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The brilliant Sasha Latypova, in her recent substack titled “Weaponization of Disease Agents, Real technologies or sci-fi narratives?” states that “no one can make a supervirus in a lab.”  Apparently, the more lethal a substance is, the less infectious it is.

I am still trying to digest the implications of this, if it is true. I’m just going to summarize the bits I found most important in Sasha’s paper. To read the full article go to https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/weaponization-of-disease-agents and subscribe to this brilliant woman’s substack.

Here goes.  First is a question asked by a reader:

Sasha, at minute 43:36 in this interview you said to Mr. Kirsch "...There's no way to develop viruses that are both lethal and spreadable; That's a myth; That's a science-fiction myth; Ok, so that doesn't exist - off the table".

 “I haven't heard or read anyone else say that. What I hear and read from many sources, is the story about lovely gentleman and ladies that enjoy working in BSL3 & BSL4 labs, and they cobble together bits and pieces of biological things and attach them to other biological things and make scary-scary viruses they call chimeric bioweapons. Some journalists, and some lawyers, cite papers that explain what the gentleman & ladies of the labs have fabricated using gain-of-function, dual-use research, synthetic biology magic. And then tell us that these lab-made very scary things are bioweapons that may kill everybody.

“If what you say is true {I'll take your word for it} then all the work to make scary-scary viruses and frighten billions of people into getting injected is a huge scam, setup to make the participants wealthy. Are there other people, with skill sets similar to yours, that have said the same thing?”

Not just frighten billions of people, but importantly blackmail legislators (or create cover for the cooperating legislators) to approve the illegal laws and billions for the biodefense scam. All they had to do is poison or pretend to poison a handful of politicians [the anthrax scare]. Of course, you can poison one person with anything. Or 10 people in one location. But these bioweapon deployments are not anything alive and they don’t spread by themselves. Fear and lies are self-spreading, however, and can be skillfully used to drive people to self-destruction and to killing of others.

Sasha’s answer:

Other people are not talking about it, because biodefense is a huge grift on both sides. “Their” side appropriates money and power, and new billion dollar agencies for “Pandemic Preparedness”. “Our” side gets millions of followers talking about them evil guys (video of Francis Boyle repeating covid narrative and solidifying the biodefense racket), or spinning stories about biolabs in Wuhan, Ukraine and lately California. Remember, any rogue crazy PhD can build a scary biolab, and no PhD degree is actually needed. All you have to do is rent some space, leave a bunch of mice and random equipment that can’t be used for anything, and voila - scary biolab narrative is all over the news. Those evil CCP masterminds are working on weaponized mice! Did we forget that Ralph Baric has done the same for decades in North Carolina and failed to produce any pandemics there? Come to think of this, has your cat ever brought a weaponized mouse home to you as a present? Why not? They “leak” from labs almost every week, and using CRISPER gene drive narrative logic, all mice in the world should look like Ralph Baric by now.

“Nobody can make a super-virus in a lab. But

C’s Newsletter

The fucking vaccine creates the fucking virus, study concludes.

“Shrestha et al, Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bivalent Vaccine, didn’t say “The fucking vaccine creates the fucking virus.” The [study] said, “The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19 (Figure 2).” Look at it. You want to stick that in your arm…”

All right, I will let you guys digest this. If it truly is impossible to create a lethal virus in a lab, then the “pandemic” was a knowing scam and a PsyOp on such a massive scale that it’s almost incomprehensible. Of course many readers know or suspect this already, but if the science is this clear, it fooled the entire medical establishment (unless they were in on it) and many other scientists and intelligent laypersons as well. We know that SARS-COV-2’s lethality was at most 0.26% and possibly lower, so these claims make sense to me. Someone with scientific knowledge may have a different take, but it was hard for me to believe this when I first read it...

The development of technology cannot be an end in itself

The human race is fascinated with technology, and many believe that arranging our societies around the development of AI, neural chipping, birth-to-death vaccinations, and invasive surveillance technology is the ideal situation for humanity. Unfortunately, the successful implementation of such a society must have a command economy and be ruled from above (or by AI, same thing).

For example, Elon Musk posted today (Nov 24, 2023) an article by Rich Sutton about AI research. It says,

Seeking an improvement that makes a difference in the shorter term, researchers seek to leverage their human knowledge of the domain, but the only thing that matters in the long run is the leveraging of computation....breakthrough progress eventually arrives by an opposing approach based on scaling computation by search and learning. The eventual success is tinged with bitterness, and often incompletely digested, because it is success over a favored, human-centric approach.” [emphasis mine]

Rich Sutton, The Bitter Lesson, http://www.incompleteideas.net/IncIdeas/BitterLesson.html

My comment to Musk was as follows: “The more AI research veers away from ‘a human-centric approach’ the less human it becomes. AGI then becomes completely divorced from human values; a robotic, sterile, purely intellectual effort without compassion or affinity for life. Caveat empor.”  (Artificial General Intelligence is a machine intelligence that is as, or more, intelligent than humans)


The prospect of turning human civilization over to AI has not dimmed the rapid embrace of technology in the minds of the general public, or in “stakeholders” that want to use AI for their own purposes.  Microsoft’s “Democracy Forward Initiative,” for example, is a blatant attempt to rig elections by

Providing election security using software called ElectionGuard, to be integrated with all election software systems to be used along with vote counting.

Preserve and support journalism (that aligns with Microsoft’s goals) and helps with pre-publication review (!).

Help local publications create business models for sustainable journalism, thus sponsoring journalism,

Partner with NewsGuard, a “trust” service ranking news sources based on highly biased fact-checks.”


Why does Microsoft, a private corporation embedded in the monstrosity that is our federal government, want to insert itself into our election process? You get one guess!

In the future techno-state (being built right now), individuals cannot be allowed too much freedom, for individual freedom results in many mavericks who do not follow the proposed program for the Greater Good. That’s because the techno-state is a "safe" social organization where all cooperate, behave, and believe similarly. This results in a dictatorial mindset and social structure, with forced cooperation for the unbelievers, as in vaccine mandates and lockdowns in the name of “public health.”

But that was just the precursor to full-on Collectivism.

Human history is the story of individuals who rebel against the dictatorship of the individual (cult of personality) or the dictatorship of the collective. Marx called this the “dictatorship of the proletariat” but it is rule by the majority and the suppression of minority points of view –  which then breeds revolutionaries who eventually overthrow the society. Then the process starts over again. And again, and again, and again... and thus is the history of humanity.

The Final Solution of the techno-state is what I call Collectivism, which voluntarily requires individuals to be chipped and vaxxed for the good of society – and persons like Bill Gates.

Collectivism is not possible until a level of technology exists that can embrace the entire planet – otherwise there are vast areas untouched by the New Order. However, we are at that stage now where all humans can be affected by new, often poorly tested technology and the social structures based upon them. We all experienced an attempted Collectivist reorganization of humanity during the recent pandemic.

Collectivism is far more sinister than fascism (a corporate/State cooperative dictatorship) or communism (the State owns everything), for techno-state Collectivism reaches into the very cellular structure of human DNA via nano-bio-technology and neural chipping. Collectivism is the attempt to re-program humanity to suit an inhuman agenda, not a divine one. Needless to say, such a society will die off and be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Astonishingly (to me), well over half of the people in the Western world believe in Collectivism. These are the people who eagerly embraced the experimental, gene-altering mRNA “vaccines” and the lockdowns and the scientifically absurd, made up idea of “stand six feet apart.” Incredibly, according to the ourworldindata.org website, “70.6% of the world population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. 13.53 billion doses have been administered globally, and 9,393 are now administered each day.”

With a human population of 8 billion, 70.6% is over 5.6 billion people who received a dose of the untested, experimental gene therapy product; the forerunner to a techno-state chipped and vaxxed population. (Elon Musk and others are busy creating neural chips.)

In the United States, according to usafacts.org, “at least 270,227,181 people or 81% of the population have received at least one dose.”

The data is in

The US is rapidly separating into two societies: one dominated by technology and the belief in artificial general intelligence, and the other that has a more religious/spiritual understanding that rejects Collectivism. I wonder whether there is a correlation between a more spiritual understanding, and those who did not take the “vaccine.” My guess is that there is. These people are what I call “old souls.”

Old souls have had many, many lifetimes on earth and know how the “system” works. These are people who could discern something untoward with the lockdowns, the separation, the closing of schools, and suspect (without having proof) that the experimental mRNA “vaccines” were potentially dangerous.

Well, now the data is in.

We can now analyze the data from early 2021 to the third quarter of 2022, when 90% of the COVID-19 vaccines had been distributed. These results were first summarized in Watson et al. (2022). This study claimed that millions of lives were saved by the mRNA “vaccines.” This story, which appeared in the prestigious journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, was widely publicized by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Reuters, the Associated Press, Science News, and even the Nobel Prize committee, which stated that “The vaccines have saved millions of lives and prevented severe disease in many more, allowing societies to open and return to normal conditions.”

Unfortunately this study has serious flaws.

A follow-up study has been published in Correlation, titled “Quantitative evaluation of whether the Nobel Prize-winning COVID-19 vaccine actually saved millions of lives,” by Denis G. Rancourt, PhD, and Joseph Hickey, PhD. A very readable summary is posted on Dr. Rancourt’s substack at https://denisrancourt.substack.com/p/quantitative-evaluation-of-whether

The authors state categorically that

Our calculations provide graphical proof that “the theoretical proposals of Watson et al. (2022) — corresponding globally to 14.4 or 19.8 million lives saved by COVID-19 vaccination — are untenable, and are not even partially correct.  There is no evidence in actual all-cause mortality data that the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts had any beneficial effect. In fact, the contrary is apparent.”  


In the graph above for the USA, all cause mortality deaths (ACM) increased as the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. Vaccine doses are in gray, the reported all cause mortality (deaths from all causes) is in blue, and the Watson et al. “deaths averted by vaccination” is in red. As the vax doses increased from 2021, the number of deaths increased, not decreased.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, who holds patents on the invention of mRNA technology, over 17 million excess deaths worldwide were caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. This story of one mother and her son is typical of reports from the vaccine injured. My question is, how many vaccine injured are there?

Changing course

Embracing technology without wisdom or discernment can lead to terrible results. With the COVID-19 vax rollout and now with the development of AGI, artificial general intelligence, new tech products are being developed without regard to their effect on the human race. If humanity is to ever attain real freedom and stability in this world, the human spiritual connection to divine wisdom must be developed and never lost, for this connection leads to a higher level of knowledge and the dissolution of hatred and conflict.

The story of the mRNA vax rollout is the story of mindless and heedless investment in gain-of-function research to develop products that were not properly tested before release. And the same goes for AI research. It is a case of “we do it because we can,” based on the assumption that new technology will always be beneficial.

Instead of mindlessly developing new technology that may actually be harmful to human societies, let’s concentrate on the development of the human spirit and human consciousness.