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The brilliant social commentator Mathias Desmet explains why our society is divided into two conflicting and angry camps, and what we can do about it

In this blog I have tried to express the idea that until humanity understands that human consciousness is intimately connected to the Creative Source, we will as a species continue to struggle and resolve problems through conflict and war. In a speech to the Romanian Parliament in November, the brilliant social commentator Mathis Desmet outlines the psychology of conflict in the most eloquent and understandable fashion.

Desmet explains how our modern, materialistic (“rational”) and technological society is becoming totalitarian. It begins when a society becomes fragmented as ours has after the pandemic and the lockdowns and the forced vaccinations. People lose contact with one another, sitting at home in their houses and apartments, wearing masks and not talking to each other in person for fear of becoming infected. The fear of viruses and other biological agents causes fear to spread rapidly throughout society, promoted by a mass media and politicians and “scientists” who push narratives (propaganda) designed to manipulate people.

Large groups of people (“liberals, “conservatives,” “Trump lovers,” “Trump haters,” “pro-vaccine,” “anti-vaccine,” etc., in order to escape their enforced loneliness and their fear, form into camps of differing beliefs. But these camps consist of lonely individuals who embrace a narrative in an attempt to dispel the fear and separation they feel, without genuinely connecting to each other.

These social factions are not personally and physically connected to each other but only to the belief system of the group. This does not dispel loneliness. And so large groups of people can be much more easily manipulated by narratives and propaganda, which sets one group of people against another. In this way society becomes rigidly divided and hatred flourishes.

Prof. Desmet expresses this idea so clearly in his speech, which I will quote from here:

These two evolutions, the emergence of an elite that uses propaganda and a lonely population, reinforce each other. The lonely state is exactly the state in which a population is vulnerable [to] propaganda. In this way, a new kind of masses or crowds emerged throughout the last two centuries: the so-called lonely masses.

“People fall prey to mass formation to escape a pervasive feeling of loneliness and disconnectedness, induced by the rationalization of the world and the ensuing industrialization of the world and the excessive use of technology. They merge together in fanatic mass behavior because this seems to free them from their lonely, atomized state.

“And that is exactly the big illusion of mass formation: belonging to a mass doesn’t liberate a human being from its lonely state. Not at all. A mass is a group that is formed, not because individuals connect to each other, but because each individual separately is connected to a collective ideal. The longer a mass formation exists, the more solidarity they feel for the collective and the less solidarity and love they feel for other individuals. That’s exactly why in the end stage of mass formation and totalitarianism, every individual reports every other individual to the collective, or to the state, if they think that other individual is not loyal enough to the state. And in the end, the unthinkable happens, with mothers reporting their children to the state and children their parents.”

This is brilliantly stated. Combine mass formation, propaganda, and a lonely population with a materialist, technocratic elite bent on creating a “smart” society, the ultimate dystopian nightmare is created: technological Collectivism, a brain-dead, materialist society where individuals are so afraid of death that they deny the immortality of their own souls. Such a society must collapse, for it is the precise opposite of the Truth that a human being is not just a collection of atoms, but an incarnated, immortal soul having a temporary physical experience. The denial of human consciousness causes separation and then disassociation, which leads to depression and mass formation, and ultimately, the collapse of civilization.

Desmet proposes a solution that never occurred to me (geniuses have great insight): something he calls the Art of Sincere Speech:

Propaganda induced mass formation is a fake, symptomatic solution for loneliness. And the real solution lies in the Art of Sincere Speech. My next book, which I am writing now, is all about the psychology of Truth. Truth, by definition, from a psychological point of view, is resonating speech, it is speech which connects people, from core to core, from soul to soul, speech that penetrates through the veil of appearances, through the ideal images we hide behind, the imaginary shells we seek refuge in, and reconnects the shivering and disconnected soul of one human being to that of another human being.

“Here we observe something crucial: sincere speech is the real cure for loneliness – it reconnects people. As such, it takes away the root cause of the major symptom of our rationalist culture – mass formation and totalitarianism.....

“...And at the same time, sincere speech also inhibits this symptom in a more straightforward way... At every moment we chose to speak out in a sincere way, no matter where this happens, in a newspaper or a television interview, but equally well in the presence of only one other person at the kitchen table or in the supermarket, we help to cure society from the disease of totalitarianism.

“Each and every one who speaks a sincere word and succeeds in truly connecting as a human being to another human being, in particular a human being with a different opinion, deserves to be mentioned in the books of history, much more than a president or a minister who engages in propaganda and fails to show the courage to speak sincerely.”

In order to practice sincere speech we have to look into our own souls and go beyond the propaganda and the belief systems a propagandized society has infected us with. It takes courage to do this.

Make no mistake: evil exists in this world. We are in a spiritual war for the souls, hearts, and minds of humanity. The technocrats want to reduce the population and create a soulless, neural chipped and vaxxed society of collectivized zombie robots. This goal is clearly psychotic and anti-human, which shows us what we are dealing with.

However, the Light of the human soul (denied by materialists, Transhumanists, and technocrats) is far, far greater and more powerful than the darkness of technocratic fascism, for it connects us with the energy of the Divine, the One Consciousness that created and maintains the universe.  

Mathias Desmet’s speech can be found here:https://mattiasdesmet.substack.com/p/my-speech-in-the-parliament-of-romania