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The coronavirus is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to humanity.

The above statement is outrageous of course, and insulting to all those who have died and are undergoing hardship. Nevertheless, if we take the big picture view, something like this was necessary to force humanity out of its complacency, and its 6,000 year history of solving problems with war and violence.

Here in the US the level of vitriol was simply unsustainable and, if continued, would have led to a collapse of the country, or even civil war. Now people are being forced to lower the level of hatred. We are in a “timeout” where heads can cool off for a while. Physical separation and social distancing is causing people, as they sit in semi-quarantined isolation in their homes, to take a deep breath and contemplate their lives and their future, and the future of their cities, countries, and the planet.

As I said in a previous blog post, the pandemic and the economic crisis it has engendered is a historical force. It is unstoppable; its roots lie deep within the collective consciousness of humanity.

The world is going through a necessary transition from an old, broken system ruled by darkness and corruption, into a new one. We are in a transition phase where the unworkable aspects of the old system are being exposed. A new consciousness is arising!

It’s a painful transition, but big changes for the better require some pain now. The coronavirus is just one way this could have happened. This pandemic is opening up (or should I say prying open) a metaphoric “lid” on the darkness that has ruled this planet for millennia. This darkness is represented physically by the worldwide arms, drugs, and human/child trafficking networks, and the anti-social personalities who have risen to the top of many societal, political, and economic pyramids.

Behind the coronavirus, I’m certain, are some deep dark secrets. Over the next year or so we’re going to find out who is behind the release of this virus and what their motivations were. The dark networks on this planet are going to be identified and shut down. A wildcard event of this magnitude – the most significant event in human history, affecting 7.5 billion people, and involving the entire world economy and every person on the planet – is what I call a historical force. It is unstoppable. The light shining on the planet, generated by a population sick and tired of the old, broken system, is forcing people to look inside. It is exposing the personal darkness within all of us so it can be cleaned out. It is exposing the fault lines and flaws within the top-heavy economy and the corrupt political system. It is releasing the light within. It is preparing us for a new world without war.

We Can’t Go  Back

The capital markets are spiraling down as sociopaths (again) short-sell the market and try to transfer the assets of the middle classes worldwide into their hands. This will work for a while, but only for a while. Until the people of the world, who can communicate instantly across the planet, wake up and see how the global elites have arranged human societies for their benefit and not ours.

Should we be mad at these people, when they are identified?

Absolutely not. Because we, the people, have allowed them to ascend to their positions of power. Human populations have been on their collective backs so long that acquiescence has become a habit. When the Patriot Act was passed in 2001, for example, not one of our legislators even read it. (This is the law that formally created the surveillance state, exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013.) What did we the people do? Nothing. Oh, a few of us exposed what was in it and ranted about it for a while. But we the people were happy to get on with our lives, and mostly ignored the legalization of what some call the Deep State. Well, that’s all over now. Life is going to change, is changing, and we’re never going back.

We can’t go back because once you reach a higher level of consciousness, your new self-awareness is permanent. And that’s a good thing.

The established patterns in our lives are changing, and will change further as time passes. I mean that in a positive sense, for the rigidity of the old system is cracking apart.

The Future

I see a fantastic future ahead for the planet and for humanity. As I’ve said in previous blog posts, when you clean out the junk in the closet you make a mess. You get filthy, dust flies everywhere, you start coughing, you get pissed off, and halfway through you’re about ready to give up because the job looks hopelessly hard. But if you persist you make it through. And even better, when others see you struggling they come to help. That’s the wonderful and indomitable characteristic of human nature: we want to help each other. And we do! Something as simple as a phone call to someone who is lonely is an act of kindness and generosity. Little acts of kindness go a long way, and create a higher resonance in your neighborhood and in your city.

Make no mistake, coronavirus is the opening act in a huge transformation of human consciousness on the planet.

When the planet gets through it, life won’t be the same because the old patterns of life are breaking down. The US (and all nations) are complex systems that are now in a mathematically chaotic state. Complex systems cannot be described by a single rule and their characteristics are not reducible to one level of description, because they consist of millions (billions) of actors and interactions between them. Complex systems exhibit properties that emerge from the interaction of their parts and which cannot be predicted from the properties of the parts. When they go into a chaotic state, unlimited possibilities for evolution occur. We are experiencing this RIGHT NOW. Fortunately these systems usually settle down at a higher level.


Human societies are becoming less linear and more multi-dimensional. We are getting out of the 6,000-year-old box of beliefs. By multi-dimensional I mean the free (or freer) interaction of millions of variables/actors. The old system was basically locked down to accepted ‘truths.’ You get born, you go to school (where you learn a rigid curriculum defined by education “experts” at the national level – a hierarchical, top-down system), you get a job, you pay taxes, you get married, you join your local club or go to church, you get old and watch your grandkids while they do the same as you did. Rinse and repeat.

