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(Occasionally I will post channeled spiritual messages from the Interview With Spirit program on Blog Talk Radio. (Hear the show every Thursday at 4PM Eastern time US)

Our message to you this week is about joy, and positive emotion. Joy is a feeling of lightness and expansiveness, as are all positive emotions. But these feelings come in many flavors, and this is what we want to talk to you about this week.
Joy is when your loved one opens the door and announces, “I’m Home!”
Joy is when you laugh at a funny joke.
Joy is when you look at the setting sun and it fills you with a feeling of beauty and awe for the world.
Joy is your first bite of birthday cake.
Joy is a brilliant passage in your favorite piece of music
Dear Ones, all of these things remind you, of YOU. Joy is a celebration of YOU and who you are! Ultimately, when you feel good, you feel yourself in your true and divine state of being.

What is joy for you, dear ones?

Joy is only one of the many millions –– or shall we say trillions –– or maybe infinity –– of positive feelings.

Ken says –– “well, when I feel good I feel good–– there aren’t a lot of different feelings that go along with that.” We tell Ken that he is wrong –– ha ha!
We tell you that the bandwidth at the top of the scale is miles wide compared to that at the bottom of the scale!

Does it surprise you that there are practically an infinite number of positive emotions? Well, there are! You don’t feel or recognize them because you classify them under one broad category called “feeling good,” or “well–being.” But we assure you that if you were to take the time to identify each positive emotion you experience, you would find yourself discerning between them more and more. Then, like the landscape that appears flat from a distance, your perception will open up into far greater detail and your emotional range will expand upward.

Your Eskimo’s, for example, have dozens of different names for snow, because they experience a world of cold and ice. And natively, we tell you that you have spiritual sensors that can pick up on the incredibly broad spectrum of vibration at the top of the scale, even while you experience in the physical.

The universe is one of well–being, as we tell you over and over. This is the true message of spirit. Like the Eskimo’s with snow, it is possible to identify a practically infinite number of positive feelings. Think about it! If you felt good all the time, in only one way, it might get boring! But if you can imagine that each thought has it’s own signature, it’s own feeling, then you can imagine what it is like to experience natively. You might say that we exist in a beautiful light and sound show, although this description severely limits the actual experience. But remember that your world is also one of light and sound! You have the ability to experience the positive and the negative in your physical incarnations, but in our message this week, we want you to practice discerning the emotions at the top of the scale of vibration.

The scale of vibration/emotion that Ken has in his book, The Vibrational Universe, has apathy and depression at the bottom, then grief, fear, callousness, anger and hatred, then antagonism, boredom, conservatism, interest, enthusiasm, exhilaration ad serenity.

In your books and in your literature, human beings have described in great detail the nuances of suffering, struggle, illness and challenge. But no one spends much time cataloging the positive emotions!

If you do, you will begin to understand how many of them there are.
Let’s list a few:
1) the feeling you have when you are on a perfect vacation.
2) The feeling after making love
3) The feeling of having a great idea
4) The feeling after listening to an inspirational speaker
5) The feeling after giving a successful presentation in front of a large group.
6) The feeling of giving a gift to someone who appreciates what you have given.
7) The feeling of receiving a gift that you really, really like.

8) The feeling you have when you look into the eyes of your pet.
9) The feeling of your first kiss
10) The feeling when seeing something you’d really like to have.
11) The feeling when on a hike in new country, of wanting to look over that next rise
12) The feeling of the sun as it gently warms your skin and the feeling of a war, spring breeze on your face..
13) The feeling you get when you spade the garden and smell the fresh earth.
14) The feeling of waking up in the morning knowing you have an exciting day planned.
15) The feeling when you have solved a difficult problem, and you see the elegant solution in front of you, and you know you did it!

There are infinitely many more, and each of them is a discrete, positive vibration, which translates to a distinct feeling.

Now we ask you, how often during your day do you discriminate between the variety of positive emotions? How many of you are even aware that you are feeling positively? How many of you dismiss that positive feeling by saying, “it can’t last.” That’s how Ken does it. There is the idea that a positive feeling is like a balloon: it gets blown up, and expands, and then explodes and dissolves into nothingness. We want you to get the idea that the positive feeling is the norm, and what feels most natural to you, and that the negative feeling is the exception!

“How can that be,” you ask, “when I feel blah most of the time and only occasionally feel great?”

That is the million dollar question, dear ones.

