Daily Archives: July 26, 2022

Scott Rosenberg at Axios reports that Facebook is changing its chronological organization of posts, and is going to “shape your online life around the algorithmically-sorted preferences of millions of strangers around the globe.”

Algorithms sorting posts? This is how Transhumanists want to run the world: Create a hive mind where individuality is subsumed by AIs and algos that know better what we should be thinking and reading and watching.

That's how TikTok sorts the videos it shows users, and that's largely how Facebook will now organize its home screen.”

That’s great! Tik Tok is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. All of the data you put up on Tik Tok goes to servers in China. The CCP has already created a totalitarian, technocratic state that ruthlessly suppresses dissent and individual opinion. In other words, the CCP and now Facebook are aligning their view of the world around the Hive Mind. Everybody think, speak, and act alike! Don’t rock the boat! The goal of Transhumanism and their allies in Big Tech and Big Medical, and the nutjobs in Davos, is to create an entire planetary society modeled on the CCP’s state fascism.

The dominant player in social media is transforming itself into a kind of digital mass media, in which the reactions of hordes of anonymous users, processed by machine learning, drive the selection of your content.”

Yup. That’s the “vision” of the sociopaths who have somehow gotten to the top of our governments and world institutions like the WEF, the WHO, and the UN.

Facebook and its rivals call this a ‘discovery engine’...For roughly a decade following the 2008 financial crisis, social networks — led by Facebook, with Twitter playing an important secondary role —dominated the internet's culture and economy. Their rise came with high hopes they might unleash waves of democratic empowerment and liberate self-expression around the world. But their chief impact emerged in the transformation of the media industry and the digital advertising business.”

Yes. And the suppression of free speech as the search algos became more and more authoritarian, suppressing “unwanted” content in the name of “protecting” people from “harmful” opinions.

The TikTok-style ‘discovery engine’ model shares many of the same problems. Posts are even less rooted in a web of social relationship. The larger the crowd, the louder the threshold for speech to be heard.”

But there is good news:

Messaging will continue to grow as the central channel for private, one-to-one and small group communications. Meta owns a big chunk of that market, too, thanks to Facebook Messenger and its ownership of WhatsApp. At the other end of the media spectrum, the ‘discovery engines’ run by TikTok and Meta will duke it out with streaming services to capture billions of eyeballs around the globe and sell that attention to advertisers.

All this leaves a vacuum in the middle — the space of forums, ad-hoc group formation and small communities that first drove excitement around internet adoption in the pre-Facebook era. Facebook's sunsetting of its own social network could open a new space for innovation on this turf, where relative newcomers like Discord are already beginning to thrive.”

Let the myopic giants in Big Tech and Big Medical, aligned with their nutjob Transhumanist buddies, continue to promote a World Hive Mind. They will capture a certain percentage of the population of course. But those of us with self-awareness will reject this dystopian future and create a better one, based on guaranteed human rights that come from God, not the state.