Guo Wengui, Chinese Freedom Fighter

Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) has been working tirelessly to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) a powerful force within the Dark Army in this epic battle between dark and light on the planet. Of course our own Big Tech companies, the Wall Street crowd, and our multinationals have been in bed with the CCP, relocating industries to CCP controlled factories where workers are being paid slave wages. But at the head of this dragon is the CCP.

Communism cannot survive without gulags, concentration camps, and the total suppression of liberty and the inherent connection to God that is within every human being. Communism is a remnant of the 20th century that was not handled during that century of war and genocide.

Our own tech companies in the US have built the digital firewall around the Chinese people, helping to suppress them. Western capital markets in New York, the City of London and by extension in Hong Kong have provided the lifeblood that has allowed the CCP to thrive, even as political and religious dissidents such as Tibetan Buddhists, the Uighur Muslim minority, Falun Gong (an indigenous Chinese spiritual movement), Christians, and anyone who dares to speak out have been persecuted.

But that is over now.

The CCP, like the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazi Party) in Germany, and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, is a materialistic, totalitarian dictatorship that suppresses freedom and liberty, and denies the inherent connection to the Creator of every human being. All freedom loving people everywhere in the world reject totalitarianism and hatred, no matter where its ugly head appears.

Guo Wengui, today, published a new song called "Take Down the CCP." Here, the battle of dark and light -- just as in the 1980s with the old communist party in the Soviet Union -- has reached a higher level of a cultural war. But this cultural war is a struggle the Dark Army cannot win, for it does not have a high enough consciousness to effectively respond. As we have seen in the streets of New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, DC, Kenosha, and Rochester (and coming to a city near you) the response of low consciousness is always hatred and violence. These are the weapons of the dark army. The purpose is to instill fear in order to control behavior.

That will no longer work. People all over the world are waking up. Indeed, as I remarked in a previous post, the entire world is experiencing a shift in consciousness. The old system, rigged to protect criminal behavior, is imploding. In a sense, we have to thank the Dark Army for their actions, for they are helping humanity understand where we are at as a planetary consciousness.

It isn't pretty.

The ultimate exposure will come, as I have said over and over, when the worldwide human trafficking networks are exposed. That is down the road a bit because humanity is not yet ready to confront this. Nevertheless, the elimination of the CCP will be a big step on the road to the light. I would like to reprint a portion of an article by Bai Ye, on Guo Wengui's G news website.

According to the article, "Mr Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Guo, [is] a wealthy billionaire Chinese dissident exiled in the United States who launched the whistleblower movement in 2017 against the CCP by exposing the truth about the evil nature of the CCP."

In China, the CCP is the law, the CCP is above the law, the CCP’s law is a joke

Yes, in addition to money, the law is the CCP’s most handy resource.  But the Chinese law is only the party’s law of the CCP, and the law of a handful ruling families. All the judicial courts are strictly controlled and run by the CCP. The CCP makes and executes the law in China in order, not to empower the 1.4 billion Chinese people for ensuring justice and fairness through an independent judicial system, but instead to strengthen the CCP’s autocratic rule and maintain a tight grip on power by crushing down and punishing anyone who dares to express any disagreement with or be critical of the CCP.  Professor Xu Zhangrun(许章润)of Tsinghua University’s Law School was detained by police and fired by the university recently as a punishment for sharing his criticism of the CCP in his blog. The worldwide condemned “Hong Kong’s national security law” is another typical and the latest example. Since the implementation of this law, how many people have been arrested in Hong Kong?

It can be said that the CCP’s law is only a tool for enslaving and punishing disobedient slaves. If you want to get justice from the CCP’s law, you are already on the road to prison. On July 9, 2015 a nationwide crackdown on Chinese lawyers and human rights activists, over 200 people were arrested, with some of whom being jailed for several years without a tria. It is known as the “709 Crackdown” case, which is the most powerful proof that the CCP’s law is a joke. 

CCP’s persecution against Mr Guo extends punishment to his family, relatives and employees

The confiscation of the privately owned residential properties of Mr Guo’s relatives and employees this time fully demonstrates that the CCP’s persecution directly against Mr Guo has failed, and the CCP has extended the punishment to his family, relatives and employees in an attempt to force Mr Guo to shut up and submit. 

People in civilized countries certainly cannot imagine that in the 21st century today, in China, there is still persecution against an individual with punishment being extended to one’s innocent family members, relatives and even employees. But this is not unfamiliar to the Chinese under the iron fist rule of the CCP. This is why many overseas Chinese, despite having been living abroad for decades, still unconsciously self-censor all messages posted on any social media platform, dare not say anything critical of the CCP. If someone says something that upsets the CCP, the person will soon receive advice or even pleading from his/her relatives in China: “You can enjoy a good life abroad, please don’t touch politics, don’t get us into trouble, we are after all still living in China”.

The CCP’s persecution of Mr Guo’s family members and employees began when he left China in 2015. Since he launched the whistleblower movement and appeared on social media in 2017, CCP’s persecution has intensified relentlessly. For a long period, his elderly parents in China received persistent intimidations and hassles from the authorities. His parents got so anxious, worried and even furious for the mis-treatment of their son and the whole family that eventually led to his mother’s death last year. She did not even see her son before her death. Similarly his father got very ill and was bed ridden, but the poor old man in his dying years was still constantly intimidated by the CCP police. His elder brother was in and out of a police detention center for many times, and his sister-in-law suffered from depression as a result.  She cried many times and begged him to shut up. Hundreds of his employees have been kept in prison for no reason and suffered intolerable humiliation.

Mr Guo said that one does not bring money and wealth at birth, and cannot take them with you after death. Even if the CCP takes Pangu and Yuda (裕达) away completely from Mr Guo, can they be brought into the CCP’s coffin?  If CCP carries on confiscating and seizing other people’s houses and locked them up, would people really have to live in the streets?  The world is so big that anyone can easily be accommodated anywhere, but the world is so big that it really cannot tolerate the destruction of the CCP’s evil spirits and demons!  The noose has already been strangled on the CCP’s neck, and the more CCP struggles, the quicker it will hasten to its death! 

Knowing that the real estates of Mr Guo’s family and employees had been confiscated, countless comrades and sympathizers of the whistleblower movement in China took the initiative to contact Mr Guo straight away, offering their support, willing to help the victims.  Heaven will help the victims and those who are with the just cause. Conscience and humanity cannot be eliminated. CCP’s cruelty and shamelessness will only unite the 1.4 billion Chinese people even more!

Here is Mr. Guo's new song, "Take Down the CCP." According to Mr Guo, "With a laugh, Rap, a talented young Hollywood singer joined. Hollywood destroys communism!"

Many people in the US are still sleeping, unaware of the great Battle of Dark and Light. Just as during WW 2 when some American news outlets published Nazi propaganda, some of our own "news" outlets have taken money from the CCP and promoted the "party line." Heroes like Guo Wengui are on the frontlines, fighting for the inherent dignity of the Chinese people and the entire human race.