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In popular conception, the Third World War would be fought with nuclear weapons and  result in the destruction of humanity. This is an old energy concept. Humanity has made it past the extinction event foretold by prophecy. We are on a new timeline now. However, humanity IS fighting a world war of sorts. It’s the war between light and dark. It’s a war of ideas. It is largely a silent war because the majority of the earth’s population has no idea what is happening behind the scenes. In order to illustrate this concept, we’ll turn to the absurd comedy known as Russiagate.

Here’s Russiagate in a nutshell: Candidate Hillary Clinton took classified information she got from her position as Sec State, placed this info on her private (unsecured) server, and sold the info to the highest bidders. Somebody stole emails about this that were on the server of the DNC and gave them to Julian Assange, who published them. The Russiagate narrative was concocted in an elaborate attempt to cover this up. That’s the story in a nutshell. I have no dog in this fight because I didn’t vote for either candidate.  But that’s what going to come out in the end after this absurd drama is finally resolved.

Even more absurd is the worldwide corporate state we live in. The modern corporation was essentially created in 1600 by a  charter granted to the East India Company of London by Queen Elizabeth I. Corporations control 99% of the planet’s population and resources. What is the object of the corporation? To make money. What is money? It’s monetized debt issued out of thin air by a central bank, which controls the money supply of almost every nation. These central banks are  themselves controlled  by an organization called the Bank For International Settlements (BIS).[1] Almost everyone in this country works for a corporation. Those that do not often incorporate their small businesses, or even themselves. The constant demand to “make money” (and  a growing world population) means an ever-expanding demand to dig up more of the earth’s resources. There are almost no recycling systems on the planet, which means that waste from this mindless economic expansion goes into landfills, into our air and water, and into the ocean, which has a sea of plastic the size of Texas.

Does this sound to you like a rational system for organizing human affairs? It’s insane, which might explain the current chaotic state of humanity.

Ladies and germs, this entire corporate control system, which runs the world, is breaking down. It’s breaking down because it’s inefficient and irrational. The light is shining on this outdated system more and more, informing people and waking them up. Like the old Soviet Union, it cannot last much longer. A new system  using new, cleaner technologies is gradually developing away from the current one based on  primitive fossil fuels.

The political system is also breaking down. The old system is based on candidates and parties fighting and disrespecting each other. Corporations buy off politicians, using them as swords and shields in an economic war that just leads to more conflict. The world’s political systems are also nutty because conflict, rather than cooperation, is the norm in politics. Moreover, corporate news organizations, influenced by the intelligence communities of various nations, try to steer public narratives to “acceptable” topics (ones that support the old, rotting system).

However, a new political system is going to be developed, based on candidates who don’t slam each other, but who are actually interested in the common good. At first these politicians will appear, and lose badly. Then it will catch on. Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. For example, Pete Buttigieg, who sounded like a great candidate to me, turns out to be a retired naval intelligence officer. He’s part of the push by the “deep state” portion of the U.S. intel community to put intelligence agents in office (in my opinion).  (There are several former CIA people already serving in Congress, look them up. Once a member of that agency, you don’t really retire.) Oh well. I’m looking for an alternative to Trump, you see, because he has the most massive ego I’ve ever seen, and he’s too confrontational  for me. But IMHO, people like Buttigieg aren’t the answer.  We don’t need more intelligence “assets” in Congress or in the executive. Amazingly, among all the Democratic candidates, I don’t see an alternative to Trump. Bernie? A man of conviction, but still adhering to the failed policies of economic socialism a la the old Soviet Union, which collapsed under the weight of its economic inefficiencies and a dictatorial, all-encompassing central government. Beto? A lightweight. Warren? Lying about her Native American heritage to get cushy jobs. Biden? Old energy, washed up (as Trump says).  Harris, Booker, the rest of them, are all political insiders and part of the old, corrupt system. The other fringe Democratic candidates are wannabees. For all his faults, Trump is truly a D.C. outsider – which is why news organizations have been railing at him since he announced his candidacy in 2015. Watch for it – Trump is going to expose massive corruption in DC before his first term expires in early 2021. It’s going to start this summer or this fall. He’s a massive, brute force that the old system won’t be able to handle.

The light is shining brighter and brighter, which is going to allow us to see the corruption and expose it. Before it was all hidden; covered up. The light is exposing, behind the scenes, the silent war that is being fought all over the planet. Trump is the hammer that is causing the dark army to come out from under their rocks and expose themselves.

Let me give you an example of this silent war. In the Gulf of Oman on June 13, 2019, two Iranian oil tankers were torpedoed. Most of the corporate U.S. media immediately cried that it was Iran’s fault. But wait a minute.  Central Command Chief of Staff US Army Major General Michael Kurilla ordered a press release. US Central Command spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Earl Brown said in a CENTCOM statement:

The U.S. and our regional partners are assisting in the response to attacks in the Gulf of Oman. The U.S. and the international community stand ready to defend our interests, including freedom of navigation... We have no interest in engaging in a new conflict in the Middle East... We will defend our interests, but a war with Iran is not in our strategic interest, nor in the best interest of the international community.”

Source:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-13/us-claims-smoking-gun-video-evidence-irans-navy-handling-mine-tanker-hull).

But the US Navy released a low quality video claiming that the Iranians removed a mine from one of the damaged oil tankers, implying that the Iranians attacked the tanker. The Iranians vehemently denied that they attacked the tankers and that their ship was simply rescuing sailors onboard the damaged tanker. The Japanese company that owns one of the targeted oil tankers (the ‘Kokuka Courageous) said its crew spotted “flying objects” before the attack in the Gulf of Oman, contradicting US claims that the vessel was damaged by a naval mine. However, the US Navy also admitted that one of its Poseidon P-8 airborne torpedo launchers was over-flying the area the entire day of the attack (the source of the flying objects?) To further complicate matters, Shinzo Abe, whom President Trump met with in Japan a week before, was in Iran at the time of the attack on the tankers. And the tanker itself is Japanese owned.

Can you make any sense of this? It’s an example of how complicated the silent war is – because the media releases conflicting information, and also hides information. The mainstream U.S. press claims that the tankers were attacked by Iran, but the US Army and the US Navy contradict themselves in their statements.  Amazingly, Bloomberg News actually called the attack a “false flag” operation designed to stir up hatred. Was this actually a deep state attack on Japan,  and Shinzo Abe, who recently aligned Japan firmly with the US during Trump’s recent visit there? Did the Iranians really attack the tankers? Or did the US Navy? If so, was Trump behind the attacks or was it a rogue faction of the US military (deep state) trying to give Trump a black eye? Your guess is as good as mine.

Incidents like this happen every day on a planet of 8 billion people that is engaged in a battle between dark and light. I mention this only because of the confusion the silent war generates. How do you respond to people who watch the news and become fearful? You can assure them that it’s just part of the light-dark conflict and that the light is winning. If you yourself are balanced and unafraid, your light shines on those you meet and calms them.  People can be forgiven for going into fear, but it’s unnecessary.

Personally, it calms me to know a little bit about the actors behind incidents like these. You may be different, but we have to understand that the light is winning now and that is provoking the dark to create conflict and confusion, for that is what the dark does. They will fail of course!

[1] According to Wikipedia, The Bank for International Settlements is an international financial institution owned by central banks which "fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks".