Nodes of Light

In this battle between dark and light, places where spirituality is practiced are nodes of light. These places are churches and other venues where the Creator is talked about and where people try to find the God within. They are the most important areas on the planet because they hold the light against a huge effort by scientific materialists/technocrats/BigTech to create a hive-mind state where people aren’t allowed to think for themselves.

If you were able to step back from your body and perceive with the senses of Spirit, you’d see pockets of darkness and light on the planet. The largest pockets of darkness are created by totalitarian dictatorships (state actors) like the CCP and the junta in Iran, our own CIA who have been running drugs into our cities for decades, Marxist-Leninist groups like Antifa, and the child trafficking networks that exist in every city in our country.

Individuals who hold the light of compassion and tolerance in their daily lives also create individual little pockets of light.

But the most important actors are groups, for groups of people who think alike create a Group Mind. Those who attend church, for example, are powerful group minds for the light, for the focus is on God. Even if a lot of this focus on God is diluted by religious dogma, the underlying intent is still in the light. You can see how the pandemic has resulted in the banning of churchgoers and other groups focused on spirituality. Without these Group Minds operating in the light, the darkness has an easier time to spread its hatred and intolerance.

Politics is just a sideshow, for most of our political discussion is tainted by hatred and black-white thinking. Fortunately an effective Group Mind can’t be formed when people are yelling and screaming at each other.

A Group Mind is effective because it creates a powerful vibration aligned toward an objective. A group where all think alike is a powerful force in the mental environment. It has the ability to bend, or entrain, individual minds toward it. An example of a Group Mind is the mainstream media, which have the same talking points and narratives even from network to network. This exerts a very, very powerful entrainment to a chosen narrative.

If you’ve ever been part of a meeting or discussion where several people are all of like mind and who speak forcefully on a subject, you know what I mean. You find yourself agreeing with them, and it’s the most natural thing in the world. Your thoughts are naturally attracted to a powerful vibration emanating from the group mind in the mental environment.

The mental environment is pervasive. Like the air, it’s everywhere and affects everyone.

Unfortunately, until recently, the existence of the mental environment was unrecognized by the masses. I wrote a book about this called The Vibrational Universe, and a flash movie of the same name on YouTube.

However, in today’s raging political debate, people are beginning to see the power of information, and narratives based around selected information.  People are beginning to see the power of narratives, which are the creations of Group Minds.

The mental environment is like the ether, a hypothetical substance that exists within the fabric of spacetime and which carries information all over the universe. The mental environment is composed of thought. It is invisible, yet has a powerful effect on the human mind.

In the past, people dismissed the power of the mental environment. “Thoughts are nothing; they are ephemeral. You put your thought against my baseball bat and let’s see who wins.” Now, the power of information to persuade is being recognized, which is leading to a recognition of the mental environment and its importance. That’s because the battle between dark and light is essentially an information war based in competing thoughts.

Eighty years after World War 2, the planet is again aligning into an Alliance of Liberty vs what I call the Alliance of Control. But this time the battle is not kinetic; it’s informational. Data, narratives, and discernment are the keys to this war on the mental plane.

The Alliance of Liberty is composed of the US, Canada, Mexico, the European democracies, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.  The Alliance of Control is centered within the Communist Party of China and its allies in Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. Russia, who threw off the yoke of communism in 1991, is a neutral player (as are many other nations who are waiting to see who will win).

In this battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity, the Creator has provided us all with free will. If there is such a thing as a cosmic brotherhood of the light, no physical intervention is permitted. We have to make up our own minds.

When a planetary society is weak and divided, it is easy to manipulate, just as a company with a weak balance sheet can be taken over by acquisitive predators. The Creator allows this, for if a society cannot gain the intelligence to recognize the power of thought in the mental environment, it is not intelligent or united enough to stand on its own two feet and be successful on its evolutionary path.  

High technology is utterly irrelevant in the success/fail equation of evolution. Technology is used by the Alliance of Control to... control people who aren’t bright enough to embrace unity, cooperation, harmony, and integrity. These are all qualities of the light. AI and comprehensive surveillance systems are the tools of the technocrat, who desire a soulless, atheistic society where human beings are apps. This is the vision of scientific materialism.

If a society is smart enough to embrace its divine component – built in to human biology – it will find itself on the Creator’s guided path to beauty, prosperity, and unity with all life in the world. 

We have to be bright enough to use our free will and connect to it.  This is the importance our divinity. Spirituality and religion are vehicles to that divine connection. The connection is built-in to human biology, which is why biological evolution is so important. Scientific materialism tries to pollute this evolution with Transhumanism and other technologies that alter the biology of the human being with electronics, nanotech adapted to human biology, artificial intelligence, etc.

The dark tries to squash the yearning of the human being toward the light. Political parties and their insane hatred toward each other are used as tools by the Alliance of Control to accomplish their goal of dominance through divisiveness. The Alliance of Control is mired in low consciousness. Their methods are effective, but predictable. Their methods are effective because all humans and groups can utilize the power of the mental environment. All that is required to form a powerful thought entrainment vehicle is a group focused on a common objective.

Both light and dark have an equal ability to use the power of thought. The dark uses deception and lies. The light, if it is bright enough, uses the truth of its connection to the divine. If it’s not so bright it engages in fights and arguments with the dark, which is exactly what the dark wants. Using the tactics of the dark to fight the dark leads to what Walt Kelley once said:  “We have met the enemy and he is us.” You become what you fight, which is obvious to everyone now.

Nodes of Light must be nurtured. This means that churches and other places of spirituality are vitally important. I’m not religious myself, but churches and other spiritual congregations are being shut down during the pandemic. People are forbidden to assemble and talk about God. Therefore, these nodes of light, which create powerful Group Minds, are no longer spreading their light.

This is an effective tactic of the dark side.

Erich Fromm, in his seminal book Escape From Freedom, shows us how easy it is for propagandists with narratives to change thinking on a mass scale. Hitler, an effective public speaker, did it in Nazi Germany. Apparently, people are willing to give up their liberty and their freedom if a powerful enough Group Mind is formed. Thought (and thus behavior) is entrained to the new narrative, even if it is to the disadvantage of the people embracing it. This is the power of the Group Mind.

Even if we can’t meet in large groups anymore, it’s important to keep the nodes of light in action. It doesn’t matter if we physically go somewhere to conduct our meetings, for Group Minds can easily be formed online.

Let’s keep the Nodes of Light in operation during this crazy time where our lives are being turned upside down. At the very least doing so will be an outlet, a break, from the stupidity of the present situation.