A Bright Future

The Power of Faith

I discovered what faith means today. Last month we had to put down a beloved pet, and now the other one is sick. Anyone who has pets understands how much you love them and are attached to them. Feeling crappy about  that reminds me that current events are making a lot of people physically ill, as lockdowns destroy jobs and depress spirits. Feeling sad and hopeless has never been more common in the world today.

But faith – here I mean true faith, not some stuff you learned in church or your parents told you about or you learned in a new-age seminar or heard in a Tony Robbins lecture – can help out a lot.  A sick pet or loved one is in bad shape. True faith says that anything that doesn’t reflect the perfected version of a person or animal (or situation) is an illusion. This may seem delusional (or plain stupid) but it’s not! That’s because all physically incarnated beings are made in the image of God. What we do with that perfected image is up to us – and this includes pets, for pets have consciousness and free will, just as humans do.

Dr. Fauci says, “You have to prepare for the worst, so that if the worst happens...” Well, as a matter of public policy you do have to prepare. But while you are preparing for the worst you can envision the best. When I see my sick pet I see him as perfectly healthy, despite the reality of him being sick. Sickness is an illusion, perfect health is the true reality. It is an acknowledgement of a higher power, a benevolence, that is responsible for the creation of the universe and everything in it. Benevolence is the default, for the universe could not exist unless harmony was the primary variable. When you look at anyone in this way it makes you feel better, and the other feel better as well, because you acknowledge the higher truth within them, and within yourself.

The process of true faith is not invalidated if my pet dies, because I have seen him always as healthy and happy until the end. This makes me feel better, makes him feel as good as he can, and puts out good vibes into the universe at large. Does it mean I don’t get sad? Of course not. But I have the courage to always focus on the positive and celebrate life.

Seeing anything as a perfected version of itself creates a powerful vibration, and transmits it to the other, and to the universe at large. Seeing everything in the light – despite the illusion of wrongness – is uplifting to you and to the other. It creates a feeling of unity and harmony.

When I look at my pet as sick and probably dying, I put that vibe out to him. It doesn’t help, believe me. Same goes for anyone, or any situation.

Faith is having the courage to see the best in everyone and everything, despite appearances.

This is what Christ (Lord Sananda) did. This dude went around seeing the sick as completely healed. He did it with 100% certainty so that the sick person saw it too, and cognized perfect health, and was cured. We know that spontaneous healings occur, for this very reason.

It takes courage to constantly see perfection in a bad situation. But what’s the alternative? Observing suffering and agreeing with it makes it stronger, and it makes you feel like crap.

It’s not easy when you’ve been on this planet for any length of time, for the world teaches you to “prepare for the worst.” There is so much suffering and misery, yet acknowledging this as “reality” simply puts more of it out there.

It really does take courage to see the best despite the worst. This is why health care workers and first responders are so important. They see the best even when dealing with the worst. These people, every day, are heroes. I understand that now with a conviction I never had before.

So, let’s translate this idea to current events, which are a mess. First let’s look at the illusion. Then we’ll take a look at the situation from a higher perspective, a truer perspective, through the lens of faith and courage.

The Illusion

The occupation of DC by 40,000 National Guard troops for the inauguration. (On Jan 24th the National Guard Bureau announced that between 5,000 and 7,000 troops will remain in Washington until at least mid-March!) Patriot Missile batteries deployed. Barricades everywhere, and even barbed wire. Empty streets. Coast Guard ships blocking the waterways around the Capitol. The President of the United States (while he was still in office) being banned from Twitter and Facebook by Big Tech oligarchs. The government now being run by octagenarians. Charges of massive election and voter fraud. Calls for family members and neighbors to turn in their parents and friends as enemies of the state. Lockdowns and pandemics that cause more damage than the disease itself : “Based on what has been said, there can be no doubt that the number of deaths attributable to the lockdown policy measures alone exceeds the number of deaths prevented by the lockdown many times over.”

Oh, my. This is the illusion. It seems that the darkness is ascendant, but the true reality is that the Old Order is collapsing.

We’re Not Going Back

I watched in amazement as the inauguration of Biden took place on a literally empty National Mall. No one was there except friends and families of the Bidens. The cameras never shifted their focus from the Capitol steps. Compare that to the millions of people at the Obama and Trump inaugurations, and the real celebrations, in ’08 and ‘16. In contrast, the recent inauguration looked like a bad B movie with no audience.

