Hiding in Plain Sight

Pedophilia and child abuse are the scourge of humanity. It has been in existence for millennia. Fortunately, the light is penetrating the darkness. This scourge is being exposed, but it's been hiding in plain sight for a long time.

Pleasure Island? Does that ring a bell?

The Epstein/Maxwell story is being reported in the media as a "sex scandal," but it's way more than that. The Epstein/Maxwell story is the tip of a huge iceberg that will lead - if the story is pursued - to the exposure of the worldwide pedophilia rings and their satanic ritual abuse, and the trafficking and abuse of children.

Unless the human race is wiling to confront this evil, we will never have peace on earth, we will never recognize our potential as a species. It's as simple as that. The darkness cannot be fully exposed unless the people of earth are willing to confront it.

Let's all pray for the children of the world, and thank the brave investigators who are helping to expose this evil in our midst.

This article appeared in the Washington Examiner on December 26, 2019, about accused pedophile Kevin Spacey. Make up your own mind about this.

"This marks the third Spacey accuser to die in 2019. " It's probably just coincidence of course.


When are we going to stop talking about conspiracy theories and begin to confront the problem?

Here's a conspiracy theory for you: The massive hatred of TRUMP is partly motivated by people in these networks who don't want to be exposed if TRUMP wins a second term. I'll make a prediction right now: TRUMP is going to come down hard on this if he wins a second term. Maybe Biden will too, but I'm not sure what his priorities are. Biden is a groper, which is documented in many public photographs. If Biden wins my guess is that the subject will be ignored.