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Our message to you this week is about joy, and positive emotion. Joy is a feeling of lightness and expansiveness, as are all positive emotions. But these feelings come in many flavors, and this is what we want to talk to you about this week.
Joy is when your loved one opens the door and announces, “I’m Home!”
Joy is when you laugh at a funny joke.
Joy is when you look at the setting sun and it fills you with a feeling of beauty and awe for the world.
Joy is your first bite of birthday cake.
Joy is a brilliant passage in your favorite piece of music
Dear Ones, all of these things remind you, of YOU. Joy is a celebration of YOU and who you are! Ultimately, when you feel good, you feel yourself in your true and divine state of being.

What is joy for you, dear ones?

Joy is only one of the many millions –– or shall we say trillions –– or maybe infinity –– of positive feelings.

Ken says –– “well, when I feel good I feel good–– there aren’t a lot of different feelings that go along with that.” We tell Ken that he is wrong –– ha ha!
We tell you that the bandwidth at the top of the scale is miles wide compared to that at the bottom of the scale!

Does it surprise you that there are practically an infinite number of positive emotions? Well, there are! You don’t feel or recognize them because you classify them under one broad category called “feeling good,” or “well–being.” But we assure you that if you were to take the time to identify each positive emotion you experience, you would find yourself discerning between them more and more. Then, like the landscape that appears flat from a distance, your perception will open up into far greater detail and your emotional range will expand upward.

Your Eskimo’s, for example, have dozens of different names for snow, because they experience a world of cold and ice. And natively, we tell you that you have spiritual sensors that can pick up on the incredibly broad spectrum of vibration at the top of the scale, even while you experience in the physical.

The universe is one of well–being, as we tell you over and over. This is the true message of spirit. Like the Eskimo’s with snow, it is possible to identify a practically infinite number of positive feelings. Think about it! If you felt good all the time, in only one way, it might get boring! But if you can imagine that each thought has it’s own signature, it’s own feeling, then you can imagine what it is like to experience natively. You might say that we exist in a beautiful light and sound show, although this description severely limits the actual experience. But remember that your world is also one of light and sound! You have the ability to experience the positive and the negative in your physical incarnations, but in our message this week, we want you to practice discerning the emotions at the top of the scale of vibration.

The scale of vibration/emotion that Ken has in his book, The Vibrational Universe, has apathy and depression at the bottom, then grief, fear, callousness, anger and hatred, then antagonism, boredom, conservatism, interest, enthusiasm, exhilaration ad serenity.

In your books and in your literature, human beings have described in great detail the nuances of suffering, struggle, illness and challenge. But no one spends much time cataloging the positive emotions!

If you do, you will begin to understand how many of them there are.
Let’s list a few:
1) the feeling you have when you are on a perfect vacation.
2) The feeling after making love
3) The feeling of having a great idea
4) The feeling after listening to an inspirational speaker
5) The feeling after giving a successful presentation in front of a large group.
6) The feeling of giving a gift to someone who appreciates what you have given.
7) The feeling of receiving a gift that you really, really like.

8) The feeling you have when you look into the eyes of your pet.
9) The feeling of your first kiss
10) The feeling when seeing something you’d really like to have.
11) The feeling when on a hike in new country, of wanting to look over that next rise
12) The feeling of the sun as it gently warms your skin and the feeling of a war, spring breeze on your face..
13) The feeling you get when you spade the garden and smell the fresh earth.
14) The feeling of waking up in the morning knowing you have an exciting day planned.
15) The feeling when you have solved a difficult problem, and you see the elegant solution in front of you, and you know you did it!

There are infinitely many more, and each of them is a discrete, positive vibration, which translates to a distinct feeling.

Now we ask you, how often during your day do you discriminate between the variety of positive emotions? How many of you are even aware that you are feeling positively? How many of you dismiss that positive feeling by saying, “it can’t last.” That’s how Ken does it. There is the idea that a positive feeling is like a balloon: it gets blown up, and expands, and then explodes and dissolves into nothingness. We want you to get the idea that the positive feeling is the norm, and what feels most natural to you, and that the negative feeling is the exception!

“How can that be,” you ask, “when I feel blah most of the time and only occasionally feel great?”

That is the million dollar question, dear ones.

A negative feeling occurs when you block the well–being that is natural. If there is one message from Spirit that is consistent, it is this one, for it is the fundamental truth of consciousness, and of existence.

For your homework this week, dear ones, we want you to make a list of 30 distinct positive feelings that you have personally experienced.

We want you to learn to recognize these feelings in the moment when they happen, and dwell upon them. We want you to learn to discern the difference between positive emotions, just as you do negative ones. In this way you will focus more and more of your attention on the positive, and less on the negative. And the more time you spend on these good feelings, the more the universe will bring you the good things in life! If you do this consciously, you will find your thoughts turning, almost magically, toward what you want.