The massive lockdown and militarization of the nation’s capital is a desperate attempt by the Old Order to return to the days of endless war and “business as usual,” and to lock out the people from the political process. Business-as-usual means legislation written by K-Street lobbyists and rubber stamped by Congress, moving supply chains from the US back to slave labor camps in China, creating fake international “crises” which result in foreign wars, and in general making life hard for the working and middle classes and easy for big multinational corporations. The good news? That era of human history is ending. Why? Because people all over the world are fed up with it!

I said in 2017 when Trump arrived on the political scene that he was a wrecking ball. His function and purpose was to expose and tear down the walls of a totally corrupt political and economic system. He wasn’t supposed to be nice, and he wasn’t.

He did that. At least, he started to do that. In the process he created a populist movement (people’s movement) on both left and right. The MAGA/Patriot movement, and the new People’s Party created by progressives, are ALL a response to Trump. So, good can come out of bad! These populist movements have different political views but want the same thing: peace and prosperity. (I don’t count ANTIFA because they riot and burn and aren’t interested in peace.)

The ruling class is terrified of these populist movements, who represent the people they are supposed to govern. Xi Jinping, the tyrant who runs the CCP, said so in his 2017 speech in Davos, where he outlined the totalitarian one-world government (led by Xi Jinping and the CCP of course) that we are seeing today with censorship of free speech on social media platforms, in universities, and in the workplace.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for “crew-manned machine guns” to be a part of security forces in Washington, D.C. ahead of the inauguration.

Liberals and conservatives are natural allies because we are working class and middle class people united against crony corporate capitalism (in the US) and tyrannical state capitalism (CCP). Liberals and conservatives believe that people should be free to live their lives without censorship and coercion. That’s not what the “elites” want – the people who go to Davos every year and decide how the plebes will be governed by the “best and brightest.”

Xi Jinping gave another speech to the World Economic Forum’s virtual “Davos Agenda” conference on Jan 25th. Couched in flowery language, Xi basically said that the entire world must abandon the diversity of nation states and cultures (he called these “small circles”), and “unite” under the leadership of the communist party. In totalitarian techno-speak, “unity” means complete centralization. It’s the international corporate business model: localism is bad, total centralization of power is good. Remember what Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (Davos) has said: In the new normal, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

This is the illusion my friends, a dark illusion created by misogynists and psychopaths. Why would any rational person agree with this? The only reason we see it manifesting is because people are agreeing with it. “There’s nothing we can do, the world is doomed.”


Now is the time to find the courage to have faith, to see the world as it should be: peaceful, cooperative, and prosperous. Having faith is merely a trivial application of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration. That which you concentrate on becomes more powerful and real. Action follows thought. Agreeing with the dark makes the dark stronger. Seeing the true reality is much more powerful and feels much better!

The Near Future

When the light shines on the darkness, evil is exposed. In the near future, we’re going to see a lot of bad stuff. The process of transformation doesn’t come from waving a magic wand and instantly things are better. It comes from shining the light and confronting and handling whatever messes are exposed. It’s like spring cleaning.

Ladies and germs, the current chaos is not going away until the darkness on this planet is exposed. Trump was the opening act in a play that will likely take years to complete. Everything before Trump the Wrecking Ball comes under the heading “The Fix Is In.” You lived your life and ignored the darkness of arms trafficking, drugs trafficking, and most heinous, human and child trafficking and child abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and pedophilia. You were happy because life was predictable, even if the dark underbelly of society almost never presented itself (unless you looked for it). That’s not possible anymore because it’s ALL going to come out.

The battle between dark and light is getting hot and heavy!

The U.S. election chaos was just a precursor to something much bigger and much darker that must come out if humanity is going to have peace on earth. There cannot be peace on earth until the darkness is fully exposed and humanity confronts the evil it has created in human societies. We are all responsible and we must all participate in this undertaking.

The darkness is being exposed because the light is shining upon it. The light of truth comes from 8 billion souls wanting peace, harmony, and a better future.

We can never go back to the old order, just as a person with higher awareness can never go back to being stupid. Humanity is now on a long arc of history that can be called Higher Consciousness. Doesn’t appear that way, does it? That’s because humanity’s demons must first be confronted and exposed. It’s happening right now.

The first to fall will be Big Pharma and their attempt to “vaccinate” the entire population of earth with mRNA bio-devices. This effort is based on pure greed. COVID can be controlled with HCQ and zinc sulphate. A study in Spain found that COVID deaths were reduced 82% by simply administering Vitamin D.

