The Genesis of the Spiritual War

life is a contest between self-awareness and the dead doctrine of materialism

Introduction: Premises

●          The earth is the physical playground for a divine, non-physical consciousness that reincarnates into physical bodies over and over. The physical evolution we observe in species is the corporeal mirror of consciousness evolution, because the essence of non-physical consciousness imprints itself on the physical life, lifetime after lifetime.

●          The “mysteries” of life and death are simple and clear if we understand the role of consciousness. Death is terrifying to those who regard human beings as meat bodies.

●          Religion attempts to clarify life and death – which are really misnomers – by postulating the existence of a soul. The soul is the non-physical individual consciousness that reincarnates into different physical bodies. This is as good a term as any, I suppose. The higher self is that portion of the soul consciousness that cannot “fit” into the physical body. The concept of angels and “guides” are the non-physical portion of the soul that acts as an esoteric guide to the incarnated being during the physical lifetime.

●          The craziness we see manifested in human societies today is the resolution of millennia of karma between individuals and groups throughout human history. Acts that appear to be senseless are the culmination, or ongoing process, of previous activity between people and groups that continue to be unresolved at the soul level. In human relations, very little is random.

Consciousness Evolution

As the soul evolves from lifetime to lifetime, it resembles a spring: a rising series of circles stacked one on top of the other. Each circle represents a lifetime. In each lifetime – no matter how seemingly pointless, miserable, or unsuccessful – something is learned during the interaction with the physical universe.

The spring is a good analogy to life and death because it is continuous. There are no “breaks” in the spring, indicating that consciousness continues, unabated, from lifetime to lifetime. Death is just a reorientation of self-awareness from the physical to the non-physical.

The diagram shows birth, the physical life where Knowledge is gained, and then reincarnation and another birth

From the POV of a non-materialist, physical “death” is a temporary phenomenon, akin to a state change in frozen water when it becomes liquid, or from liquid to water vapor. Conscious continues, uninterrupted during the transition from physical to non-physical. From the soul perspective, “death” is a return to the Source of consciousness, and “life” is a temporary physical interlude where the physical being  advances in Knowledge during the physical lifetime.

In my movie The Unity of Spirit and Matter (free on YouTube), I attempt to illustrate this concept from a metaphysical perspective.

Despite the appearance that death is a termination of life, there are no breaks or stops in self awareness. I have tried to flesh out this idea in my book, The Old Soul, which describes the fictional consciousness evolution of an individual human soul over the 200,000-year period that hominid/human life has existed on this planet.

The genesis of the current spiritual war we are experiencing is between those who understand the concept of consciousness, and those who don’t.


The physical universe inherently includes separation and duality as a built-in feature. Hot and cold, light and dark, dry and wet, and the natural differentiation between physical objects and physical bodies is part and parcel of what makes the physical universe. “This tree is different than that tree,” and so on throughout the gamut of species and objects on this beautiful and diverse world.

The physical body of a human being, from a geometric perspective, creates a unique viewpoint of the world, because physical bodies are separate and cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Everyone is perceiving from a different angle and position in the physical universe.

All individuals are unique. From the point of view of consciousness, all creatures on this earth are unique. All lifetimes are unique, for they exist uniquely within the space-time continuum.

Separation and duality create contrast, individuality, and individual personalities. Without contrast there can be no distinction between things, and no identification with things.

Because contrast, separation, identity, and individuality are inherent to physical life, there will be conflict. Conflict can only be avoided when enough people understand the nature of life and consciousness.

The Battle

The spiritual battle is between those with purely secular and materialist beliefs, and those who understand – through having lived many lifetimes on the earth, who have transitioned back and forth many, many times between the physical and the non-physical – that consciousness has a metaphysical origin, and that there is no interruption of self-awareness, ever.

The current conflict around Transhumanism and transgenderism, for example, is muddied by those who have a purely materialist conception of life.

