Are You Confused?

When I went to college in 1969-1973 and after, the fake, corporate controlled news (it’s always been fake; this isn’t a recent phenomenon) told my generation that the commies were evil and that the capitalists were good. During the Vietnam War, many of us who didn’t get drafted went to the streets and protested against the war. Many in my generation were radicalized against the prevailing order (in those days we called it “The Establishment”). Even though Gil Scott Heron warned us that “the revolution will not be televised,” we were waiting for it to sweep over America and wrest control from the corporations and warmongers who were behind our government.

During this period we were told that the capitalists and the arms manufacturers were warmongers and that they were the “bad” guys. The socialists and the commies were supposedly the “good” guys opposing the evil establishment. Richard Nixon was called “Tricky Dicky” and guys like George McGovern (whom I voted for, futilely, in 1972) were considered heroes. But guys like McGovern lost in landslides to establishment candidates. The “good” guys were always being beaten by the “bad” guys. But even though the “good” guys won, nothing much changed. Through Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Reagan, the Bushes, and Obama, our deficit swelled, we got involved in more foreign wars, our manufacturing base disappeared, corruption increased, and the population became cynical. Especially me.

Half a century later, our politics is still mired in the good guys versus the bad guys paradigm. We still talk about “left” and “right,” as if this has any meaning.

It doesn’t. As I talked about in the last blog post, terms like good and bad, left and right, are fake identifiers that get people angry and keep people arguing and hating each other.

To see this, let’s look at the major left and right groups in politics. On the left we have socialists and communists (true liberalism has disappeared and has morphed into hatred). On the right we have Nazis, neocons, and capitalists.

First let’s examine the website of the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA). On their website it says,

Socialism is a common-sense path to a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic USA. The fight for socialism is a dynamic process to fulfill the vision of a future of peace, justice and fairness for our nation and our world.


Okay. So the socialists are really the commies. They’re the same. Socialism is established by communists and is the goal of communists. We’ve seen what the commies do by examining what happened in the old USSR, and in communist-run China. Guys like Lenin, Stalin, and Mao established dictatorships and killed a lot of people who disagreed with them. President-for-life Xi is establishing a dystopian police/surveillance state disguised as a “social credit” system run by AI.

Now let’s look at the Nazi party. According to Wikipedia,

The National Socialist German Workers' Party, commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party, was a far-right political party in Germany that was active between 1920 and 1945, that created and supported the ideology of National Socialism.

Whoa, wait a minute! Here, in this one paragraph, is the perfect description of the fake good vs. evil debate. It is an example of the kind of propaganda that passes for “news” these days. The article refers to the National Socialists as “a far-right political party in Germany.”

But how can socialism be far-right? Socialists are supposed to be on the left, established by the commies, opposing (so it is said) the fascism of Naziism and other fake, far-right philosophies.

Even in the definitions of the most important world political movements, there is a contradiction.

Here is a quote from Adolf Hitler:

We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."

Historians will tell you that Hitler had his own brand of socialism, based on race, and that Hitler's socialism isn't the same as the Marxist version. But that is a distinction without a difference. Socialism = communism = naziism = fascism = tyranny.

If you are confused, welcome to the club!

The dark army thrives on disinfo and contradictions. It’s Orwellian. In the last post we talked about Newspeak and doublethink – Orwellian concepts that were designed to dumb people down so that populations could be more easily influenced by those “in charge.”

From the Oxford Dictionary website, here’s the rules of Newspeak:

The primary aim of Newspeak is to reduce the meaning of language as well as the number of words possible. To this end, Newspeak removes all synonyms and antonyms. Bad instead becomes ungood, warm becomes uncold, and so on. Notably, ungood or uncold are used and yet unbad or unhot are not; the fictional “Party” controls which antonym of a word is used (e.g. warm and hot are both antonyms of cold). By choosing which words the populace can use, The Party can choose to shift thought in a more positive or negative direction to suit their needs; ungood, for example, makes the populace feel less negative than bad would, and conversely, most associate more negative emotions with the word cold (and therefore, uncold, which actually means hot) than with the word warm. Synonyms do not exist; words like satisfying, great, or excellent, for example, would all revert merely to some form of the word good.

