The Creator is Not a Superhero

Religions all have creation stories. An all-powerful God creates the world in seven days; or creates the heavens and the earth and the universe by some mysterious process that human beings cannot and will not ever understand.

The desire for an all-powerful anthropomorphic God is reflected in comic book stories of superheroes like Superman; humans who have evolved in some mysterious way to have “superpowers” which they exercise to help good fight evil. Movies are made glorifying superheroes. The focus of these videos is: we all want to be like them.

Joseph Campbell has written about what he calls “the hero’s journey.” Campbell says,

A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, 1949, , p. 23

According to some screenwriters, all successful stories or movies will incorporate the struggle to become a hero and overcome obstacles in order to save the planet, or the galaxy, or even the universe. Many of us strive (at least in our fantasies) to be the one who saves the world.

Every human being is a physical incarnation of the Creator, but the Creator is not an evolved human with superpowers. Neither does the Creator have a gender. The Creator is an Unseen spiritual force that quietly but ubiquitously permeates the universe, the fabric of space, and human biology. The goal of the Creator is universal harmony and cooperation. This omnipresent force is everywhere and operates to increase knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The Creator is not an entity; it is an unseen presence.

Superheroes and humans with superpowers come about, I think, because it’s too hard to understand and connect with the Unseen, even though it exists as a divine component within every human being. It’s much easier to think about humans somehow becoming enhanced by a genetic, scientific, or “supernatural” accident.

Human Evolution is Spiritual Not Scientific

The Creator does not promote creation stories, for the universe(s) have always been and always will be. If there is a beginning and an end, the beginning is so far into the past that it is not worth thinking about. The end, if there is such a thing, is so far into the future that contemplation of it is pointless. A billion earths will evolve and turn to dust before time runs out.

The Creator does not have an agenda, or a narrative.  During the brief periods when I have been able to access what I think is the Creator, I feel a sense of power, of deep serenity, a feeling of connection with everything and a feeling that everything is perfect.

The point is that human evolution, in its highest sense, is spiritual; not scientific or technological or supernatural. The goal of human evolution is not a race of humans with superpowers. In novels and movies, superheroes usually become endowed with their powers from scientific advancement, or scientific experiments that go awry and create human mutations. These scientifically advanced humans have physical powers, but they are not advanced spiritually. Their goal is usually to smash other humans who are the “bad guys.” Smashing bad guys – whether we do it on planet earth or in spaceships – is a natural outcome of a low human consciousness rooted in scientific materialism.

The Star Wars franchise of movies shows the ultimate evolution of scientific materialism – high technology with low consciousness. People fly around in spaceships that go faster than light to fight wars against other dudes and dudettes. We’re comfortable with this idea of human evolution because the superhero-superpower-hero’s journey paradigm fits nicely within a human nature that believes progress is born from conflict and war. In that sense it is just another expression of the status quo that human nature is fixed at a low level of awareness. But human society can no longer afford the status quo – we have to advance in consciousness before we kill ourselves and destroy the planet’s biological and natural resources. Therefore, humanity can no longer afford the childish “hero” paradigm.

Dystopian movies rooted in the current paradigm of scientific materialism depict technological societies that are rigidly controlled by hierarchical organizations where individual liberty is not only discouraged, but is a danger to a hive-mind mentality. By hive-mind mentality I mean a society where all think alike in the name of cooperation. Dystopian novels and vids accurately predict societies where individual self-determinism is only valued when it furthers the goals of the masters who run the show.

We are seeing the beginnings of such a technocratic society on earth today. The Peoples Republic of China is a sort of “test run” to see whether the human race will submit to such a top-down totalitarian society. In the US, Big Tech controls social media and censors anything that doesn’t suit the one-size-fits-all hive mind vision of Silicon Valley. Big Tech in the West wrote and installed the “sesame credit” social reward and punishment system run by the CCP. Look to the PRC to see the future earth desired by the technocrats.

Today, scientific materialists are trying to create a rigid surveillance state where all humans will be tagged, monitored, and directed along lines that are “best for society” (best for the technocratic controllers).

Materialism and Spirituality

Materialism is the greatest barrier to achieving full human potential. The Creator allows this, apparently, to remind humans where we shouldn’t go. But we live on a planet of free choice. All individuals are free to choose whether they want a soulless technocratic state, or a vibrant state that emphasizes cooperation and harmony. Individual decisions always result in a collective reality that will manifest as our future reality.