A negative feeling occurs when you block the well–being that is natural. If there is one message from Spirit that is consistent, it is this one, for it is the fundamental truth of consciousness, and of existence.

For your homework this week, dear ones, we want you to make a list of 30 distinct positive feelings that you have personally experienced.

We want you to learn to recognize these feelings in the moment when they happen, and dwell upon them. We want you to learn to discern the difference between positive emotions, just as you do negative ones. In this way you will focus more and more of your attention on the positive, and less on the negative. And the more time you spend on these good feelings, the more the universe will bring you the good things in life! If you do this consciously, you will find your thoughts turning, almost magically, toward what you want.



(Occasionally I will post channeled spiritual messages from the Interview With Spirit program on Blog Talk Radio. (Hear the show every Thursday at 4PM Eastern time US)

Our message to you this week is about upset, and forgiveness. We take this message directly from Ken’s life.

This week, Ken was upset with Neil, because he has decided to leave the Interview with Spirit program.
Ken felt betrayal and loss, before he found his balance once again.

The question is, How do you regain your balance and overcome emotional pain? How does forgiveness help you to do that, if at all?

Forgiveness begins the process of re–connecting with love. It requires a decision to release the emotional pain you are in, and that can be a very big decision, for a strong vibration entrains similar thoughts to it. When you are upset you feel surrounded by emotional pain, do you not? That is literally true! When two people have a relationship, an energetic connection is established. Imagine filaments of subtle energy reaching out from the chakras, or energy centers, of each person and into the other. When one person severs that connection, the other feels something missing. This is the origin of the feeling of loss or abandonment.

Now we want you to understand that that connection is never broken!

Although the other withdraws their energy from you, you are still connected to them! Neil may put up blockages or barriers to Ken that he can feel, but Neil can never alloy Ken’s affinity for Neil, for it is up to Ken to break his connection to Neil, do you see? The actions of the other are an invitation to break a spiritual connection, but only you can decide to do that from your end!

The power of love, the fundamental and most powerful vibration in the universe, includes and embraces all other vibrations. Deciding to remain in affinity is the definition of strength. Refusing to permit a diminution of your affinity for anyone or anything is the definition of power, and personal integrity. And forgiveness is the first step on the path to regaining your equilibrium. Forgiveness is that first but very important step to regaining your personal power.

We say first step, because in forgiveness there is still upset with another, but when you forgive, you are 90% of the way toward love. Forgiveness overcomes the inertia of your vibrational upset, and makes it so that you can move forward. The decision to forgive is the hardest one! It is literally the most painful decision, because you are immersed in emotional pain! But like a crack in the door, forgiveness lets in that first ray of light to penetrate the darkness.

We tell Ken that his upset had nothing to do with Neil, and everything to do with his own decisions, beliefs, and the consequent personal vibration that he resonates to.
Ken did not want to hear this at first. “That is absurd,” Ken said. “If your boss insults you, or your partner hurts your feelings, or someone acts in a way that betrays trust, that is on them, not on you.”

That is precisely the point. All of you have free will! You cannot determine the actions of another, but you CAN determine how you react to another. It all depends upon whether you decide to withdraw your own feeling of affinity. We tell you that you cannot have a relationship, even a casual one, without the presence of affinity. And affinity means that both of you resonate to similar things.

You always make a conscious decision to withdraw your affinity from another. You may not recognize it, because a thought occurs in no–time. Thought is spiritual energy, and the decision to withdraw your affinity from another can happen so fast that you dismiss it.. We tell you that your subconscious mind does not dictate your actions. When you become mindful enough, you begin to understand that you are truly sovereign. You begin to reach that place of stillness that is your powerful, creative source.
Dear ones, all interaction, all relationships, are a dance of vibration! Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings determine the pattern of energy that surrounds you, and how others perceive you, and react to you. When you become upset with another, you strengthen the unwanted vibration that caused the upset in the first place!

To forgive is to pardon another for inappropriate actions toward ones self; but as we have said before in previous messages, there are no inappropriate actions! This is something human beings find very difficult to accept, for it is easy to point to pain and suffering. This pointing, however, strengthens the vibration of suffering. It is a circular vibrational reinforcement, and is precisely what occurred for Ken, and what has been occurring on your planet for thousands of years.

