This cryptic acronym is used by members of the Q movement, and it denotes “Where we go one, we go all.” Whether you like or hate Q, the acronym is appropriate. It represents a fundamental fact that many people in metaphysics, the new age, and the spiritual/Ascension movement don’t want to confront: We all have to make it, not just an elite group of old souls, or those who are working hard to make spiritual progress.

It’s great to get yourself to a point of higher consciousness, but when you do, you understand WWG1WGA very well. You get connected to the God within, and a feeling of oneness with everyone and everything (even the dark side). You understand that humanity cannot progress until everyone gets there.

I have been studying metaphysics and spirituality for most of my life. I used to think that a few of us could reach a point of higher consciousness, and when that happened, a magical “tipping point” of consciousness would occur across the planet at the speed of thought, taking everyone along on a sort of spiritual magic carpet.

Aint going to happen.

Humanity doesn’t make it to the promised land unless every one of us does.

Of course there are wayshowers – those of higher consciousness who point the way through the example they set in their lives. That example is via tolerance and compassion in life situations, not by criticizing others who are on the “wrong” side of various societal issues and problems.

The fact is that all of us have karma. Every human on this planet is working through their karma at this time – lifetimes of it. Those who reach higher consciousness have done so because they have worked through (or are working through) their personal dark sides.

Your personal dark side is just the collection of karma in your Akash. Everyone on the planet has an Akash, a collection of the recordings from each and every life you have lived, including the present one. Everyone must work through their personal karma before all of us can Ascend.

We are at the very beginning of this process now, only 7 years into it after passing the December 2012 marker. Current events are starting to show the dark underbelly of human society, and the matrix of lies and darkness we have all been living within.

“That’s nonsense,” you say. “Conspiracy theory! My life is great, I never worry about that stuff. I focus only on the positive and not the negative.”

Well, congratulations! Perhaps you have already worked through your karma. But no one is immune from the psychic cleaning that humanity is going through. As part of the collective, even those who are free of karma live in a world of karma, and are thus affected by events.

Eventually, every human on the planet will have to deal with their personal dark side. For me, that’s what WWG1WGA is all about. We’re all in this great experiment called Earth together.

Where Is Humanity Headed?

We’re headed toward a more adult and mature perspective about ourselves and the universe. Humanity is beginning to discard adolescent and childish ideas such as competition, conflict, and scarcity, which only leads to endless war. We’re beginning to understand that fighting each other isn’t glorious, it’s stupid. But mainly, we have to learn how to be more tolerant and compassionate toward each other.

Right now the duality is intensifying as the light exposes the dark side of the human psyche, as well as the dark networks involved in corruption, human trafficking, child abuse, and drugs and arms dealing. The Epstein arrest is already opening a can of worms as deviant practices and child abuse is exposed. This is just the beginning.

The fake Democrat-Republican fight will fizzle when both Democrats and Republicans are eventually exposed as being involved in the dark networks. Eventually we’ll have to decide what to do with people like Epstein, who apparently are incorrigible deviants. Do we exercise compassion for these sick, twisted people, or do we engage in another round of hatred and revenge against them? What will the light do when confronted with the evil of the dark actors? Will the “good” guys be aware enough to remember that ALL of us (including the “good” guys) have created the negative energy and the karma over lifetimes of incarnation?

Spiritually speaking, twisted people like Epstein are spiritual placeholders for the evil that has been created by all of humanity. Those at lower levels of consciousness will never understand this, because they are incapable of seeing higher consciousness. The demand will be for death and retribution, and this is understandable. When the monstrous activities of the dark are fully exposed, most people will become very angry. A lot more simply won’t be able to confront the evil.

All Souls Are Pure

All souls are pure before coming to earth, and after transition out of the body when the soul returns to the Creative Source. When a soul incarnates, the being picks up the karma he or she has accumulated over the lifetimes on earth. When a soul transitions, all of that karma is “dumped” before returning home. This is one of the rules of the great earth experiment. The rule is, “What happens on earth stays on earth.”

The earth experiment is, therefore, not a test of souls, or even a test of humanity. It is a test of energy. What is the purpose of this great energy test between light and dark? I don’t know, frankly, I’ve never been able to figure it out. However, if all souls are pure, and aspects of the Divine Source, then dark actors are playing a role for some grander purpose beyond human understanding. The mind of God, in its infinite love and compassion, might say, “Those who have taken the dark path are admired for their sacrifices on earth.” This is how I feel when I am totally connected, which is about 1% of the time. I understand that the earth experience is temporary, and evil must have some divine purpose. The other 99% of the time I want to take a flamethrower to people like Epstein. Truly, the lifetimes of evil, twisted persons must be horrible.

The consciousness of the collective is being raised, and dark actors will soon stand out like a sore thumb. Those on the dark path cannot change their ways because they are blind. On earth, we have to find a way to take them out of society without engaging in the same negative conduct that created the dark energy in the first place.

What is the difference between a fascist who uses intimidation and violence, and an anti-fascist who uses intimidation and  violence to fight the fascists? The answer is, there is no difference. It’s the same vibration. Anti-Fascism = Fascism. This is the contradiction of the duality.

Despite all reasons not to, the light must not degrade itself to the level of the dark. Otherwise, the light will just reinforce the dark energy on earth; dark energy will go into our collective Akash, more karma will be created, and the cycle of death and struggle will continue for another 26,000 years.

This is the true test of the lightworker.

Dark And Light: The Consequences

Those who don’t learn the lesson of tolerance and compassion will naturally group themselves into an old energy of being tough, and glorify the fighting of battles against the evil ones, whose identities will shift depending on who is in power and their agenda. As time progresses these persons will continue to experience short lifespans and disease. Those who become more compassionate will experience greater health and begin to live longer lives. Eventually, these “softer” persons will no longer have diseases or illnesses of any kind, because their internal cellular vibration will be so high that the lower vibrations of disease will not be able to find a foothold.

The other group will scoff at these “softies” and call them weaklings, while their own lifespans and health continue to suffer. In other words, the majority will eventually choose the light, but some will choose the darkness. We live on a planet of free will. The consequences for those in both groups will become obvious to everyone.

There is a new energy on the planet folks. Like it or not, it’s a softer energy that is closer to God/Spirit/Creative Source, which is the energy of love. Going with this energy will often require a person to forget about what they have been taught by parents, teachers, priests, and valued persons who gave them information about life from an old energy perspective. These people did the best they could in an older energy; and taught us as well as they knew how. Going  with the flow of higher vibrations may feel like you’re “jumping off the cliff” of the known into the unknown. That’s how it’s been for me. It’s kinda scary at first, then it feels more comfortable.

 As the light quotient increases it will become more and more apparent that we really are in this together, that “where we go one, we go all.” This little phrase, in its highest form, reflects the viewpoint of the mind of God.

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