of optimism occurs because the human merkaba is a direct connection to the soul, and to God.

Because a human being is not a piece of meat, everyone has a spiritual component. Only a little bit of your soul can incarnate into a human body, so most of you is on the other side. However, the spiritual system associated with earth provides a set of “guides” that help you along the lifepath.  Because free will exists, these spiritual helpers cannot interfere in a life unless the human being requests it. But when you do, they are there. I have called upon them several times in the past few years when I fell into spiritual black holes. These spiritual helpers are real! When you connect with your spiritual helpers you feel a sense of well being and optimism about the future.

The Release of Karma

What is happening on the planet now is the release of karma.

There are almost 8 billion human beings. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime on earth is here. Imagine the karmic relationships between billions of people who have had lifetimes over thousands of years. Even newbies have some karma. A lifetime or two is enough to meet lots of people and interact with them. The various soul groups and soul families are all here now in the new energy. All of the past relationships that generated karma are being worked out. The internet has enabled people who live across the globe to work out karma. Is it any wonder so much chaos has resulted?

The “new energy” is a result of the decision of the human family to clean things up. This is a very recent event, because we only passed the marker on December 21, 2012. It made a planetary house cleaning possible. December 2012 was the approximate end of a precession cycle. Once the human race voided prophecy that we would destroy ourselves it was possible to begin a spiritual evolution out of the darkness.

This planet’s primary esoteric cycle is the precession of the equinoxes, a 25,770-year cycle where the earth makes a wobble on its axis. It is five of the Mayan long counts from their calendar. There have been two precession cycles since the time of Lemuria. After 2012 we are entering a third cycle.

The spiritual/belief systems of humanity are being “tossed.” This is the decision of the entire human family. All of the souls who have ever incarnated on the earth saw that when thc 2012 marker was passed without an extinction event, the path to higher consciousness was possible in the physical. The human race is working on a planet-wide resolution of karma that has been generated over the millennia.

The sky is not falling, the darkness is not advancing, the human race is not on the edge of extinction. What we are seeing is how karma resolves between 8 billion human beings! The old is being replaced by the new. The collective “box” of beliefs of humanity in an older energy is being gradually replaced by new ideas. This is causing chaos in the physical universe. The chaos is not the result of a turn toward the darkness, but a turning away from it (see Postscript below). 

The dark is organizing for its survival; therefore, it has had to come out into the open against its own wishes. The hidden arms, drugs, and human trafficking networks do best when no one sees them. We are seeing more dark activity because it is being exposed to the light of day, in accordance with the decision of humanity on the other side to initiate the karmic cleanup.

Many will never wake up; but the majority doesn’t have to. Only enough people to start the process. If you meditate enough you will get an inkling of this great decision. Whether your physical self agrees with this decision or not, the karmic cleanup has begun! It is glorious.

“You are crazy,” you say. “People are killing innocents with guns in public places. Corruption is at an all-time high. If you call that glorious you are insane.”

Think about it. Combine free will with the new cleanup energy and what do you get? Exactly what you see happening in current events. Don’t try to figure it out because it’s impossible. There are so many variables, the interactions are so complex, no physical modeling system could even begin to approach the level of sophistication necessary to analyze it. All you can do is reach beyond your biology to the God within, which will give you a feeling of calmness and serenity and optimism about the process.

The craziness in current affairs will force you to look inside precisely because events are so chaotic. The mind can’t handle it, which is why so many are becoming unbalanced. At the same time, even more are waking up! The unbalanced ones will become triggered into their karma, yelling and screaming and shouting and lashing out. The ones who wake up will largely be quieter, although there are some who have soul missions to confront the darkness and become playas (see the March 2019 blog post). The entire earth play is being orchestrated from the other side by the various soul groups and soul families. We, the incarnated human souls, are here to do the work. It is an exciting time to be alive!

Just remember that the play is going according to plan, with the variable of free will being paramount.

Earth is a planet of free will. This means that no one will interfere: not even our own Higher Selves, unless we ask for help. The benevolent space brothers are not going to land on the White House lawn and save humanity; we have to do this ourselves. Why? I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know is that the earth is in communication with every other planet in the galaxy through a “cosmic web” of energy that you don’t discover until you reach a certain level of consciousness. We haven’t gotten there yet, but it’s coming.