There are ALWAYS good reasons to become upset; we do not deny that. If Joe gets out of bed feeling surly one morning, he may come to work with a chip on his shoulder and insult his employees. If you are one of Joe’s employees, there are two ways to approach him: the most obvious one is to accept his invitation and match his apparent vibration. “Well get out of my face, Joe! Who do you think you are? Just because you are my boss doesn’t mean you can gratuitously insult me!”

The other is to recognize that Joe has gotten off on the wrong foot, and smile. “Hello, Joe, I can see you’re a little grumpy this morning. Anything happen last night?” Soon the boss is telling you about the upset he had with his wife, he blows off some steam, and leaves. Here is what we call the matching of TRUE vibration. What is true vibration? It is the underlying, foundational feeling of love and recognition of a fellow spirit playing the Game of Earth. When you identify this fundamental vibration, it subsumes the lower, apparent vibration, and the lower emotion dissolves. Love is the healing vibration. It is so powerful because it is who you are, and reminds the other of their intimate connection with you.

All of you are spiritual comrades. The warriors in battle, or those who play sports, or compete in business, soon bond together strongly and form a team, a “band of brothers” (or sisters). This feeling is called camaraderie. Camaraderie comes from shared experience, and is a recognition, on the deepest possible level, of your shared divine spiritual origins.

All of you on earth are spiritual warriors, playing a challenging and magnificent game. Oh, if you could only see yourselves as we see you! Imagine a spiritual mirror in front of you, with your own person angel guide holding it. Isn’t it beautiful? We hope you can see or feel a little bit of your own magnificence and power. This is your true, spiritual vibration, and it resonates within every cell, every atom of everything in the universe.

How often do you resonate to the apparent vibration, and not the true one, in your relationships?

Last week we talked about your pets, and how easy it is to feel love for them. Remember that the angry one, the upset one, has temporarily turned away from love and from himself or herself. He or she is presenting you with an image or a mask that covers the true self, and is asking you to resonate to that image, just as our friend Joe did. He or she is saying, ”will you play this game of upset with me? Perhaps we can find adventure in this drama together.”

There is nothing wrong with playing this game, of course, and many do. But you know better than we, that love and joy feels better than anger and upset. Anger and upset only feel appropriate when you have already been resonating to them for a long enough time.

Forgiveness begins the process of releasing your own upset. In other words, forgiveness is much more about you than it is about the other. In order to forgive, you must first recognize your own fundamental vibration of love, which is your true self, and let it in. That feeling is
then recognized by the one on the other end of the communication line. Forgiveness, in other words, begins to dissolve the upset with the other.

Forgiveness is a powerful subject, because it begins the process of a return to love, and your own personal integrity. When you decide to forgive, you have already decided to step back into your zone of power. This zone of power is peaceful, but strong, whereas the lower emotions are turbulent.

If there is anyone in your life with whom you are upset, begin now to forgive. Remember that forgiveness is most beneficial to you! So do it for yourself, and feel better!


The Wall

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The human race is approaching the Wall.

Marathon runners describe the Wall as that place where you feel you just can’t go on anymore. But if you persevere, you get a second wind and can finish the race.

If you study human history, you see that civilizations rise and fall. Human cultures begin with ideas of tolerance and cooperation, but are inevitably destroyed by the memes[1] of greed, exclusion, and  personal power–seeking. The methods used are treachery, guile, confrontation, conflict and war. Nowhere is this cycle so aptly demonstrated than in the story of Camelot. An all too brief Golden Age is soon corrupted by jealousy and hatred. For millennia, this play has been enacted over and over again. And it is
occurring once again in 2008. As a species, we have been living through this cycle for so long that our collective psyche is exhausted. We are ready for a quantum leap to a new paradigm of thought.


Long ago in the history of our planet, at the end of the last great human civilization, a series of events occurred that placed traumatic energy into the species consciousness, twisting and distorting the templates of subtle energy associated with human awareness, and establishing a powerful duality of "good" and "bad" within the psyche of humanity. The exact events are obscured, because emotional trauma encapsulates and shrouds the underlying thought forms which created it. But ever since, the human race has operated from the embedded memes of scarcity, confrontation, and conflict resolution through competition and war. A cursory examination of history is enough to prove this point, for history is mainly a study of who started what war to gain what resource.

If you follow politics and economics, and can look past the sanitized mainstream press, you know that the world is facing a political and economic crisis of planetary proportions. This scenario was inevitable, in some form or other.