Source: The Oxford Dictionary Blog, “A Look at Orwell’s Newspeak,”

Does this sound familiar? In today’s political debate, entire races of people are referred to as oppressor classes. Entire genders and other races (women, Hispanics, African Americans) are referred to as victim classes. Oppressor classes are said to be inherently racist, victim classes are said to be inherently pure. This idiotic assignment of millions of people into arbitrary classes is purely Orwellian. Because intelligence is the ability to see distinctions, Newspeak dumbs everyone down by lumping everyone together.

From the Wikipedia definition above we know that Socialism = Naziism because it’s right in the definition of the Nazi party. From the CPUSA’s website we see that Socialism = Communism. Therefore, Socialism = Communism = Naziism! Again, a contradiction; but only if you are operating on the fake left-right continuum.

Naziism, communism, socialism, fascism, and what the hell, throw capitalism in there as well, are all tyrannical systems. All of these are simple names for tyranny and oppression. Alexander Solzhenistyn, the Russian historian, claims that the Communists killed between 30 and 40 million Russians. We all know what the Nazis did. The capitalists here in the US (the military-industrial complex, as Eisenhower called it (some people call it the Deep State)) have been overthrowing governments (like the popularly elected Mossadegh in Iran back in 1953) for over 70 years, starting wars, and assassinating people they don’t like in their own countries (such as John F. Kennedy). Right-wing dictators funded by capitalist countries killed millions of people in dozens of countries around the world.

What is the distinction here? In the fake good vs evil paradigm, there can be no distinction, only confusion, argumentation, and hatred. Those on the “left” call the capitalists fascists and murderers. Those on the right call the socialists and the commies fascists and murderers. The fake good vs evil debate leads only to hatred and intolerance.

Sound familiar?

But the light vs dark paradigm, or the tyranny vs freedom and liberty dichotomy, is more accurate, as I said in the last blog post. Tyranny = intolerance, hatred, and war. Freedom = equal opportunity, tolerance, generosity – these are all the hallmarks of classic liberalism, which has totally disappeared in our current Orwellian fake debates over who is right and who is wrong.

I made a chart to show the fake paradigm and the real paradigm:

Fake paradigm

Good vs evil
  Far-Left   Far-Right  
Good Evil   Good Evil
Socialism Capitalism   Capitalism Socialism
Communism Naziism   Naziism Communism

Real Paradigm

Dark vs Light
(Tyranny vs Freedom)
Tyranny Freedom
Socialism Equality of opportunity; classic liberalism
Communism   Liberty
Corporate capitalism; cut-throat competition   Cooperative business and commerce for the benefit of all

In the fake good vs evil paradigm, both Communism, Naziism, Capitalism, and Socialism can all be considered “good” or “bad,” depending on which “side” you are on.  In the fake paradigm, everything = everything else. This is a definition of stupidity and ignorance. It’s Orwellian.

Here are some recent headlines:

Trump vows to uncover Russia probe roots with declassification call: ‘We’re exposing everything’  (

Adam Schiff: Trump is ‘Stonewalling the Truth’ By Declassifying Information (Fox news)

WTF??? In Orwell’s Newspeak, two things can mean the same thing. Apparently, today, declassifying information is both good and bad at the same time. In the last post, we pointed out that Orwellian “doublethink” means that a person can hold two conflicting and diametrically opposing beliefs in his or her head at the same time, without recognizing or understanding that the two concepts are contradictory.

If you’re looking for the Orwellian state, ladies and germs, we’re getting there.

Yikes, no wonder I’m so confused. Forgive yourself if you are too.

Postscript – The Donald and Me

Now let’s move to the election of 2016. A dangerous man by the name of Donald Trump declares his candidacy in 2015. This guy was not a politician; by that is meant that he has no political experience whatsoever. He doesn’t drink, do drugs, smoke cigarettes. He’s seen as an egomaniac by many, and a woman-hater by others (my wife is one). But most of all, in 2015 he’s known to be a complete and total outsider to the political establishment in Washington DC. He decides to run as a Republican. The Democrats either have total contempt for the guy or hate him, and half of the Republicans don’t like him as well because party leadership sees Trump as a guy who will threaten the system, and those who are comfortable in their positions of power.  