Those who observe us know that each planet that goes through what the earth is going through MUST make it on their own. To help at this stage would be counter-productive. If the earth makes it to a higher dimension, it must be our collective choice.

This choice cannot be accomplished by “educating” people, it cannot be accomplished by marching and demonstrating, it cannot be accomplished by killing or silencing people, it cannot be accomplished by hatred and intolerance. The way out of the darkness is through the darkness, exercising as much tolerance and compassion as possible. Nobody said it would be easy. People are dying in wars and from drugs, children and women are being abused, injustice and intolerance is becoming more and more obvious. It’s all part of the process. It sucks; but humanity made its bed over the last several thousand years. It’s now our job to clean up the mess we made.

It’s happening!  

Postscript: Current Events

We have to talk about current events, even though it’s not “spiritual.” Actually, it is. The battle between dark and light is happening in human consciousness. That battle is reflected in the physical universe and we can see it in current events. As above so below.

The light is revealing the dark underbelly of human societies. The darkest of the dark is the trafficking in human beings, and especially children. There is an ancient “religion” on this planet that believes in sacrificing children and drinking their blood. (Apparently, ingesting the blood of young children has positive health effects.) This ancient practice of child sacrifice and blood drinking is surrounded by dark rituals. It has been done all over the world for thousands of years. It is continuing and it is ongoing.

In our so-called “modern” societies we think we are beyond this. That is a myth. It is continuing, it has continued for a long, long time. There are organizations that literally breed children and sell them to global pedophile networks. These children do not have birth certificates and so are not traceable. Children go missing every year and are never found. Millions of children are involved. I saw a vid last year of a Mexican woman walking out of a store carrying a child. A SUV drove up, a man got out and grabbed the child. The mother screamed and almost lost her child until a couple people came to her aid on the street. This stuff is real, but it’s hidden here in the US.

In the coming years the child trafficking networks will be exposed (some have already been shut down), but the process will be slow because people don’t want to believe it occurs.

We cannot have peace on earth until this appalling and evil practice is rooted out, and those responsible are identified and removed from society.

Underlying the hard-line politics in the US is this one million pound gorilla. It’s almost never spoken about because it’s totally unreal to 99% of the population, and because it’s so dark. I hate to talk about this, but it’s necessary.

A society that allows the abuse of children is insane. Right now humanity is living in a corporate matrix of lies and corruption that allows the abuse of children to continue. In the past, the subject has been avoided in the news and in debate. Until the population wakes up to this appalling practice, we cannot make spiritual progress ahead.

Those who talk of ascension are way, way ahead of the curve. It’s a great idea, but ascension is never going to happen until the corporate drugs, arms, and human trafficking networks are identified and disbanded. That’s because ascension applies to the entire human race, not just an enlightened few. We’re in this together, all for one and one for all. As I said above, the collective decision of the entire human soul family is for a massive cleanup of karma. No one makes it unless we all make it. Only then can there be peace on earth. We are all brothers and sisters, no matter what the crazed U.S. media tells you.

This is why I have had to throw my support to President Trump. He’s doing a lot to uncover these networks, and is being viciously attacked for it (but the attacks are masked – the real reason isn’t being disclosed). Don’t be fooled by the false Republican-Democrat, liberal-conservative hatred. The people who hate the most are the people behind these dark corporate networks. They are on both sides.

Is Trump a savior? Of course not. He’s contentious and egotistical, but I will support anyone who is in a position to do something about it, regardless of his or her personality flaws. The people who are involved in these dark practices are in so deep they have no choice but to fight to the death. To me, the elimination of human trafficking is the single most important issue facing human societies. Destroying human beings through drugs, war, and sexual abuse is the way of the dark, and represents how the dark values human beings.

Trump is emphasizing the southern border here in the US because that is where almost all of the human trafficking into the US is coming from (and the guns and the drugs). The mass migration to the southern border in the US is being underwritten by the drug cartels.These outfits use their human packages as diversions at the border to tie up U.S. Border Patrol agents so they can run deadly opiates and other drugs into the country.

Some of those who want open borders are in the light; they see that an ideal society would be a completely free one, where anyone and everyone is welcomed and helped. These people see Trump as a reactionary; an old-energy doofus who doesn’t get it. But there are others who want open borders because it facilitates the trafficking networks.