The duality is so powerful, and has been imprinted so strongly within the human psyche that, like biological automatons, many of us reenact our roles from generation to generation.[2]

Now, as the population of earth approaches critical mass, the human race is once more presented with an opportunity to transcend this powerful duality. Those on the “dark side” of the duality wish to control population growth and have been doing everything in their power over the past 70 years to convince humanity that the planet earth cannot supply the necessary resources to support an expanding population, and that the planet earth herself is in imminent danger. This is a myth, ladies and gentlemen, a belief perpetrated by the duality. It is, however, a myth surrounded by fear and negative emotion, which makes it seem utterly real.

The players on the “other side” are not evil, just traumatized. As a consequence, their actions are irrational and illogical. Like a toboggan that must follow the groove in the icy track, these people feel the necessity to act in the way they do, because that is how it happened before. The vibrational rut is so well established that the actors in the play are incapable of moving out of it.

This scene played out previously in the destruction of Atlantis, the true events of which have been lost in the trauma. Each planetary cycle follows the script, and each one contributes more traumatic energy to the whole, further obscuring the reasons for our actions. We are living in a time loop, in which we continue to play similar roles. The script changes, but the plot remains the same. Civilizations rise and fall, and we must start over again.

Why is the cycle continually perpetrated? Because the universe, and everything in it, is self–referencing. Information, and energy, is never lost.  This idea is expressed in the Law of conservation of energy. Just as the cells in your body will disassociate and return to their elementary forms, so too does information recycle. Imagine the universe as a torus (a donut) with energy cycling into the hole and back out again.

Torus. Energy continuously flows into and out of the vortex in the center and back in again, creating a dynamically changing structure of energy


In a torus, energy flows into the vortex and comes out again, circling and changing in a dynamic fashion. Every cell in the body is a vortex for this life force energy; it nourishes the body through the chakras, and sustains and maintains life. But it also carries information. Each one of us affects the system as a whole, through our choices. The system breathes in and out, and the information content recycles. However, events never play out the same way twice, because all of us have free will. In the past, the actors have changed, but the play has remained eerily self-similar. But there is good news: in this dynamical system, each one of us is a vortex through which chi, the energy of the universe, flows. Each of us is connected to each other, and the planet herself, through the universal field of consciousness. Our choices determine the information content of the system and what happens locally, in our own lives, and globally, to the whole of our species. Each of us plays a vital and integral role in the unfolding play. We are writing the script as we go along.

Now, once again, the play is being re–enacted, this time on a planetary scale. As the human population of earth approaches critical mass, we are once more presented with the opportunity to work out of our shared traumatic incident. Will we?

Will we listen to the misguided nay–sayers, and those who deny their basic divinity?

Most of us are unaware of the drama. The majority of humanity is under the fat part of the Bell curve. The important players are on either side.

The “Bell Curve.” 68% of the population is within 1 standard deviation of the norm. Many psychological measurements and physical phenomena can be approximated well by the normal distribution.

As the human population grows larger and larger, however, the opportunity for a leap to a higher state of consciousness becomes more and more possible. Those of us who are spiritually awakened affect tho
se around us, and the vibration of humanity raises, creeping up the sides of the curve to encompass the middle, and the consciousness of humanity shifts. We are, in effect, spiritual infiltrators, but in a good way!

In chaos theory, which describes the behavior of non–linear systems, growth occurs in quantum jumps. The universe is not a mechanical clock winding down to some inevitable or pre–ordained outcome. Life itself is non–linear, dynamic, and can potentially evolve past any barrier.[3] The fractal nature of our world means that we potentially have the ability to perform magic, because within the fractal is an extra dimensionality. [4]

To see this extra dimensionality, we only need look at the Mandelbrot Set, the most famous and powerful fractal in chaos theory.

Mandelbrot  Exploration (slow zoom)

A Mandelbrot Set the size of the known universe (video, fast zoom)

For a greater understanding of these concepts, see the excellent summary of chaos and fractals by R.C.L. here: http://www.lawsofwisdom.com/


The point is that our physical universe is composed of energies that are manipulable. The atom itself is 99% space; it is a vibration. Thoughts and emotions are vibrations, and each interfaces with the other. The system has been designed to be responsive to our thoughts and intent, and if we find ourselves running on the same old track, it is because we have not understood how powerful we are, and our ability to change the system.

The magic we perform is, however, of a subtle nature, as we influence the responsive field of consciousness in which we all exist.

