What Are You Worried About?

This is a rather provocative title for what I want to say, which is very simple. Before you arrive on earth you are with the human family in your spiritual Home. You spend some time on earth with the mission to accomplish something in life. Your task in life is to discover that mission and to meet the people you need to meet in order to accomplish it. When you “die” you return Home and look over what you did, and take a break. Then, if you haven’t completed your spiritual mission, you come back and try again.

A lot of people worry about what’s going to happen to them after they “die.”

This is pointless, for you cannot spend an indefinite amount of time in the world. Your body is only a temporary vehicle to allow you to operate in the physical. It is your destiny to return Home. Really, you don’t have any choice in the matter! You return Home to perfect harmony and love. It’s inevitable. It’s the way the “System” works, if you will.

So, no worries. As I used to say on the Interview With Spirit show, “All endings are happy endings.” Doesn’t matter how much you fucked up. Doesn’t matter if you were a mass murderer or a saint. What happens on earth stays on earth.

“You’re crazy,” you say. “If it doesn’t matter whether you’re a mass murderer or a saint, what’s the point of living?”

Well, it feels a lot better, and you’re a lot happier, if you live a life true to yourself – you don’t have to be a saint – than if you’re a killer. Killers are not happy campers and live miserable lives. It makes you feel good to help people and you feel bad when you hurt people.

What complicates life is the sad, silly, materialist idea that you only go around once. This idea, if you buy into it, causes an enormous amount of tension within you, and most people don’t even know it. Seriously, if you truly believe that you only go around once, then you are living with the idea that your consciousness, your awareness, could be snuffed out at any time. This idea is enough to drive you crazy, if you believe it.

The Test

This world is a test; a test of free will. When you set up a test you limit the activity of the participants; you set up a gameboard with certain rules, and then you see what happens. The parameters of the test are known and prescribed. What happens to the players in the test stays within the environment of the test. Otherwise there would be a lot of cheating! If one of the players knew what the test was all about while they played the game, they would have a serious advantage, like the time traveler who goes back in time to bet on a stock market he or she already knows what happens to. It would be a rigged game and the players wouldn’t really be operating with free will. So, everything that happens to the players has to stay within the boundaries of the test. This is called karma. From lifetime to lifetime you pick up the karma from what you did before, and try to carry on. If you were a mass murderer, you’re probably going to have a much harder time in life than if you were a saint. Karma insures that the players are responsible, lifetime to lifetime, for what they did in the game. But during the break, everybody gets to go back Home and get refreshed. It’s like going to the fridge during a football game to get some food and a beer. Sometimes you just have to relieve the tension. That’s what dying is all about. A break from the tension of the world.  

The test of the incarnated soul is that way, but with a very subtle twist.

Inside human biology is a spiritual portal, or gateway, to our spiritual Home. If you’re bright enough, you can discover this while you’re still in the physical.

The test allows you to void your karma by contacting your spiritual Home. In other words, it allows you to “cheat.” But in order to cheat you have to increase your self awareness. The mass murderer isn’t going to find this connection, obviously, for the vibration of the killer is too far removed from the love of God, and the vibration of our ancestral spiritual Home.

But the ordinary person can do this. It’s got nothing to do with how much money you make, or how many certificates you have on your wall. You can “cheat” and get some of the confidence, and information, that comes to you when you are fully returned to your spiritual Home.

So relax. There’s nothing to worry about.

No matter how bad you fuck up, you return to a really, really good place where you find out what the Game, and the world, is all about, and your place in it. It’s like recalling something forgotten, but vital. “Oh yeah, I remember now” is what happens after the body dies. When you are back Home, the world looks like a very exciting, and very easy, place to test your skills. You have all the confidence in the world, and come back eagerly to play the Game again.