All of that is breaking down now as the light penetrates systems that lack integrity. And the reason for it is human consciousness, which has spawned a global pandemic that is affecting every person on earth. This process had already begun in the last decade of the 20th century, and has accelerated since the wildcard events of the 21st.

The repatterning began on January 1, 2000. It was called Y2K, and was supposedly the end of the world. Then 9/11 happened a year after that. In 2008, the meltdown of the financial markets, in 2009, the H1N1 virus that infected over 60 million people just in the US. Then, in 2016, the unexpected election of Donald Trump. In 2020, the second SARS virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic and almost an economic depression, and will be the impetus for a reset of the world’s financial system and a reorientation of the world’s supply chains. Corona will cause human beings, I believe, to rethink EVERYTHING about how we run our lives, our schools, our politics, and our economies. It is the kick in the collective ass that will force real change in the complex human system on planet earth. (You can see a glimpse of these massive changes in the $2.3 trillion relief bill and the $4 trillion bomb the Fed just released to support the credit markets.)

The next wildcard? The collapse of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is not going to survive corona, or it will be given a fatal blow that will soon cause it to collapse. That’s because people are tired of lies, tired of corruption, tired of the same old system that allows anti-social people to rise to the top of the pyramid. Over 21 million cell phone accounts have been recently closed in China, yet the CCP claims it has only had, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, 3,174 deaths as of March 27th. This is absurd. 21 million people suddenly decided to cancel their cellphone accounts? The CCP does practice social engineering, whereby dissidents are punished for speaking out against the Party, so some of that could simply be living persons who have been denied a phone by the CCP as punishment for speaking out against the government. The great hero Dr. Li Wenliang was one of these. Even more likely is that the economy in China has shut down to the point that people can't afford cell phones.

The virus may have originated in Wuhan City in Hubei province in China, but everyone is responsible. This statement only makes sense when you understand that human consciousness, in the form of individual human beings, contributes to the consciousness of the whole. Therefore, Corona is ultimately the product of the collective consciousness of mankind. This is not an outrageous statement, for all countries and humans have been affected. The way consciousness manifests into the physical universe is that, if you are blameless, you are unaffected. It’s a form of immunity. Living an exemplary life almost always allows you to walk into the valley of death without ill effects. The pandemic is proof that we’re creating it together. And we’ll get through it together.

Gaia is not turning against us, I believc – corona is completely a man-made phenomenon.

Humanity cannot play the blame game again – as we have been doing for 6,000 years. We must pull together!

Complex Systems

The good news about the pandemic? Complex systems, when they go chaotic, always settle down eventually, and often to a higher or better state than before. We’ve seen this in the rise and fall of empires in the old consciousness. When the system gets corrupted it must break apart, leading to the possibility of a new and better one. A forest that experiences a massive fire (because of overgrowth, for example) will quickly regenerate. Human systems are composed of elements with consciousness, that can reach for higher possibilities. This is what we’re in now.

If you’ve seen that great movie about fungus, you know that the old system (like the dirty closet) must be cleaned up to make ready for new life. The pandemic is the analogy to the fungus in the planetary human system.

It’s not trite to say that the new consciousness is breaking apart old patterns. The new relief bill, for example, provides hundreds of billions of dollars in direct government assistance to individuals and small businesses. The Fed is essentially merging with the U.S. Treasury as the privately owned central bank becomes more responsive, by necessity, to the will of the people. The Fed put several trillion on its balance sheet to support the credit markets, and now another $2.3 trillion in the relief bill is being spent. And more is coming, probably, if the economy is shut down for more than a few weeks.

$1200 for individuals isn’t going to go a long way, but it’s the principle that counts. Trump is using the power of the Fed to not only bail out big corporations, but also to support the little guy. In the relief bill, $350 billion in direct government assistance to individuals. There is now a lot more concern for PEOPLE than before. The motto in this crisis has been, “Who cares about the deficit? We need to help workers as well as banks and corporations.” These are principles progressives have been arguing for, for decades. Ladies and germs, it’s a great start! Even corporate hedge fund managers have called for a zero tax rate for all those making less than $200,000 per year for all of 2020. This is a good start to re-designing our economy to make it more compassionate.

As my grandmother used to say, “People won’t change unless they are forced to.” Well, we are being forced to! Don’t believe those who say that the pandemic is the precursor to the establishment of worldwide fascism. Oh, we may find a politician or two who thinks that he or she can rise from the chaos and become the AntiChrist a la Revelations. But people will see through them. The world is now connected into a global brain a la Buckminster Fuller. Dictatorships and totalitarian societies are on their way OUT. The new consciousness will not support them.

The end result will be human societies living in a more compassionate fashion. The global pandemic is just the opening act that is birthing a new consciousness and a new planet.