Our individual thoughts and choices are the engine that drives the system. We are all the center of our own universes, for each of us is a vortex within the system, and each of us affect the whole. If we do not change the information content of the system,however, it will continue to operate in a self–similar fashion, and the new millennium will evolve like the last one.

There is no immutable, unbreakable law of rise and fall. There is no natural law of golden age and destruction. There exists no natural law of peace, harmony and cooperation inevitably destroyed by barbarian savages. Yes, there is polarity, because polarity is a quintessential property of any universe: the physical structures of our world are discrete, and they are discrete because they are separate from each other. This separation leads to the duality we experience. However, all things seek balance, and that balance can exist at a high vibration, or a low one!

On earth this destructive play is the norm, but only because we continue to create it that way. Thought is continually evolving. The question is, where will we evolve it to? To a new attractor that enables us to jump past the wall, or will we follow the same old vibrational channels of conflict, scarcity, and war? The Law of Free Will assures us that we can transcend the ancient destructive memes and create a new paradigm of thought on planet earth.

Will we? That answer is up to you and me.

One of the major difficulties is that problem solving itself is affected by the trauma, for we are taught to fight and destroy that which is unwanted. However, this method merely leads to the propagation of the old attractor and the continuation of its self–destructive memes.

An attractor, technically speaking, is a set to which a dynamical system evolves after a long enough time. An attractor can be a point, a basin, a torus or a chaotic structure ( a "strange attractor") around which other energy orbits. Like the gravitational attraction of the sun, an attractor holds specific patterns of energy in place, and the system will exhibit typical behavior (like war and conflict). Here is a diagram of the famous Lorenz attractor:

Lorenz attractor: energy continuously cycles around the two basins. The Lorenz Attractor has many different forms, depending upon the parameters you use in the equations. But the patterns, although complex, are always similar, yet never exactly the same. Just like life!


Humanity, until very recently, has not been able to break free of the old attractor, because we simply did not have enough oomph within the consciousness of mankind to disturb the system enough. Moreover, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction continue to bring us more of what we are already resonating to. But now, with the increasing human population, we do! In order to break free of the old patterns of thought we MUST consciously choose a new, more positive direction for our lives. This is the vital role that belongs to all spiritually awakened individuals.

It is vital to understand that it is impossible to precisely identify the ancient thought forms that created the trauma in the psyche of humanity, until the emotions surrounding them are confronted.  This is precisely what is occurring in the species consciousness at this time.  If you think that our government is behaving in an insane fashion, you are correct! But the policies of the U.S. government (and other governments) are merely a reflection of the current consciousness raising that is going on. Consciousness raising does not occur in a vacuum! If you are stuck in a muddy bog, you are going to create quite a mess before you extricate yourself! The apparency is that humanity–– and the planet ––  is going down the tubes, but what is happening is a species–wide clearing of trauma! As the vibration of the human race accelerates, so too do the old memes become more powerfully activated. We are given a choice: do we fight and destroy the old, or create the new? We must create a new attractor based upon abundance and respect for all, cooperation, and acceptance of ALL viewpoints.

Those who have succumbed to the trauma are working desperately to drug and influence the population through mass media, and through other means. This too was inevitable, because emotion encapsulates thought. If you have ever had successful therapy, you know that you must first work through the negative emotions surrounding the events before you can even remember the events clearly in your mind, and get a resolution. When that resolution occurs, there is a release, and the thought forms that created the incident become visible. You have an “aha!” moment, because your intent for positive change has vibrationally become more powerful than the trauma, and it vanishes.[5] When Light penetrates the darkness, Truth is revealed. This is the mission of the healer, the Lightworker, and all those motivated by love.

It was inevitable that when the human population grows as large as it is now, an awakening of consciousness would occur. This has happened before in previous civilizations. There is now enough psychic energy to vibrationally sublimate the trauma, and create a new attractor. That is why your positive thoughts and your heart-centered actions are so vitally important at thi
s time.

Do not look to governments and power structures for the solution. These are always a reflection of the current mass consciousness. The solution is for individuals to continue to reach for the Light, to think, speak and act their truth of love and our shared spiritual nature to the world.

