What happens when little Susie and little Johnny are screaming at each other? You take them to their rooms for a timeout so that they can cool off and calm down. That’s what the corona virus is doing here in the US. The level of hatred and contention was simply unsustainable. Now we’re in a national timeout. Social separation and self-isolation are the watchwords today. Political rallies, and even debates, are being suspended during the run-up to a national election. People are being told to work remotely. Entire professional and college sports seasons are being canceled. It’s unprecedented, but needed. As a nation, we need a big timeout to calm down and cool off.

What will happen next?

The coronavirus will run its course within the next several weeks and social activity will slowly resume. The markets will recover. During the break, however, I hope that people will look inside and find greater peace. We have to work together, not fight each other.