The technocratic state IS a state where all cooperate. But it’s a forced cooperation; a  cooperation that comes at the expense of liberty and freedom. We can do a lot better than that!

True harmony and cooperation exists at a higher level of consciousness where all see the benefit of working together, and where human potential can be fulfilled. A debased form of cooperation exists in a technocratic/surveillance state where people are just apps, and their comms and activities are monitored 24 hours a day by AI systems under the direction of a few controllers. In the PRC, for example, the total population is 1.4 billion. The number of CCP members is approximately 90 million. But the country is actually run by a few dozen families, and the really important people number a few hundred.

Does this mean we should become Luddites and all go back to the farm? Rousseau called the idyllic state of humanity a “state of nature,” but we’ve gone too far down the road of technology to turn back now. However, in order to evolve to our highest potential, we need to reject dead-end philosophies like Transhumanism and other forms of scientific materialism. It also means we must look beyond mythologies like the hero’s journey, where human beings are constantly striving for the “good” in order to defeat the “bad.” This distinction might have served us in a world where human beings were in a state of very low consciousness, but it is superannuated in a world that is awakening.

High consciousness can’t survive in a society dominated by technology. A technocracy must have compliance as its foremost social imperative. In such a society, human rights come from the State and not from the Creator. Human beings are reduced to pieces of hamburger who merely react to stimuli. In order to create the techno-state, nuanced thought must be discouraged: only two choices can be presented, between “the good” and “the bad.” (Ultimately, even the distinction between two choices is blurred, so that there are no distinctions whatsoever, and people lose the ability to think independently. Only the directives from the State are valid. This is what George Orwell was trying to tell us.)

The entire concept of bad and good (two choices only) is much too simplistic to deal with our complex world of information, with its impossibly wide spectrum of data.

One must be able to see clearly, through the  fog of confusion. In order to do that you have to know yourself, and your connection to the Creator. Databases can provide us with information, but the Creator provides us with wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to make wise choices. Data informs us, but wisdom guides us.

The technocratic state operates under the military dictum, “Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do and die.” Not a pleasant prospect if you ask me! Unquestioned obedience to authority is the hallmark of low consciousness. Fortunately, we can all choose differently.

“Bad” and “good” is a dichotomy that assumes people are naturally on opposite sides and must inevitably fight each other for supremacy (which is why, apparently, heroes and heroines need “superpowers.” In comic books, even the bad guys have superpowers).

Our myths and legends tell of gods fighting gods, and “good” angels like Michael battling “bad” angels like Lucifer in heaven. This is comic book spirituality. We need a more mature spirituality for a more mature world that is undergoing an Awakening.

Organized Religion

Many on the spiritual path have turned away from organized religion, understanding that all religions are based on the fundamental of spirituality – the divine connection inside every human being. However, one of the benefits of organized religion is its structure, which prevents followers from embracing nutty ideas like the Creator is an entity with ultimate superpowers who will come down from the skies and save humanity; or, embracing dead-end materialist philosophies like Transhumanism (the subject of my latest novel) or communism, an outdated, failed philosophy from the 19th century that inevitably results in suppression and dictatorship. At best, religion is at least a small step on the road to higher consciousness, at worst it promotes a set of ethics that are greater than the marketplace can dictate, and what mundane life itself stimulates in people.

Although organized religion seems to many of us on the spiritual path as less and less important, it is a hell of a lot better than the Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong thought that is being embraced by a very loud minority. Communism is a remnant of the dark age called the 20th century with its world wars, regional wars, and genocidal civil wars. Organized religion, even with its dogma, has faith-based scripture based on the recognition that humans are divine, and that human rights come not from the State – the basic tenet of communism and all totalitarian/technocratic societies – but from the Creator.

With our current civil unrest (which some say is a modern-day civil war) the Creator is allowing us to see what happens when people turn away from the divine connection to the Creator that resides within our biology. The Creator is allowing us to inspect adolescent belief systems like the hero’s journey, and the simplistic good-bad dichotomy of totalitarian thinking.


Do we want to continue to fight each other  in a continuous, never-ending battle between “good” and “evil” – some call it “endless war” – with its emphasis on heroes and heroines who battle and kill “bad guys”?  Will we accept the senseless dictats of totalitarian dictators in a technocratic state where everyone bends the knee to an all-powerful authority?

When will the human race tire of such self-defeating and self-immolating philosophies?

My opinion is: sooner than you think. Humanity is waking up. In a short time, I believe that the human race will set its feet firmly upon the path of cooperation in a higher consciousness. We just have to get through some messes first.