For the past several decades, the play has been focused on the United States and Great
Britain. The U.S. has always been dangerous to those who are stuck in the ancient trauma, for our Constitution and Bill of Rights outline universal freedoms that are the rights of all beings under the common law. That is why the current administration -- corrupted internally, in my opinion -- has been feverishly attempting to dismantle these fundamental freedoms. In the United States, the economic dismantling of the Federal structure began with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and the political destruction with the National Security Act of 1947. Signed into law by President Harry S. Truman, it realigned and reorganized the United States' armed forces, foreign policy, and Intelligence Community apparatus in the aftermath of World War II. This legislation created the Central Intelligence Agency, which has evolved over the years to allow the commission of criminal acts under the cover of “national security.” [6] It has allowed for the creation of structures that have penetrated and infiltrated the Executive, the Congress, and the military of the United States. Like the old Camelot story, it has corrupted the strong ideals upon which our country was founded. Rational and spiritually aware persons simply cannot understand what is happening in the United States, because the actions of our government are totally irrational. This occurs as the inevitable result of the self referencing and self similar nature of the old  play once again being reenacted, but with different actors. The underlying theme is always the same.

However, those of the Light have a great advantage. As the vibration of humanity raises, it makes impossible an entire series of outcomes that before were probable. The actions of the ‘dark actors playing games’ become more and more difficult to hide. The Light penetrates underneath the rocks, exposing the cockroaches and bringing that which was hidden into the open. (The war in Iraq, for example, was primarily a bank raid. Saddam’s personal bank, the Rafidain Bank, contained trillions of dollars in assets and gold. These funds were stolen. For details, see International Currency Review, published by the independent U.K. intelligence analyst Christopher Story).

What was this powerful traumatic incident that has seemingly entrapped the human race? I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone does. The events are obscured behind a wall of trauma, which we are working through as you read this, but I believe the essential issue revolves around the questions “What is consciousness?” and “What is human nature?” The fundamental aberration of incarnated Spirit is the denial of our divine, spiritual nature. All trauma, all evil, all lower emotions stem from the incorrect assumption that consciousness is dependent upon physical matter. This idea is a complete inversion of the truth, and must lead to cruelty, conflict, greed and war, for it is a complete denial of who we are.

The destructive memes within the species trauma are always triggered when growth and development reach a certain stage, and act always to feed negatively upon itself. As the population of earth increased significantly during the 20th century –– the bloodiest century in recorded history –– the destructive memes became more strongly activated. There were two world wars and several incidents that could have resulted in nuclear annihilation.

You can see the play acting out within your family, at work, in political organizations, and in fact, anyplace where humans get together to improve conditions. The actors assuming the roles are almost irrelevant. In other words, getting angry at George Bush or Dick Cheney or your boss, or anyone else is pointless, for it just feeds the self–referencing loop, keeps the old memes in place, and adds similar energy and information to the existing state of affairs!

Jung called these ancient memories archetypes. Whatever they are, the human race appears to be collectively trapped within them. The good news is that we created them, and we can release them.

So how do we as a species, “get over” the wall?

Systemically, we can vote for people who are spiritually oriented. Even though a political solution does not address these deep-seated memes, it’s a start. Far more important is how each of us live our daily lives. What do we think about? What do we talk about? Do we feed the loop by bashing the players we do not like? I am as guilty as anyone, for I am interested in politics and disgusted by the actions of our government. But I am determined to turn my mind even more toward that which inspires me, and feel that wonderful rush of creativity that sublimates all negative emotions. In this way I contribute positive vibes into the system, and do my part to support the quantum leap in consciousness that will move the human race out of the old attractor and into the new one. This leap is an inter–dimensional leap, similar to El–Naische’s description of the hands on the table top that move from the second dimension into the third.

The most important part of the drama has always been on the subtle energy level of consciousness. The physical, three dimensional aspect is just the tip of the iceberg, for thought and emotion guides action. The important informational and emotional content of the system exists on a far more powerful, but subtler and invisible level. And in order to gain a resolution, we must begin to recognize the important role our thoughts and our emotions play in maintaining the current system, and their effect on the universal field of consciousness. This universal field contains the templates for thought, and the choreography, if you will, the lines and the motivations and intentions of the actors. Solutions that concentrate on changing the direction of the players and their piles of stuff on the gameboard cannot succeed. We have been trying unsuccessfully for millennia to resolve these memes through political action, but all we have done is change the actors, and not the play. The real action is not in the three physical dimensions, but in the interdimensional universe of thought. Fortunately, we are players who are, finally, understanding the interdimensional power of our thoughts and choices!

Now, as spirituality has reached into the mass consciousness with popular acceptance of the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles, we have a window of opportunity to finally change the play and move human consciousness out of the old!

