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Imagine you are a time traveler, able to go back and forth into the past and the future. What would you see?

An experienced time traveler would see that “time” is a phenomenon entirely dependent on perception. You would also see that “time” can be changed from both the past, present, and future. In two dimensions this can be described as a circle; in three dimensions a sphere or a torus where every point is reachable from any other point. In other words, “time” operates as a closed, dynamic, self-referencing system. Neither the past nor the future is frozen: past results are changeable, future possibilities are also changeable.

Does it seem weird to say that the past can be changed? This happens all the time in Traumatic Incident Reduction, a form of therapy. A person has an issue, he or she goes over and over it until all of the negative emotion and thoughts are taken out of it. If a person has an issue with another person and the first person runs out all of the negative charge connected with the issue, very often the second person softens and the issue is resolved for both persons. If you’ve experienced this, it’s like a miracle. So looking at the past from the present can change the past, present, and future for both persons.

I have a volatile Irish temper, which I have softened over the years by meditating. But I can still get hot, especially on the road. Today someone was on my ass going down a narrow, one-lane freeway ramp, and tried to pass me on the ramp. Apparently this person was pissed because the truck ahead of us was going 25mph and blocking the ramp for everyone else. Once we got to the end of the ramp it widened and the person behind me accelerated out and tried to block me from going on the freeway. I was pretty pissed I can tell you that.

Ten seconds later I decided I didn’t want to be “road rage asshole guy” so I re-lived the incident in my mind, re-projecting the past. I saw myself as “serene driver guy” smiling benevolently on the other driver. I’ve been doing this for years; sometimes successfully and sometimes not. This time I literally felt the timeline of my past re-program itself. The original incident never happened: the re-created incident was my reality. All of my anger was gone. Apparently this is my reward for years of meditating and visualizing! I was amazed that the “original” incident of anger was gone, replaced by good vibes.

This leads to an interesting question: Which incident is real?

“Of course the original incident is real you fool,” the scientist says. “What you do in your imagination is your own delusion.”

Is it?

If the original incident is the real one I would still have the negative emotion on my past timeline; but I erased all that. The other driver probably couldn’t have cared less what I did; I don’t know what it was like for that person. But I do know that an incident between two people requires two terminals. In any event that involves more than one person there are terminals and energy flowing between them. Therefore, knocking down one of the terminals means that the negative connection is broken between them. If that negative connection is substituted with positive vibes, the connection that was previously a mess could actually become enhanced. Therefore, consciously “reliving” an incident could actually change things in the physical universe, altering timelines both for you and the other people involved.

Esoterically speaking, it gets even more amazing. What if this sprawling clusterfuck of humanity actually has a purpose for being on earth? What if that purpose is a test of energy between dark and light? What if the earth is participating in this experiment, and is recording every thought, emotion, intention, and action of every human on earth?

In that case, the esoteric recording grids of the earth can also be altered through meditation and visualization. If the recording grids of earth actually record the “real” incidents, then re-living them or re-visualizing them can actually change the direction of lives, because “past” incidents, like computer RAM, can be imprinted with a new pattern. This means that the past isn’t solid and unalterable, but malleable. It means that the past is written, but can be rewritten. It means that future prophecy can be voided. It means that the battle between dark and light is changed by human consciousness and intent. It means that the human race can co-create with the laws of the universe to change “real” conditions on the planet.

This is not such a revolutionary concept, for visionaries throughout history have changed the course of human events with great ideas, new inventions, acts of selflessness and humanitarianism. It’s just that today, a lot of people are stuck on the old timeline that called for inevitable destruction of humanity and the earth. Eschatological nutcases try to engineer world war three, people see Trump as the reincarnation of Nazi fascism, unbalanced people put up “Georgia Guidestones,” calling for the human population to be reduced to 500 million, and it goes on and on.

The Georgia Guidstones
WTF is this?

Source: “Georgia Guidestones – mysterious instructions for the post-apocalypse,” ZME Science, Feb 7, 2019, Mihai Andrei, https://www.zmescience.com/other/feature-post/georgia-guidestones-mysterious-instructions-for-the-post-apocalypse/

These dark energies are remnants from the old timeline that people carry in their consciousness. Eventually, these old fogies will die off and the new children will be born into a planet with a higher and higher light quotient. The new kids will know nothing about the idiocy and the insanity from the old timeline, and the planet will finally experience peace on earth. But that’s going to take a couple of generations. Meanwhile we have to put up with low consciousness (see, “Rebalancing and Akashic Cleaning,” section on “Low Consciousness and High Consciousness,” on this blog).

But we have a weapon, a very powerful weapon: co-creation with the light. Visualizing a new life for ourselves and for the planet. As the light increases, this is becoming more and more possible. In the old timeline it was mostly a joke because the dark was stronger. Not anymore! The gloom-and-doomers are still stuck on the old timeline, and who can blame them? An old fogie like me, who has already lived 67 years, has lived through a lot of shit on this planet. A lot of it was bad and negative shit. Fortunately I think like a young person and am eternally optimistic about the future. Fortunately, that optimism can now be rewarded as the light begins to become more and more powerful.