Color Revolutions

Gene Sharp is the author of From Dictatorship to Democracy. Sharp founded the academic field of nonviolent resistance. His books and his list of 198 methods of nonviolent action have been circulated by democracy groups in many of the world’s most repressive states.

His basic theory is that power comes from the people and from institutions such as the police, army, media, business and religious groups that support a government; when the people and institutions of a country remove their support for a dictatorial government—without using violence—the dictatorship will fall. From Burma to Serbia, from the former Soviet states to the countries of the Arab Spring, that simple but powerful message has shaken countless authoritarian regimes, whose public denunciations have only fueled interest in Gene’s work. Although he spent his career studying in Norway, and at Oxford and Harvard, he refused to play the conventional academic game, and concentrated instead on researching and writing about nonviolent struggle as a credible, practical means of defending freedom, a technique composed of social, psychological and economic weapons that should be practiced and refined just as military warfare had been.” (italics mine).

Source: Politico, “Gene Sharp: The Academic Who Wrote the Playbook for Nonviolent Revolution,” Ruardih Arrow, December 30, 2018.

Gene Sharp’s strategy for defending democracy, or overthrowing a dictatorship, has modernly been turned on its head. Now, Sharp’s theories are being used to overthrow democratically elected governments, as in the 2014 Maidan revolution in the Ukraine. According to Wikipedia, “the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 took place in Ukraine in February 2014, when a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police, and unknown shooters in the capital, Kyiv, culminated in the ousting of the elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government.”

The italicized statement above is the basis for latter day “color revolutions,” where established governments – whether legitimate or illegitimate, whether a dictatorship or a democracy – can be toppled by eroding support for the institutions that support it.

Mao Tse-tung, in his “Little Red Book” (a compendium of his writings) called this the “democratic revolution.”

In order to establish a communist state, socialism must first be established. A socialist state, in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist doctrine, is one where the “proletariat” – a nonsense word that essentially means the people who are running the revolution – own all the means of production and thus control the land, the factories, the schools, the banks...everything.

But before the socialist state can be established within a democracy, the institutions of democracy must first be eroded. This is what Mao called the “democratic revolution.” This is the stage America has been in for the past 30 years at least, as our basic institutions – Congress, the police, education, religion, “politicians,” democracy, the press, and free speech – have all been morphed (by design) into something that has been determined to be evil and repressive. Defund the Police, for example, is simply a color revolution tactic designed to implement Mao’s democratic revolution in the US.

If enough of the supports to democracy can be destroyed, even a legitimate democratic state like the US can be toppled.  

Two of the tools of Mao’s “democratic revolution” are Critical Race Theory and Critical Social Justice Theory, which trash ALL aspects of a liberal democratic state in preparation for a revolution that will establish the socialist state, led by a handful of Robespierres.

These Robespierres are in the streets now, burning, looting, and rioting. In the US today, Mao’s democratic revolution has succeeded. Over the past 30 years, the institutions of democracy have been hollowed out. Cynicism of democracy and its institutions is at an all-time high, as indicated by the appallingly low popularity of Congress, the people’s representatives.

During a color revolution, massive protests are used to de-legitimize a government, whether that government is a democracy or a dictatorship. Gene Sharp’s program calls for non-violent protests, but the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists have used the violent tactics of Antifaschistiche Aktion, a communist group founded in  Germany almost a century ago, and whose modern movement is called Antifa. Radical elements of the legitimate Black Lives Matter movement have joined ANTIFA and have participated in America’s street riots.

Mainly these people are outsiders, who drive in to a city and foment violence and discord. It’s all part of the color revolution playbook, which is now being implemented against the U.S. government.

The final piece of the color revolution puzzle is the contested election. De-legitimizing elections is one of the most important steps in taking down a democratically elected government. In the US, this element is being advanced by those who want to abolish the Electoral College, which was originally devised by the founders to ensure that elections were not decided by mob rule or a repressive majority. By ensuring that each state has the ability to determine their own choice for the chief executive, the rights of minority views are not overrun by the majority.

This, of course, isn’t what color revolutionaries want.

After the violent protests and the contested elections – in which voters are bullied to vote for a certain party as in Nazi Germany, and/or election fraud is perpetrated in which dead people vote, people vote more than once, or massive ballot harvesting is undertaken – chaos is established. Chaos is the preferred societal condition for all revolutionaries.

Once the people lose confidence in the integrity of their elections, and understand that their vote is meaningless, a socialist state can be established. From there it is a small step toward a full totalitarian dictatorship a la the Communist Party of China, or Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge revolution that established the murderous Cambodian communist regime.

The color revolution in the US is right on schedule, brought to you by the globalist/corporatist/technocratic state and their running dogs in the mass media.

The only counter to a color revolution in a democracy is to get out and vote, report election fraud to your local election authorities, and/or become an election official and monitor the integrity of your local electoral process.