Daily Archives: December 17, 2023

As the world becomes mired in materialism, fake ScienceTM, AI, and transhumanism, we lose the connection to Spirit, to our own divinity, which provides the fundamental optimism and creativity that motivates a prosperous society. Embracing materialism, we lose the human connection that recognizes and respects each other and leads to tolerance and respect for the diversity of thought and belief that is the bedrock of successful human interaction. As a result we get a society awash in drugs, violence, and hatred.

The lack of a spiritual connection in our daily lives leads instead to self-criticism, dehumanization, and even the refusal to protect our culture.

There will never be peace in a world without spirituality or religion. I am not religious myself but I follow this simple little dictum: “Blessed is the human being who finds God any way they can.”

There will never be peace in a world without a fundamental belief in the divinity of the human spirit.

This Christmas, whether you are religious or not, let us ponder what kind of a world we want to live in, and then begin to create that world in our daily lives.

Blessings to all this Christmas!