Transhumanism is promoted by strict materialists who are terrified of death, and who believe that consciousness is snuffed out when the body dies. In order to prolong life, augmentation of the physical body, or non-biological containers for consciousness, is required.

The idea that Self is snuffed out at death is terrifying, which is why extreme measures are necessary to implement this distorted perspective of life.

Gender confusion originates in the Akash of an incarnated human being who has had enough lifetimes as both male and female to develop a bias one way or another. The Akash is the soul record of every lifetime a person has experienced, somewhat like a steganography image that has concealed information as part of the image bitmap.[1] The Akash is carried with the person during each incarnation. A being who has had 50 lifetimes as a male may find themselves in a female body. I imagine this could cause tremendous confusion, and even anger. So too for the being who has had 50 lifetimes as a female, suddenly finding themselves in a male body. Yikes!

In the past, people just had to make the best of it. But now, with the advance of medical technology, surgery is available for those who do not accept their current physical gender. Unfortunately, very often these surgeries lead to unfortunate complications, for medical technology is not advanced enough to perfectly gender-inverse a physical body. And there are scumbags who take advantage of these vulnerable people.

Gender identity is one of life’s mysteries that can be explained by an understanding of consciousness. Another is the concept of diversity.

Diversity is an idea that, in its original conception, was a positive concept that allowed for the inclusion of different opinions and ideas. But it has been twisted by those with a completely materialist viewpoint. To a materialist, diversity refers only and strictly to the attributes of a physical meat body. Therefore, materialism is quantitative. A broader conception that includes the Source of consciousness will also include quality.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality is the inherent characteristic of consciousness.

For example, “good” and “bad” are qualitative because they are the conclusions of consciousness during the life experience. Beauty, integrity, love, harmony, and compassion cannot readily be quantified. These conceptions are the considerations of consciousness, whereas materialists will determine worth strictly based on observable physical characteristics. Diversity, to a materialist, means “how many white people are there in the group, how many people of color, how many Asians; how many females, how many males,” etc. Those who can look beyond a materialist viewpoint will not only look at obvious physical attributes, but also at character, intelligence, and the diversity of opinion and ideas.

A materialist ignores these distinctions and considers such ideas inflammatory, unhelpful, and crazy. “What are you talking about?” a materialist would say. “Diversity is a racial and sexual characteristic.” And in this conception of consciousness, they are right.

Nowhere was this better illustrated than the recent debate over the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives last week. The Democrats voted as one group, time after time, for their candidate. They were very exasperated and frustrated by the Republicans, who kept talking about “diversity of opinion,” and “the exchange of ideas,” and “debate is the way democracy works.” It was evident from those who nominated Jeffries that these ideas were  regarded merely as a front for a group of crazies who just don’t get it. Democrats saw their group as united and harmonious, as opposed to the Republicans, who seemed to want to argue and fight endlessly.

On the other hand, Republicans saw how broken the House is, and were debating how to change it. The Democrats nominated Jeffries primarily because he is a person of color. This fits their definition of diversity. During the process of electing the Speaker, the Republicans also nominated a person of color for the job, but ultimately their concerns were more about what they considered diversity of thought and opinion.   

No one side is completely right or wrong. It’s just a matter of perspective.

An Understanding of Consciousness

Unless the nature of consciousness is broadly understood, fighting and conflict will continue to dominate the political landscape.

For a successful life, quality and quantity must be combined.

Meditation and affirmations (quality) are helpful to good health, and so is eating a quality diet. Getting enough sleep, food, and exercise (quantity) are also important.

For success, the metaphysical must be combined with the physical.

Life is a combination of materiality and spirituality. The two must merge if we are to proceed to the goal of peace on earth and prosperity for all.

[1] The word Steganography is derived from two Greek words- ‘stegos’ meaning ‘to cover’ and ‘grayfia’, meaning ‘writing’, thus translating to ‘covered writing’, or ‘hidden writing’. Steganography is a method of hiding secret data, by embedding it into an audio, video, image, or text file. See “Image Steganography in Cryptography” at