Fake vs Real, Part 2

In the last blog post an image was posted of a trans woman and a straight woman:


The subject of sexuality is a hot button for many people. The debate between straight and trans, between lesbians, gays, and trans persons, can often get heated.

To understand this issue better, I suggest that we take a more meta-physical point of view.

First off, we’ll reject the materialistic Western theory of consciousness that “man is meat” and that self-awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain. Let’s accept a more Eastern view that people reincarnate, and don’t die after the body ceases to function. Let’s assume that each human being has a divine, spiritual, non-physical component that continues, lifetime after lifetime, incarnation after incarnation. In Western thinking, the human being has a higher self, or soul, that is not dependent on the physical body.

Now let’s ask the question, “Does a being reincarnate as the same sex for every lifetime?”

If you have only had a few incarnations on the planet, this question is moot. There are 5 billion newbies here now. Between 1926 and 2011 the population of earth increased from 2 billion to 7 billion. That means that most of the earth’s population have only had a couple of incarnations. Let’s say that in order to be comfortable during the lifetime, the newcomers have always incarnated with the same sex. But what about the souls who have been here dozens of times, hundreds of times, or even thousands of times? Does a person ALWAYS incarnate with the same sex?

That’s very unlikely. It’s much more probable that the other 3 billion of us have been both male and female, multiple times. For old souls, we have probably transitioned genders many, many times.

You get used to being one sex; it gets comfortable being a man or a woman. The Akash of the being becomes biased toward one sex or the other.

What happens when a being has been a man for 20 consecutive lifetimes but transitions into a female body? What happens when a being has been a woman for 20 consecutive lifetimes and then transitions into the body of a man?

When it comes time to transition to the opposite sex, the first lifetime after the transition can get uncomfortable. A being whose Akash is biased toward the male, when he gets into a female body, can become a lesbian. The physical body may be attracted to men, but the being is attracted to women. Similarly, a being whose Akash is biased female,  when she gets into male body,  can become gay.

This is an entirely natural process when we look at it from a meta-physical viewpoint. It would seem, then, that a certain percentage of the human population will always be LGBTQ, as souls transition between the genders.

Now that medical technology allows people to literally change their physical sex, it becomes easier for the soul to become a trans person. It is now possible to have much more compassion for transitioning souls as they try to adjust to a new sex, or change the sex of their body in order to lead a more comfortable life. Combine this with the ongoing light-dark battle, in which the light is penetrating everywhere, transitioning souls can be very uncomfortable right now.

So the trans woman in the image above may have been born into a male body with a bias toward the female. It’s not hard to imagine that such a soul would want to appear as a woman even though she is in a male body.

Old souls, as well as those with many lifetimes who have been through this process, will subconsciously/intuitively understand this transitioning process very well. The newbies won’t have a clue. They have been one sex for all of their incarnations. Naturally, it would seem ridiculous to them to want to transition to another sex. Idiocy! Well, these souls haven’t yet been here long enough to undergo the transition process. But they will, eventually. When that happens, they will need compassion, or at least, tolerance.

Politics and Religion

Religious beliefs tend to get in the way of sexual understanding. Religious persons will say that homosexuality is twisted and just plain wrong. LGBTQ people will overreact and call religious people fascists and bigots.

This is understandable if we take the meta-physical view, but without this big picture understanding a lot of hatred can be generated.

Both sides of this argument are right. For those who are comfortable in their bodies, LGBTQ persons seem weird. To LGBTQ persons, straight people can be awfully narrow-minded and bigoted.


The sexual molestation of children (or anyone) is, however, inexcusable. Pedophilia is a dark, twisted expression of the incarnated soul that must be eliminated from our societies.

While the straight-LGBTQ issue is just a straightforward soul/Akash/body issue, pedophilia is a dark-light issue. No matter how many TED talks are given, or posters printed (see below) pedophilia is not a natural human impulse. It is dark, twisted, and evil. Pedophiles must be identified and removed from society. If you disagree with that, too bad. Abuse of any kind is low consciousness and has no part in a planet that is going to the light.


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