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Our message to you this week is about upset, and forgiveness. We take this message directly from Ken’s life.

This week, Ken was upset with Neil, because he has decided to leave the Interview with Spirit program.
Ken felt betrayal and loss, before he found his balance once again.

The question is, How do you regain your balance and overcome emotional pain? How does forgiveness help you to do that, if at all?

Forgiveness begins the process of re–connecting with love. It requires a decision to release the emotional pain you are in, and that can be a very big decision, for a strong vibration entrains similar thoughts to it. When you are upset you feel surrounded by emotional pain, do you not? That is literally true! When two people have a relationship, an energetic connection is established. Imagine filaments of subtle energy reaching out from the chakras, or energy centers, of each person and into the other. When one person severs that connection, the other feels something missing. This is the origin of the feeling of loss or abandonment.

Now we want you to understand that that connection is never broken!

Although the other withdraws their energy from you, you are still connected to them! Neil may put up blockages or barriers to Ken that he can feel, but Neil can never alloy Ken’s affinity for Neil, for it is up to Ken to break his connection to Neil, do you see? The actions of the other are an invitation to break a spiritual connection, but only you can decide to do that from your end!

The power of love, the fundamental and most powerful vibration in the universe, includes and embraces all other vibrations. Deciding to remain in affinity is the definition of strength. Refusing to permit a diminution of your affinity for anyone or anything is the definition of power, and personal integrity. And forgiveness is the first step on the path to regaining your equilibrium. Forgiveness is that first but very important step to regaining your personal power.

We say first step, because in forgiveness there is still upset with another, but when you forgive, you are 90% of the way toward love. Forgiveness overcomes the inertia of your vibrational upset, and makes it so that you can move forward. The decision to forgive is the hardest one! It is literally the most painful decision, because you are immersed in emotional pain! But like a crack in the door, forgiveness lets in that first ray of light to penetrate the darkness.

We tell Ken that his upset had nothing to do with Neil, and everything to do with his own decisions, beliefs, and the consequent personal vibration that he resonates to.
Ken did not want to hear this at first. “That is absurd,” Ken said. “If your boss insults you, or your partner hurts your feelings, or someone acts in a way that betrays trust, that is on them, not on you.”

That is precisely the point. All of you have free will! You cannot determine the actions of another, but you CAN determine how you react to another. It all depends upon whether you decide to withdraw your own feeling of affinity. We tell you that you cannot have a relationship, even a casual one, without the presence of affinity. And affinity means that both of you resonate to similar things.

You always make a conscious decision to withdraw your affinity from another. You may not recognize it, because a thought occurs in no–time. Thought is spiritual energy, and the decision to withdraw your affinity from another can happen so fast that you dismiss it.. We tell you that your subconscious mind does not dictate your actions. When you become mindful enough, you begin to understand that you are truly sovereign. You begin to reach that place of stillness that is your powerful, creative source.
Dear ones, all interaction, all relationships, are a dance of vibration! Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings determine the pattern of energy that surrounds you, and how others perceive you, and react to you. When you become upset with another, you strengthen the unwanted vibration that caused the upset in the first place!

To forgive is to pardon another for inappropriate actions toward ones self; but as we have said before in previous messages, there are no inappropriate actions! This is something human beings find very difficult to accept, for it is easy to point to pain and suffering. This pointing, however, strengthens the vibration of suffering. It is a circular vibrational reinforcement, and is precisely what occurred for Ken, and what has been occurring on your planet for thousands of years.

There are ALWAYS good reasons to become upset; we do not deny that. If Joe gets out of bed feeling surly one morning, he may come to work with a chip on his shoulder and insult his employees. If you are one of Joe’s employees, there are two ways to approach him: the most obvious one is to accept his invitation and match his apparent vibration. “Well get out of my face, Joe! Who do you think you are? Just because you are my boss doesn’t mean you can gratuitously insult me!”

The other is to recognize that Joe has gotten off on the wrong foot, and smile. “Hello, Joe, I can see you’re a little grumpy this morning. Anything happen last night?” Soon the boss is telling you about the upset he had with his wife, he blows off some steam, and leaves. Here is what we call the matching of TRUE vibration. What is true vibration? It is the underlying, foundational feeling of love and recognition of a fellow spirit playing the Game of Earth. When you identify this fundamental vibration, it subsumes the lower, apparent vibration, and the lower emotion dissolves. Love is the healing vibration. It is so powerful because it is who you are, and reminds the other of their intimate connection with you.

All of you are spiritual comrades. The warriors in battle, or those who play sports, or compete in business, soon bond together strongly and form a team, a “band of brothers” (or sisters). This feeling is called camaraderie. Camaraderie comes from shared experience, and is a recognition, on the deepest possible level, of your shared divine spiritual origins.

All of you on earth are spiritual warriors, playing a challenging and magnificent game. Oh, if you could only see yourselves as we see you! Imagine a spiritual mirror in front of you, with your own person angel guide holding it. Isn’t it beautiful? We hope you can see or feel a little bit of your own magnificence and power. This is your true, spiritual vibration, and it resonates within every cell, every atom of everything in the universe.

How often do you resonate to the apparent vibration, and not the true one, in your relationships?

Last week we talked about your pets, and how easy it is to feel love for them. Remember that the angry one, the upset one, has temporarily turned away from love and from himself or herself. He or she is presenting you with an image or a mask that covers the true self, and is asking you to resonate to that image, just as our friend Joe did. He or she is saying, ”will you play this game of upset with me? Perhaps we can find adventure in this drama together.”

There is nothing wrong with playing this game, of course, and many do. But you know better than we, that love and joy feels better than anger and upset. Anger and upset only feel appropriate when you have already been resonating to them for a long enough time.

Forgiveness begins the process of releasing your own upset. In other words, forgiveness is much more about you than it is about the other. In order to forgive, you must first recognize your own fundamental vibration of love, which is your true self, and let it in. That feeling is
then recognized by the one on the other end of the communication line. Forgiveness, in other words, begins to dissolve the upset with the other.

Forgiveness is a powerful subject, because it begins the process of a return to love, and your own personal integrity. When you decide to forgive, you have already decided to step back into your zone of power. This zone of power is peaceful, but strong, whereas the lower emotions are turbulent.

If there is anyone in your life with whom you are upset, begin now to forgive. Remember that forgiveness is most beneficial to you! So do it for yourself, and feel better!