Daily Archives: May 19, 2019

The good guys always say that crime doesn’t pay, but for some men there’s no other way. The bad guys always say, both sides are the same. The good guys and the bad guys.

These are the lyrics to an old song I heard once, can’t remember the band or the song title. But the lyrics express the idea that “good” and “bad” are subjective. A pro-Trump supporter will call themselves “good” and call Democrats the bad guys. A Democrat will refer to Trump supporters as the bad guys and themselves as the good guys.  Such a debate is pointless, for it automatically generates contention and intolerance. A society that frames public policy and conversation in this way will turn in on itself. This is precisely what is happening right now in the US.

“Good” and “evil” are not measurable. These concepts are entirely subjective. However, light and dark are  measurable, or at least observable.  “Good” and “evil” actions will be interpreted, or measured, by an entirely different set of parameters depending on the side you favor. Agreement is not possible. But light and dark can be assigned parameters that all can agree on.

Light = tolerance, love, and compassion.

Dark = intolerance, hatred, and hard-heartedness.

This framework eliminates the categorizing of actions into “boxes.” All that is needed is to determine whether the activity is based in love and compassion or in hatred and intolerance. Immediately, the “pro-Trump” and “anti-Trump” components are eliminated. Doesn’t matter which “side” you are on. Democrats and Republicans can both be the good guys.

“That is crazy,” you say. “Low consciousness cannot recognize high consciousness. These [pro-Trump][anti-Trump] people are too dense to even recognize love and compassion. They will automatically categorize their actions as good and the other side bad.”

Maybe. But a rational, objective observer can look at a situation  and see who is generating love and who is generating hate. Tolerance and intolerance are still subjective variables, but they eliminate actions based on one agenda or another. All that is necessary is to feel the love or the hate behind the action. Moreover, it also eliminates “fact” based arguments, where people on both sides marshal arguments and opinions to support their “side.” It gets beyond the intellect and the ego and goes to the heart and to the God template that is within all of us.

It’s why spirituality and even religion are important. (I am not religious, but many people are. Religion is at least an attempt to find God, whereas atheism is a turning away from God. The dark army uses religion to foment intolerance and hatred.)

The dark army on this planet has several products: hatred, intolerance, death, materialism, anti-spirituality and anti-religion. ALL of these parameters can only exist in a consciousness that, with free will, has  turned  away from the light. Darkness is an absence of light, an inability to get beyond the biology and see the God within.

Actions based in love and tolerance are easily recognizable, even by those with low consciousness. A person who responds tolerantly, or ignores another who insults him or her is acting in love. A person who responds to an insult by firing back in an intolerant manner is practicing intolerance, no matter how justified the person is in responding negatively.

“That’s stupid,” you say. “A low consciousness person interprets tolerance and love as weakness. You have to teach people like that a lesson. They only understand force because by definition they are in the dark.”

Yeah. People on both sides think this way about the other side. That’s why there’s so much hatred.  This is a remnant, a time fractal, from the old timeline.

In an old energy this was the way it was. You responded to force with force, or you got run over. Occasionally, a guy like Gautama Siddhartha, Christ, or Mahatma Gandhi would come along and show that the way of higher consciousness was the path out of the darkness. They inspired many men and women (like Mother Teresa) to go that route. And that’s how civilization advances. It’s how low consciousness gets transmuted. Lightworkers, despite all of the reasons not to, respond to intolerance with tolerance, to hatred with love.

Who said it was easy?  The path to the light goes through the darkness.

We are on a new timeline now. The old energy has been transmuted enough so that the light is more powerful. The old patterns from the old timeline, thousands of years old, are losing their force. The old energy is becoming more and more obvious as the light infuses human consciousness. The forces of darkness are desperate now. Their continuous attempts to start World War III, for example, are futile. Their activated sleeper cells, who go around shooting up mosques and synagogues to create fear, chaos, and hatred, will fail in their objective. Fear and hatred are their only weapons. People are waking up; they are getting tired of the politics of confrontation, both nationally and internationally. The pedos who molest children are being exposed. Regardless what you think of Trump , he is finding and breaking up the pedo rings and arresting the child molesters. Right here in Michigan a pedo ring was busted; it’s happening all over the country if you look for it on the internet. Here’s a Blind Item from Ent Lawyer, an unidentified Hollywood observer who is exposing the abuse of children in Tinseltown:


The dark army operatives are exposing themselves, and are being exposed. That’s because the light is penetrating their hiding places. They can be seen by actions based in hatred, confrontation, and intolerance.  They are on both “sides.”

When you are in the light you can step back and go into your personal God template. This leads to a feeling of oneness and a detachment from the hurly-burly of emotional and intellectual confrontation. There’s a feeling of love that permeates your being and you can see that it’s everywhere, in all things. This doesn’t mean you don’t get pissed off, or lose it sometimes. But the more you connect to that feeling, the easier life gets.

Man, it’s HARD fighting the good fight. There’s so much vigilance and stress involved making sure those “other” guys behave themselves and don’t get away with their dirty tricks.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back, go into the core, and live life from a more tolerant attitude. If you can do it, even for a few minutes every day, life is a lot easier and more rewarding.