What should we do?

Well, it is not necessary to sit in meditation all day, or think profound thoughts (although this would certainly help!). The idea is that each of us raises our individual vibration, and collectively, the planetary vibration. This has been my message consistently, since I have been writing these newsletters. I try to find different ways of expressing this idea, attempting to resonate to as many people as I can.

What can you do to help?

Find something that is inspiring to you, and DO it! Even if you only have 5 minutes a day, do something that gets your creative juices flowing and that makes you feel excited and positive. In this way you conne
ct and interface directly with the universal field of consciousness, and re–program it. That connection to the creative energy of the universe will not only change your life, but will help to re–channel the information and the vibration of the old attractor, to a new one based upon harmony, abundance, love and mutual respect. And when that happens, we will literally see a changing of our entire species mindset, and it will happen quickly. We are rapidly approaching the denouement, ladies and gentlemen. The frightened ones, the insecure ones in power, recognize this and are doing all in their power to prevent the coming quantum leap in consciousness. But their pathetic actions are futile, as long as you and I keep our vibration oriented to the Light.

Those of you who were around to see the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and the destruction of the Berlin Wall, understand that the evolution of consciousness can cause dramatic changes. Of course, Communism in Eastern Europe and Russia merely evolved into another corrupt system based upon feudal capitalism, but that is only because the vibration of the old paradigm in 1989 – 1991 was still too powerful.

However, it was an exciting precursor for what is to come!


[1] A meme is a self-replicating idea that is transferred from person to person. Richard Dawkins, who coined the term, says that a meme should be regarded as a living structure, not just metaphorically but technically. Examples of memes are tunes, catch-phrases, fashions, and ways of doing things. Dawkins presents the meme as a biological entity, analogous to genes in biological evolution. Nevertheless, the meme is now recognized as a unit of intellectual or cultural information that can pass from mind to mind. In that sense, it is alive.

Because consciousness in non-physical, each of us incarnates pure and clean. Our souls do not carry stains or karma or sins from previous lives. However, thoughts are permanent. Each physical incarnation leaves a series of impressions within the subtle energy that surrounds our planet. Each species has its own templates of thought, which guide the formation of physical DNA, the form of the physical body, and the archetypal species memory, which consists of every thought, word and deed that has ever
occurred within that species. This energy has an energetic, or vibrational stamp upon it, especially if the incarnating personality has had
a previous lifetime. Even though souls do not carry karmic attributes, there IS a karmic impression left from previous lives which matches the vibrational imprint of the incarnating spirit. In this way, a being may find himself or herself feeling tendencies toward a certain way of being and acting.

[3] Consider the famous two–slit experiment in physics, which demonstrates the wave nature of light. If you hold a light up to a piece of cardboard with two slits in it, a concentric, wavy pattern will appear on the wall.  As the genius physicist Mohammed El–Nasche says, “The paradoxical nature of the two-slit experiment is explained in numerous popular scientific writings and books and may be summarized in the inescapable conclusion that a photon or an electron—or, for that matter, any quantum particle,..—could be said to have passed through both slits in the screen simultaneously without splitting in two.”

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[4] In the same article. Dr. El–Nnaische goes on to say, “A fictitious macroscopic analogue of this experiment would be equivalent to a skier sliding on both sides of a tree simultaneously without hitting the tree or injuring himself. Through my work on E-infinity theory, I realized that, in a spacetime manifold which is infinite-dimensional, a dimensional fractal, such as a classically impossible skiing trick, is possible in fractal land. The extra dimensions are the logical loop holes. For instance, in two dimensions, by putting both our hands on a table, it is impossible, no matter how hard we try, to bring our left and right hands to be congruent. However, by turning one hand in the extra third dimension, we can rotate it and bring it to exactly cover the other hand on the table.”

[5] Thought and emotion are interconnected. Angry thoughts create an angry emotional state, and these emotions encapsulate thought, obscuring it. In order to reach the thought forms that are at the center, the onion must be peeled layer by layer. All effective therapy first deals with emotions and feelings.

[6] Only three times since the CIA’s creation in 1947 has the intelligence community revealed what it spends, according to Steven Aftergood, a secrecy expert and director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy. This is in direct violation of the Constitution, in the Statement and Account clause of Article I: "...a regular statement and account of the receipts and expenditures of all public money shall be published from time to time." U.S. Const., Art. 1, Sect. 9, Cl. 7.