Bernie, Joe, and the Democratic Nominee

The objectives of the corporate establishment Democrats couldn’t be more obvious at this point. Endorsing the senile Joe Biden is just a ploy to ensure a brokered convention and the selection of someone other than Biden and Sanders. Michelle Obama has already said she doesn’t want to run and is tired of being in the White House after eight years. Who does that leave? Hillary, of course. Her running mate? Warren, Klobuchar, or maybe even Bernie to get the populist vote. Or perhaps Michelle could be persuaded to accept the Vice-Presidency. The idea that Joe Biden will be the eventual Democratic nominee is absurd. The poor guy can hardly string three coherent sentences together. He’s just a temporary delegate collection node to stop Bernie.

The establishment Democrats are weary of Hillary Clinton. The party is desperately looking for a viable candidate to oppose Trump. But the Democrats don’t have anyone who can face off with the junkyard dog. Trump will make mincemeat of Bernie, who is essentially a nice guy. Hillary already failed in 2016, but she’s the only Democrat who can stand up to him. After the first ballot at the Democratic convention, the superdelegates will kick in. These are persons who will vote the establishment/corporate candidate. Bernie won’t have 1991 delegates by July, which is the number necessary to ensure the nomination.

What are the alternatives to Hillary? Rahm Emmanuel? A tough guy for sure, but an unpopular mayor of Chicago. Barack Obama would be the ideal candidate to run against Trump but he can’t serve a third term.

Watch for a wild card at the Democratic convention. It’s either that, or Hillary will be the Democratic presidential nominee.