Once the bad actors in the pharmaceutical industry are exposed, real medicines that revitalize human cellular structure can be released. This is something Trump never understood, or is playing us about. My guess is that when he got COVID, he was treated with one of the new revitalizing medicines, so he was all for promoting the fake vaccines (Operation Warp Speed). I noticed how vital and energetic he looked after getting treated, and he remarked how revitalizing it was. Unfortunately, I don’t think the vaccines currently on the market are designed to do that. IMHO these new revitalizing medicines will not be released until the bad actors are neutralized.

(BTW if I’m right we’ll see that the past four years of Trump was a complete acting job. I mean, nobody can be that belligerent all the time. Something big is in the works having to do with the recent election, and we’ll see it by the end of 2021. Most of my friends think Trump is just a barbaric moron, but I think he’s playing at Sun Tzu. Watch for some momentous events by the end of this year, events that will completely change perceptions about reality.)

The Big Picture – the True Reality

I’ve said this before: What is happening on earth is primarily a spiritual process. The human family has made a decision to propel humanity on the road to higher consciousness.

Once it begins (and it has begun with the Pandemic of 2020), the process is NOT reversible.

Human beings have souls. Souls are aspects or personalities of the One consciousness who have had experiences in the physical universe. The energy of the soul cannot “fit” into a human body. Most of who you are  is not in your body; it is a non-physical entity that exists outside the physical universe, but this collection of souls affects every aspect of human society. What occurs on earth is a direct result of the decisions of the human soul family beyond the veil. The only rule (constraint) on this planet is free will. All human beings have free will, and can decide to go to the dark or the light. You might say that human consciousness in the physical body is the human soul walking on earth. You ARE your soul, or as much of it as you are willing to access. Therefore, a strong connection between every human being and the human soul family exists. Anyone with self-awareness can feel this connection and the powerful energies and intent that is driving human beings to the light. The dark feels it also, which is why the children of darkness are organizing and mobilizing. As Bob Ross always said, “you need dark in order to show light.” The dark acts as an impetus for action.

 The light exposing the darkness is an inevitable, invisible, and unstoppable process that manifests itself in the physical universe. This means that the evil and the ugliness WILL come to the surface. It WILL have to be confronted. This is what the human family beyond the veil has decided. It’s happening.

Now is not the time to wail and moan and say that the world is falling apart and that doom and chaos is our fate. Or to say, now that Trump is gone, everything will be okey-dokey. Sorry, but Trump is not the problem and never was. WE are the problem. Trump is/was just another actor in the unfolding human drama that is being written by the consciousness of everyone on the planet.

What is true is that the Old Order is falling apart. The New World will rise from the ashes, like the phoenix of mythology. We are not going down the tubes, we are cleaning out the filthy closet of human consciousness.

We are all living it now.

The Dark Ones are and will expose themselves. Get ready for it. This process is just beginning. Chaos and evil are an inevitable (and unfortunate) part of this process. That’s the way it goes. The way out to world peace is the way through the darkness and into the light.

Now is the most exciting time to be alive in the history of humanity. What happens in the next several years will determine our fate for the next 5,000 years. It will propel humanity forward to an advanced spirituality and, over hundreds of thousands of years, unite all human beings with the One consciousness.

The souls on the dark side are playing the most difficult roles, for they have volunteered to live lives of misery and low consciousness. They have agreed to engage in terrible things in order to wake the rest of us up. They are acting out the evil memes that all of us have created in human consciousness through hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes, over thousands of years of human activity on the planet of free will. Everyone who has ever had a lifetime on earth is here, now. That’s because we have to resolve the problem we created by exploring the dark side over the past several millennia.

If you take the Big Picture view and study current events you can see how the dark always tells the truth, you can see how this human play is moving inevitably forward to expose the darkness to the light of truth. There really is a divine plan and there are lots of human beings here to see it through. If you are reading this you are one of them.

Two steps forward, one step back.

The solution isn’t verbal or physical violence and contention, marshaling arguments for your side and against the other side. It’s taking a step back and exercising patience and tolerance. Let the unbalanced ones fight and argue. Meditate, pray, stay updated on current events. Don’t just read the media you agree with; throw away confirmation bias. Use discernment. On social media and comment sections, be the voice of reason, tolerance of opposing views, and common sense. If you can’t do that, avoid commenting at all.

The new world will take the best elements from both sides. Look for them.

Having true faith takes courage. Winston Churchill – who led Britain through WW II over the Nazis – said:

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.”

Faith, courage, and a bright new future go hand in hand.