The Nutters

In the last blog post I mentioned the eschatological nutters who want to reduce the human population to 500 million. I’m convinced these are the same guys who are trying to start a war between Iran and the US. I think these people, call them what you wanna – the military-industrial-complex, the cabal, the deep state – are a “rogue element,” a cancer, within the U.S. Washington D.C. establishment.

Some of them are nutters. Steven Aftergood, of the Federation of American Scientists, wrote a short article on, stating that a DoD publication from the Joint Chiefs of Staff promoted the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict. The text of the article is below:

DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline

Posted on Jun.19, 2019 in Dept of Defense, Military Doctrine by Steven Aftergood

The Joint Chiefs of Staff briefly published and then removed from public access a new edition of their official doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. But a public copy was preserved. See Joint Publication 3-72, Nuclear Operations, June 11, 2019.

The document presents an unclassified, mostly familiar overview of nuclear strategy, force structure, planning, targeting, command and control, and operations.

"Using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability,’ according to one Strangelovian passage in the publication. "Specifically, the use of a nuclear weapon will fundamentally change the scope of a battle and create conditions that affect how commanders will prevail in conflict."

The document might have gone unremarked, but after publishing it last week the Joint Chiefs deleted it from their public website. A notice there states that it (JP 3-72) is now only ‘available through JEL+’ (the Joint Electronic Library), which is a restricted access site. A local copy remains publicly available on the FAS website.”


Nutters like this think about using nuclear weapons in war. It’s part of the dark side thinking, but it’s telling that the document was removed from public view shortly after it was released. That’s because the consciousness of humanity has risen beyond nuclear war. Even if nutters still think it’s a good idea, it won't work. Despite all of their efforts to create major conflicts, the energy on the planet has risen to the point where such dark ideas won't take hold. I mention this because it's time to confront the dark side and get out of fear. It's part of the Heroes Journey we are all on.

Trump himself has called for the elimination of nuclear weapons, peace in the Middle East, and has negotiated a peace on the Korean peninsula, which President Xi of China recently said was the “correct direction.” As quoted in the Korean Times today,

President Xi Jinping asked North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to resume his country's nuclear dialogue with the United States as China supports a process on finding a ‘political solution’ in achieving denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported Thursday. ‘The international community expects the United States and North Korea to restart a productive dialogue. In the past year, the peninsular issue has seen bright prospects for resolution through dialogue and won the recognition and expectations of the international community,’ CCTV quoted Xi as saying during his summit with Kim.” [emphasis mine]

Source: “Xi asks Kim to resume US-NK denuke talks,”

Counter these peace overtures with the craziness in the Gulf of Oman (light vs dark again). Today, July 20, a day before the summer solstice, Trump was asked by a reporter about the shooting down of a U.S. drone in the Gulf of Oman. The drone, according to CENTCOM (U.S. military’s Central Command, based in Tampa Florida), was “a Global Hawk used by the US Navy,” and was an "unprovoked attack on a US surveillance asset in international airspace.” (Source: The Drive, at

Trump said, according to the article, after being asked whether his advisors were pushing him toward war,

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like a guy who likes endless war. Trump is an America First nationalist. That may be repugnant to some, but America Firsters want the US to concentrate on America, not on fighting expensive wars across the globe.

That objective is reserved to the Nutters, who came out of the woodwork in the US back on November 22, 1963, when they assassinated JFK (see endnote).

Every American president since JFK has been surrounded by what President Eisenhower back in 1961 called the military-industrial-complex. Supposedly the U.S. president is commander-in-chief of the U.S. military. Does that mean he has complete control of an outfit that spends almost a trillion dollars every year?

Humanity is fighting a battle of dark vs. light. The dark will always act to start wars and promote conflict. The light will work to promote peace and diffuse conflict. The interesting part comes when the light sees that the dark is about to commit a crime, or act on a Nutter Agenda. Sometimes you have to be firm and not show weakness. I think that’s what the president is trying to do in this situation, with the broader goal of “pulling back.”

Update June 21, 2019:

President Trump authorized and then pulled back a strike on Iran for shooting down the drone, stating in a Tweet that “...On Monday they [Iran] shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it....”

In another vein, Professor Steven Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University, recently wrote a piece in The Nation. In an article titled “Washington’s Dr. Strangeloves,” he commented cogently on the US-Russian relationship. He said,

...Both leaders [Trump and Putin] had recently expressed hope for improved US-Russian relations. On May 4, Trump again tweeted his longstanding aspiration for a ‘good/great relationship with Russia’; and this month Putin lamented that relations ‘are getting worse and worse’ but hoped that he and Trump could move their countries beyond ‘the games played by intelligence services.’ [emphasis mine]

Cohen continues:

As I have often emphasized, the long historical struggle for American-Russian (Soviet and post-Soviet) détente, or broad cooperation, has featured many acts of attempted sabotage on both sides, though most often by US intelligence and defense agencies. Readers may recall the Eisenhower-Khrushchev summit meeting that was to take place in Paris in 1960, but which was aborted by the Soviet shoot-down of a US spy plane over the Soviet Union, an intrusive flight apparently not authorized by President Eisenhower. And more recently, the 2016 plan by then-President Obama and Putin for US-Russian cooperation in Syria, which was aborted by a Department of Defense attack on Russian-backed Syrian troops.

Now the sabotaging of détente appears be happening again....Washington’s war party, or perhaps zealous Cold War on the move. Certainly, Trump has been repeatedly thwarted in his previous détente attempts, primarily by discredited Russiagate allegations that continue to be promoted by the war party even though they still lack any evidential basis. (It may also be recalled that his previous summit meeting with Putin was widely and shamefully assailed as ‘treason’ by influential segments of the US political-media establishment.)”

Reuters reported last night in an article titled “Trump warned Iran via Oman that U.S. attack was imminent, called for talks - Iranian officials”:

“DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian officials told Reuters on Friday that Tehran had received a message from U.S. President Donald Trump through Oman overnight warning that a U.S. attack on Iran was imminent. ‘In his message, Trump said he was against any war with Iran and wanted to talk to Tehran about various issues ... he gave a short period of time to get our response but Iran’s immediate response was that it is up to Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Ali) Khamenei to decide about this issue,’ one of the officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity.”


I have no idea whether the Nutters are related to what Cohen calls Washington’s “war party,” but it seems that President Trump is not buying into their warmongering. Thank God!

EndNote: The reasons for this are not clear, but you don’t kill a president on a whim. Some say JFK was about to reduce the power of the Federal Reserve when he issued Executive Order 11110, but this has been debunked by G. Edward Griffin, author of  The Creature from Jekyll Island,  IMHO the best book on the Federal Reserve. If you are interested in this debate about JFK and the Fed, go here to see what Griffin has to say: