Daily Archives: November 12, 2023

The two main issues

Another endless war is developing in the Middle East, and the insane war in Ukraine continues, brought to you by our psychopathic overlords. Meanwhile, the United States economy is being hollowed out by insane government spending that has resulted in  the escorting of 8 to 10 million illegal migrants over the southern border since January 20, 2021, along with massive amounts of fentanyl that is killing 80,000 people a year in a reverse Opium War.  

The Mexican drug cartels control our southern border now, and every migrant who comes over must pay thousands of dollars to these criminal organizations.

The U.S. government is the world’s largest human trafficker.

There are two main issues facing the US as I see it.

(1) Massive government money printing has resulted in a yearly interest payment that has now reached $1 trillion. The government took in about $4.5 trillion dollars in fiscal year 2023, but it spent $6.5 trillion (figures are approximate). That’s a $2T deficit. In FY 2023, over 20% of every dollar collected by the gummint was spent on interest payments. With interest rates way higher than before, that debt interest will get greater and greater every year, particularly if spending isn’t cut to reasonable levels.

If nothing is done, how long can this continue before the whole thing collapses?

We are in the final phase of capitalism: finance capitalism, where the amount of goods and services grows less and less because the government grows larger and larger and sucks more and more productivity out of the private sector. In its place, worthless fiat paper currency is printed. Today, a significant portion of U.S. GDP is just government spending. Our manufacturing base was sent to China during the Bush 43 and Obama administrations.

Yet the U.S. economy still limps along. Mostly everything still works, but how long will that last?

(2) The second issue is the massive invasion of our country along the southern border, with millions of young men of military fighting age, fifth columnists, CCP/PLA operatives, Hamas and Hezbollah operatives, IDF spies, and criminals from every nation coming across — which is also a cover for the massive influx of fentanyl and the trafficking of children and women.

Ukraine and Israel are not on the list. I’m sorry for Ukraine and Israel, but we must address our own border and protect U.S. sovereignty first, even as the national security state and mass media are all-in for the New War as the Old War sputters out amid a hundred thousand deaths.

So why is all this happening?

The Shift

Human consciousness in a Shift. In the last post I talked about social bifurcation and the chaos that develops when events accelerate in preparation for an evolutionary leap to a different social state.

With the advent of social media, a bifurcation occurred. The pandemic and the lockdowns accelerated social isolation for individuals, and the “vaccine” debate and the mandates further hardened attitudes and created rifts in our society. The introduction of millions of migrants from literally all over the world, who do not share the tradition of tolerance and open-handedness that was the bedrock of the middle class here in the US, is creating  and will create more chaos.

We’re in the chaotic period now where bifurcations are occurring rapidly and events are really hard to keep up with. The only question is: Will we evolve to a higher state, or will society collapse?

Well, why create a negative future? Humanity has been conditioned by our history of war and conflict to always expect the worst. The Shift offers the possibility to take a  different track. Events are accelerating due to a shift in human consciousness, which affects every person on the planet. The darkness is being exposed.

Those who want to keep the old energy of war and conflict going are creating these wars. The lies of the national security state here in the US are so numerous, tangled, and contradictory that their entire Narrative War is collapsing under the weight of its own falsehoods and internal contradictions. It is instructive to watch a White House  news conference and watch Karine Jean-Pierre stumble all over herself in an attempt to obfuscate and lie about the news of the day. Thios is what happen when you build a House of Lies and then try to defend it.  I don’t envy KJP.

The national security state psychopaths have only one tool set in their toolbox: lies, deceit, and when that doesn’t work, violence. Their narratives are facilitating the consciousness shift.

The Great Awakening continues.


As the election approaches, watch for more and more absurd mainstream media narratives and, of course, more chaotic events like shootings and train wrecks like the one in East Palestine. Executive branch agencies are part of the problem. They have, like Congress, abandoned their original mission to serve the people and instead serve special interests (this, dear reader, is hopefully not news to you!).

The EPA, for example, is completely captured by the industries it is supposed to regulate. The EPA rep on the scene in East Palestine OKed the horrendous blast of carcinogenic chemicals which has polluted the land and the rivers and streams for miles around, and then blamed it all on the local fire chief! (even though the EPA had jurisdiction). While that was happening, the cardboard cutout political hack EPA director was on a plane with celebrities, going to a posh “climate change” conference in Africa. (The irony of this is appalling. The EPA effected “climate change” on the people of East Palestine. Don’t need to go to Africa to see that.) When this bureaucrat was hauled before Congress to answer questions about the environmental catastrophe, he stalled, mumbled, and deflected. It was patently obvious he knew nothing about the situation, and didn’t care. I could barely stand to watch his testimony.

I remember celebrating the creation of the EPA back in 1972, but now it is just an industry-captured bureaucracy. The EPA doesn't care as much about polluters or pollution as it does about phony, fake “climate change” Scientism.

That's my rant for today!

Can we live in peace?

Why can’t we live in peace?

We can, except we let a small minority of psychopaths rise to the top of our social and political organizations. We let them control the narratives and convince people to fight each other. These people are highly motivated because they focus only on themselves and their myopic goals of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement.

Let’s ignore these people. The greatest fear of the psychopath is that no one pays attention to them.

We don’t have to protest out on the streets and scream and yell. Fighting against just empowers the other side and contributes to more conflict.

Ignore the calls to take this side or that side in a conflict. Don’t participate, and don’t comply. Research all claims, even on media you agree with, and make up your own mind about issues. Quietly share your research with others or in blog posts or on X.

Informed citizens are key – as a citizen, perform due diligence on all narratives and claims.  

An informed citizenry is vital for the successful functioning of a democracy.

This is reflected in the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin: “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

Substitute the word “people” for “men” and you have a quote that perfectly applies to current events. When Franklin says “the rights which God has given them” he is talking about inalienable rights that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Bill of Rights for all U.S. citizens.  Inalienable means, “that which cannot be taken away.” These are inherent human rights granted not by the State, but by the Creative Source, the maker of the universe, and the higher power that all human beings are connected to.


The power to move the Social Overton Window to a higher state is fully in the hands of every individual. The national security state and the endless war crowd are fighting a losing battle!