“The Big Guy’s” First Two Days

Joe "I don't even know what I'm signing, man" Biden signed 17 Executive Orders during his first two days as president. These EO's eliminated thousands of jobs in the energy industry in the US and Canada, solved the "toxic masculinity" problem by allowing biological men to compete against (and crush) women in sports, allowed the Communist Party of China access to the U.S. power grid, made it easier for CCP companies and their military to access U.S. capital markets, and in general made life easier for the corporate overlords who have bought off our politicians, who are hiding behind barricades and thousands of militarized National Guard troops, protecting themselves against a population they have been "elected" to govern.

You can find these EOs in the federal register, at federalregister.gov, under Presidential Documents.

Let's celebrate! We now have a president who is "protecting our democracy!"

If you haven't yet been totally brainwashed by our corporate controlled Mainstream Media, you might find some comic relief in this little vid Watch it before the Big Tech oligarchs (who are protecting us from Domestic Violent Extremists like the lady who made this vid) take it down:

The only questions now are,

Where is the next manufactured international "crisis"?

When will the next "regime change" war start?

It's so great that we got rid of Trump, because we are now living in a real democracy!!