But this guy has a message that resonates to middle class and working class people who are completely disaffected from the corrupt, business-as-usual system. He gives a speech that is broadcast widely, on November 6, 2016, just two days before the election. This speech is seen by many, after the election, as the speech that propelled him over the top. You can see it here, it’s only a little over 5 minutes long:

I personally never saw this speech because I was so disaffected by politics-as-usual that I always voted third party. I didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump; I didn’t give a crap about either of them. I saw them both as political establishment hacks. I am embarrassed to say that I voted for Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, who, after the election, lobbied to have the votes re-examined in Michigan  and Wisconsin, states that Trump won by a hair. Dr. Stein was clearly working with Hillary. I thought, naively, that third party candidates were supposed to be independent, but I was wrong I guess (silly me).

Anyway, after the election, the Trump hate began. One of my Clinton-supporting friends (almost everyone I know voted for Hillary) told me, “Now, after Hillary wins the election, you guys have to support the president. That’s the way it works in a democracy.” I was well-known for my iconoclastic views.

So I couldn’t understand why, after the election, so many of these same people were Trump haters. Before the election I never knew much about the dude except that he had a really stupid TV show; that he, like JFK and Bill Clinton, was a big womanizer, and that he claimed to be a patriot (whatever that meant).

I began to get really curious. Why do so many people have such a virulent hatred of Donald Trump? At this point I was still totally cynical of the entire political process in the US. But I noticed that every newspaper and news outlet in the country was anti-Trump, before and after the election. Even the newspaper I (used to) read the most, the Guardian, a UK newspaper and known for its liberal views. The stories on the front page of the Guardian, during the run-up to the 2016 election, began to completely lose their objectivity, especially after Trump won the Republican nomination. Literally every story in that paper was anti-Trump. I wondered, what is it about this guy that inspires so much hate by the corporate controlled press? I suspected that this guy might be another JFK on the Republican side, as crazy as that might seem. JFK, our greatest president, paid the ultimate price for his opposition to “The Establishment.”

Then I began to get re-involved in political research. I went to a bunch of alternative websites like 4 chan, and some intelligence websites (which are almost all propaganda outlets, but valuable if you know this and have the discernment to read between the lines). I read the New York Times and the Washington Post, and a host of other news sites on the left and right like Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept. I then found the “Q” website. So I was getting info from the left and the right, and from crazy conspiracy websites that 95% of the population would regard as inauthentic, but from which I was able to get a lot of data points. However, I refused to accept any data that wasn’t sourced from open-source websites. But there’s a lot of stuff out there; some brilliant people write about politics and with the internet you can find these open-source sites and make up your own mind.

I watched Donald Trump to see if he was just another swamp creature, like the Democrats and the Republicans that preceded him in office since the assassination of JFK. I’m not going to get into what I discovered, because 95% of the people reading this wouldn’t believe most of it anyway. Suffice it to say, I became convinced when, in 2018, Trump went to Singapore to sign a peace agreement with Kim Jong Un to create peace on the Korean peninsula. I watched the Asian trip that preceded this in 2017, in which Trump visited Prime Minister Abe of Japan, President Xi of China, the South Koreans, and the Vietnamese. I could see this guy was working for peace. Because peace on the Korean peninsula is a BIG deal folks. We all know how dangerous NoKo has been over the decades. I saw Kim and Trump smiling, even Xi smiling. Then I watched the reaction of the corporate controlled press, which uniformly pooh-poohed all this great work and told us that Trump was a dupe and that peace wasn’t really possible.

I watched when he went to Davos in 2018 and confronted the business-as-usual elites who think they can impose their policies on the rest of us plebians. I saw how he read the riot act to Angela Merkel, Macron, and May. I said to myself, “this guy isn’t a puppet! He’s standing up for the USA.” I saw how he got us out of NAFTA, the TPP, the Iran agreement (which basically gave European companies preferred access to Iranian oil and natural gas without monitoring Iran’s nuclear program). I saw how he confronted the European Union and Canada and Mexico, and especially China, with whom we have huge trade deficits every year. I saw how he wanted to make friends with Putin  and Russia and went to Helsinki, and thought that was a good thing, despite the crazed corporate media’s insistence that Russia was our main enemy (trying to re-create the Cold War, apparently). (For those who say that Trump is Putin’s stooge, examine the sanctions Trump has imposed on Russian companies.) At this point I didn’t trust any of the news media, who roundly criticized everything Trump did, good or bad. It became obvious that the entire Washington DC establishment was against this guy. I asked myself, is this a good or a bad thing? Is Trump really a fake and a fascist? I concluded, from my studies, that he was on the right track. When the Establishment is against you almost 100%, you must be a change agent like JFK.

