Daily Archives: March 16, 2020

As the markets implode and the world economy shuts down, I have only one observation: This is the greatest transfer of wealth from the world's working and middle classes to the globalist elites in world history.

Panic selling (and short selling -- betting that the market will go down) by institutional investors and hedge funds are contributing to the market crash all over the world. These are the same globalist elites who sent 10 million U.S. factory jobs to China to take advantage of what is essentially slave labor, in order to boost their balance sheets. Now they are panicking and selling off the market. Every market, all over the world. This is no longer just a market correction because the stock market was overbought. This looks to me like a deliberate selloff to crush everyone who invested in the markets.

If it is I want to know who's behind this. I'm starting to get really mad as my life savings evaporate into thin air. Lots of people are selling, but who's buying? That's what I want to know.

Trading must be shut down. Now. It's irresponsible to keep the markets open and watch as the savings of the world's workers (blue and white collar) go down the tubes. If this keeps up we're going to see the death of market economies all over the world. The so-called "leaders" of the Western democracies must stop this market selling insanity, and do it NOW. Close the NYSE until this corona crisis is over. To not do so is to play into the hands of the sociopaths who are wrecking Western economies and democratic societies.