Choices: The Dark Army Organizes Part 2

How does a society reform itself? Especially, a society based in corruption, human misery, and low consciousness?

Well, it would look a lot like what we’re seeing today. In order to break apart a corrupt (and evil) Old Order, fire must be used. You’d need, as I talked about in Part 1, a “revolution.” This revolution would simply slash and burn mindlessly. It would create such a disturbance that people would have to open their eyes and LOOK.

As much as I personally object to the tearing down of the good with the bad, I am coming to the sad conclusion that it’s necessary.

The sad fact is that there IS injustice in this world. And there is also the evil of child abuse and satanic ritual abuse that exists in the organized, planet-wide child trafficking/pedophile networks that are a part of our political, corporate, and entertainment establishment. These networks must be exposed and torn down.

There is no way a planet like ours can achieve peace on earth and the realization of human potential alongside of this evil. It can’t happen.

That is why, speaking from a purely spiritual perspective, the “revolution” is necessary. In a low-consciousness society like ours that is waking up, the only way to expose the evil is with fire. Those who are behind it have bad intentions, but their actions will, ultimately (when the history of this period is written) have benevolent results. That’s why I (theoretically) can’t get too mad at the insanity, even though I ranted about it in Part 1.

Old souls and star seeds will understand this, because planet earth isn’t our first rodeo.  

Some of us have been on other planets before this one that went through the awakening process We know what’s coming: a period of chaos and turmoil that will open the eyes of the people, followed by complete shock as the evil networks are exposed, followed by an angry reaction to “kill them all,” followed (hopefully) by a set of Nuremburg trials where those who participated in the evil will have to confess their crimes to the entire planet.

How long will this take? No one knows. We all have free will, and we can certainly backslide back into the darkness. I don’t see that happening though, because too many people have woken up now for us to go back. The rule is: once you gain awareness you can’t go back to ignorance. You can, as some have consciously done, turn toward the darkness. But some of that is necessary to provide the slashing and burning required for a mass awakening. Like the fire that ravages the forest but cleans it out for new growth, humanity is engaged on an amazing adventure of rising consciousness.