Is it preposterous to assume that a few U.S. politicians are participating in the flow of money via drugs, arms, and human trafficking at the southern border? I hope we are beyond the naivete that all pols are working for the good of the country. There’s a war on, folks. A war between light and dark. The dark side does not have a party, a country, a culture, or a religion. It is composed of those who have chosen to turn their backs on the Light.

We aren’t quite at the stage yet where open borders are possible; only after the identification, cleanup, and elimination of the trafficking networks. That is why Trump is necessary, and why he is (hopefully) a temporary phenomenon. Trump would tell you the same thing, I’m sure of that. This is a guy who feels he has been forced into the position of president. What person in their right mind would want to be attacked day and night in such a high profile job? There have already been four attempts on his life that I know of, and members of his family have received death threats. I didn’t vote for him, but I support the cleanup he’s trying to oversee.

Most lightworkers (rightly) want nothing to do with these dark subjects. The job of the lightworker is to spread light, but part of being a lightworker is not being delusional (“We are almost to Ascension now!”). We have to know what we are facing so we can send light to the millions of people being affected by these networks. Many of the people involved in these networks have themselves been abused, and are looking for a way out. (This has nothing to do with fanciful theories about reptilian aliens or other evil ETs. This is a human problem, created by humans, and must be resolved by humans.)

Here is a tiny little snowflake on the huge mountain of human trafficking.

Child Brides In Africa Are Advertised On Facebook And Sold To Old Men https://www.thedailybeast.com/child-brides-in-africa-are-advertised-on-facebook-and-sold-to-old-men

Do you think this only happens in Africa? It’s all over the world.

You’d think the Boy Scouts of America would be pretty clean wouldn’t you? From NBC New York: Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face New Child Sex Allegations; Names Expected to Be Released Tuesday

“An attorney claims the BSA has files of child abusers within their ranks, going back to the 1940s. The allegations came to light Monday night and a group of alleged victims were expected to hold a press conference in New York Tuesday to speak out publicly, alleging a pattern of sexual abuse within the scouting organization. The victims’ attorney, Jeff Anderson, called it a system of denial and cover-ups. He claims the BSA has files of child abusers within their ranks, going back to the 1940s. ‘The lives of the survivors and their families have been shattered and destroyed in so many ways,’ Anderson said. He says the new allegations accuse more than 7,000 leaders of abuse, with more than 100 in New York.”


Here’s another: the death of Irish journalist Lyra McKee on April 18th:


Accidental? Maybe.

The child trafficking problem can be summarized best by this article:

The Essence Of Evil: Sex With Children Has Become Big Business In America


I don’t go looking for this stuff: it’s everywhere. Child abuse is a planet-wide epidemic and involves ordinary people and influential people. It is the heart of the dark networks.

But then there’s the Light side:

Minnesota Authorities Arrest 58 People, Rescue 28 Victims In Child Sex and Trafficking Sting

Source: https://breaking911.com/breaking-minnesota-authorities-arrest-58-people-rescue-28-victims-in-child-sex-and-trafficking-sting/

Philadelphia pastor among 16 men netted in New Jersey child predator investigation


Undercover Human Trafficking Sting Yields 47 Arrests in 10 Days (in Houston)


From the DHS:

Fullsized image

You get the idea.

You get the idea. It’s simple: The silly Democrat-Republican hatred is a false dichotomy. “Mueller! Russia! Trump! Clinton!” The media inspired frenzy of hate is designed to draw attention away from the dark networks.

This subject is going to rear its ugly head more and more as the light gets stronger and the dark fights for its survival. Over the months and years people involved are going to be identified, and it’s not going to be pretty. But it’s necessary. It’s a positive, not a negative development.

The first step in handling anything is gaining the ability to face it.  Humanity is finally beginning to confront its dark side. When you stand in the light you can safely walk through the darkness.

Postscript Two: The Beginning of the End for Big Pharma

“First drug firm CEO to be charged in the opioid epidemic is paraded in handcuffs: Retired exec 'boasted he was the "knight in shining armor" for pharmacies and sold them huge hauls of oxycodone and fentanyl, without asking questions.'”

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6954985/amp/Ex-drug-company-CEO-handcuffed-criminally-charged-fueling-Americas-opioid-crisis.html

Postscript Three: Pepe the Frog

I’m including this link without comment. You may have heard of Pepe and become confused. This link explains everything. https://pepethefrogfaith.wordpress.com/