Gotta Love CNN

Gotta love CNN, the mouthpiece of the intel community and the corporate establishment. After Super Tuesday II, with primaries in Michigan, Idaho, North Dakota, Washington, Missouri, and Mississippi, Biden has 787 delegates. Bernie has 647. 1,991 are needed to win.

Headlines on CNN as I write this at 8 a.m. Wednesday March 11:

“Biden Takes Command of Delegate Race”

“Cleveland (CNN)

“Joe Biden is marching to the Democratic presidential nomination.

“The former vice president handily defeated Bernie Sanders on Tuesday in Michigan's primary -- halting the Vermont senator's hopes of a comeback in the state where he'd stunned Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Biden also notched massive wins in Idaho, Mississippi and Missouri. Sanders won in North Dakota. Washington hadn't been called yet, but as of Wednesday morning, Biden was in a tight race there with Sanders, another state Sanders needed to win.

Tuesday marked a clear turning point in the Democratic race. Biden is building a powerful coalition of African Americans, suburbanites and rural white voters who previously backed Sanders, while Sanders is failing to produce the electorate-changing turnout of young voters that he's promised.” [emphasis mine]

“Biden’s massive wins on Super Tuesday II, capped a reversal of fortune.”

Well, at least the latter part of that headline is correct.

I have no love for Bernie; he’s a flake who (by his own admission) doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for his big government programs. Estimates are that Medicare-for-all will cost around 9 trillion or so. Even if the richest 3.4% – those who make over $250,000 per year – have ALL of their income taken for taxes, this will only generate about $3.4 trillion. But come on, Bernie is only 147 delegates behind! Biden needs 1,113 and Bernie needs 1,253. There’s a long way to go.

But if you read these headlines and stories you’d think the race is over already! This is the definition of Fake News. When the DOW fell over 2,000 points last week CNN published huge headlines and several lead stories. The very next day the market rose back 1200 points. Strangely, CNN had no story about that. Not even a small headline at the bottom of the page. Today, March 11, the DOW fell another 1400 points. Front page headlines in huge type on CNN. If the market gains tomorrow, will there even be a story? You’d almost think that CNN wants the economy to fail. Nah, that’s just a conspiracy theory. Sure, CNN has hired several commentators from the intel community (including former CIA Director John Brennan) but you’d have to be a nutcase to assert that the intel community writes CNN’s headlines and their stories.

If I’m Bernie I’m hanging in there. Hell, even Trump is sympathetic. He keeps tweeting that the Dems are stealing the nomination from Bernie.

Of course there are the 700 Superdelegates, who can vote for anyone they want, so maybe the race really is over. Most political commentators say that the remaining states don’t favor Bernie. And there’s those pesky Superdelegates. But CNN never mentions Superdelegates in the article. According to CNN, on March 11th, Biden has won and Bernie has lost. Go figure.

Bernie should stay in until the end. He has a populist base that doesn’t want to give up, even if they don’t always go to the polls.

Conspiracy Theory

Here’s one for you. The coronavirus spreads here in the US. Biden and Sanders have already cancelled campaign rallies in Ohio on March 11. The Task Force led by VP Pence, and the CDC, recommends cancelling all public gatherings over 1,000 people. This shuts down Trump’s major source of momentum and publicity for his base – the rallies he’s been holding since he was elected. Bloomberg has already bought the Democratic party with his billions. He’s got, according to Forbes, something like $55 billion. He’s not running so he can contribute as much as he wants to state parties. This dwarfs the Trump campaign’s measly $200 million. Bloomberg has already spent $600 mil on adverts to get 24 delegates. All he has to do is swamp the country with anti-Trump ads day and night. Trump has no answer for this because he can’t rally his base. The mainstream media will collaborate against Trump’s reelection.

It’s a perfect anti-Trump storm.

Media Spreads Panic

Today the markets are crashing again and the WHO has announced that the coronavirus is officially a pandemic. Mass media are spreading fear all over the world. As I said in a previous post, the same corporate capitalists who moved millions of factory jobs from the US to Asia, seeking cheap CCP slave labor, are the same guys who are panic selling and crashing the markets because their supply chains are broken.

Something very strange has happened in central China. The virus originated in Wuhan. Just before that another outbreak caused the CCP to order the slaughter of half of the country’s pig population.

Even as my savings evaporate I am keeping calm, however. Eventually we’ll find out what the coronavirus is and how it was originally released into the population of Wuhan. Until then I am avoiding large public gatherings and meditating for peace and prosperity. It can’t hurt.