CNN Headline: Officials: 22,000-acre fire was set
"…The arsonist's motive was a mystery to Concepcion (Orange County Fire Battalion Chief Kris Concepcion).

"That's the part that I really can't figure out, to tell you the truth," he told CNN. "That individual knew on Sunday when this fire started that we had, really, the perfect storm, if you will. We had the heavy Santa Ana winds, we had the low relative humidities, we had the high temperatures.

"And then for someone to even think about doing something as reprehensible as starting a fire where they knew the fire would grow as rapidly as it would -- traveling about three, 3 ½ miles in about an hour -- is just really absolutely unconscionable," he said.

Is something like this unexplainable or incomprehensible?

Of course not!

If you take a peek within the species consciousness of mankind, what do you find? Hatred, competition, conflict, war, and a "you'd better toe the line" mentality. Of course there are lots of wonderful things in the species consciousness as well: beauty, compassion, selflessness, and love. But what do we see and hear on the news? What do people mostly talk about? A cursory glance at the headlines shows that the negative is overwhelmingly emphasized, and the positive hardly mentioned.
"Well of course," you say, "news media types are just interested in the negative, so that skews the emphasis." Well sure, but this stuff wouldn't sell unless there was wide interest for it! "Bad news sells, good news doesn't" is the common mantra.

The "media" (a common scapegoat) reflects the species consciousness, not the other way around.
The tomato grows in soil appropriate for it. And so does hatred and other negative emotions. Each one of us is responsible for the present vibrational environment! Every time we think about something negative, we contribute energy to that stream of thought. And the same goes for every time we think loving thoughts.

Is it surprising, then, then someone would start a fire, knowing that billions of dollars of damage would result, and loss of life?
Is it so surprising that four people were shot at a middle school football game in Saginaw, Michigan?

The United States has been at war almost continuously, somewhere in the world, since World War Two. In Iraq we have killed over 100,000 persons, including tens of thousands of civilians. We have destroyed that country.

The national consciousness that allows this to happen is perfectly congruent with shootings and arson, and a lot more besides.

You see folks, we don 't live in a vacuum. In fact, human society and the planet herself are cocooned within a set of universal laws. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction, which says, "like attract like." Clearly, it is not possible to focus on hatred and war and not experience more of it ourselves.
So what can you do to lead a happy and prosperous life within all of the insanity?
My first suggestion is to abandon the idea of "fighting" whatever it is you disagree with. This sentiment is common in the United States. We "fight" cancer, and homelessness, and poverty, and discrimination, and Lord knows what else. Of course, fighting something just places your attention on it, and makes it bigger.

My second suggestion is to avoid "increasing awareness" of that which you dislike. Increasing awareness of breast cancer, for example, gets people thinking more and more about breast cancer. If you are one of those meatheads who doesn't think that thoughts affect your health, then you probably think the earth is flat. Stress causes worry, anxiety, and illness.
What do you think stress is?

It's thinking about, paying attention to, stuff you don't like!

So increasing awareness of breast cancer is likely to increase the incidence of breast cancer. One thing is certain: it will surely increase the flow of money to those who work in the breast cancer industry. Is that a cynical attitude? I choose not to think so! It's an attitude based on an understanding of the five fundamental universal principles. When you understand something, you feel a sense of empowerment. And your anger vanishes. It's amazing! In the presence of understanding, compassion and love grows, and hostility dies. That is why I have written so many articles, books, and movies. That's why I have decided to blog.

The reason for this is simple: understanding is a high vibration. Hatred is a low vibration. Higher vibrations sublimate lower ones. Those who say that hatred is stronger than love are deluded. Hatred is a lower harmonic of love, depends for its very existence on love.
Love is who you are!

Hatred is a turning away from your quintessential nature.

Hatred dominates simply because it is emphasized, not because it is more powerful. If you make the decision to take a hammer and beat on your fingers, you will feel pain. Pain is pretty powerful stuff, as we all know, but love is much more powerful. A feeling of love creates a feeling of unity with all life everywhere, with the entire universe! What is the pitiful emotion of hatred in comparison to that?
The Law of Free Will allows us to create our lives in any way we wish. You can focus on the negative, or the positive. Really folks, it aint hard. What will you focus on today? The bad stuff, or the good stuff? Do you believe it's delusional to think about good things when there is so much horrible stuff out there?

If so, you will continue to experience negatively. And you become part of the problem, not part of the solution. The laws of the universe guarantee that as you begin to think more positively, you will begin to feel better.

It's your choice.

You create the predominant vibration that directs your personal life, and together, we create the predominant vibration that creates our national consciousness.

Copyright © 2007 Kenneth James Michael MacLean
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