Having studied “conspiracy theories” since November 1963, when I was 11 years old and heard about the assassination of JFK in the 8th grade, I could see that there were forces on the planet that didn’t want peace (DOOH!) Who are these forces? Well, the arms dealers, the drug dealers, the human traffickers, the people in power who felt threatened. Then I read about the missile that was fired from a rogue sub off the coast of Puget Sound at AF1, when Trump was on his way to meet Kim in Singapore. That missile was shot down by F-16s, by the way. (I told you that you wouldn’t believe it. Doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t.)

A president who gets assassinated (like JFK) or who gets shot at, is probably working against the deep state; you know, those endless war guys. After that, there were two more attempts on his life. One when he went to Las Vegas and had a meeting with Prince bin Salman on the top floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. We all know what happened after that.  (bin Salman is the guy who imprisoned over 70 corrupt Saudi princes only a couple of days after Trump visited Saudi Arabia in the fall of 2017. Saudi Arabia is known to have “influenced” certain US politicians). Another attempt at one of his rallies. I figured that whoever Trump is, he has powerful connections because he didn't get hit; and at the very least isn’t a dupe. I began to read his Twitter account, which began in 2009. I started to find out more about the guy. After all, like it or not, he is the president! The president everyone hates.

So I began listening to this guy speak, and became impressed. Yeah, he trolls the media unmercifully, but their hatred toward him began before he even got elected (remember the goofy polls that said Hillary had a 90% chance to win the election?). I began to see that he’s at least trying to work for the people of the US, and not against us. I began to listen to his speeches and liked what I heard. I went so far as to begin saying the pledge of allegiance at my Toastmasters meetings, where I used to be well-known for not participating in such nonsense. As I said, I was very cynical.

All this as a preview to the idea that Trump is a change agent who is trying to bust up the system on a planet-wide scope. The Orwellian ideas that are part of the current political debate are a further push by the dark army to counteract the infusion of light. I’ve realized that I had to get beyond the fake left-right, conservative-liberal, good-bad paradigm to get a handle on what’s going on.

(Much of the current debate is powered by a logical fallacy that says, “Trump is a Russian dupe, so anything he says is nonsense.” Well, if Adolf Hitler said that 2 + 2 = 4, would that make it wrong? The source of a fact is irrelevant. Thinking this way is lazy, because you never have to fact-check.)

The light is penetrating the darkness. Trump is a big part of that, whether you hate him or like him. He’s a change agent; not permanent but vitally necessary at this time, as we are going to find out within the next several months. And for a planet that has been mired in darkness and low consciousness for millennia, change is a good thing. System busting is a good thing.

That which has been hidden is beginning to be exposed. And a lot of powerful players in the old system don’t like that.

Trump’s Trip to Japan

Here I want to republish (and re-interpret slightly) the work of a brilliant analyst who calls himself SerialBrain2. Here he presents a wonderful example of the light infusing the darkness in our relationship with Japan.

After WW II, U.S. leaders often traveled to Japan. They stopped at Hiroshima exhibits and Pearl Harbor exhibits, as shown here in these pictures of former president Obama:

Cropped image from SerialBrain2 on Reddit

Here Obama is reminding the Japanese that the U.S. holds all the power in the relationship: we have troops in Japan, Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor are reminders that the U.S. military holds sway over the country.

Now, here are pics from Trump’s trip at the end of May, 2019:


Picture of Shinzo Abe, Japan’s PM, and the president:


Cynics often point to Trump goofing off and playing golf when he should be getting down to being presidential. But I find these images heartwarming, mainly because I have Japanese friends.

The same thing happened when he met Kim Jong Un in Singapore in 2018 – lots of smiles. Cynics said then that Trump was a fool and that he made a deal with a dictator who tortures and kills his people. But isn’t communication a good thing, even with people you don’t like?

SerialBrain2 says something very insightful about Trump and Abe:

“Japan is America’s Ally. Do you know the main difference between an ally and a friend? The ally is a piece on the chessboard and the friend is the guy you play chess with... As you can see, under Trump, Japan is more than an ally: Japan is a friend.”

In international relations, genuine smiles are a good thing.