The Gloves are Off

The Intelligence War

The intelligence war between the CIA and the NSA is ongoing. The war has been hidden, for good reason, by the mainstream press. You can’t release information until the public is ready to receive it. Otherwise you just upset people and cause a lot of divisiveness and anger and conflict.

The CIA was created in 1947 by the National Security Act, signed by President Truman. It is the principal civilian intelligence gathering agency.

The NSA was created in 1952 in a memorandum by President Truman. It is part of the 17-agency intelligence community. It’s existence, however, was not even known to the general public until much later. Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald exposed the activities of the NSA in 2013. That’s when  the general public really became aware of its existence. “The agency’s mission includes the protection and formulation of codes, ciphers, and other cryptology for the U.S. military and other government agencies as well as the interception, analysis, and solution of coded transmissions by electronic or other means. The agency conducts research into all forms of electronic transmissions. It also operates posts for the interception of signals around the world.”[1] So the NSA is more associated with the military and military intelligence.

As the CIA grew in power and influence, it began rogue operations around the world, as the arm of the deep state. The CIA has been involved in wonderful projects such as the toppling of the Mossadegh regime in Iran (1953), when popularly elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown in favor of the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.[2] The CIA was involved in a coup d’etat on (ironically) 9/11/1973, when the democratically elected Allende government in Chile was overthrown in favor of fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet.[3] Other rogue operations include the CIA’s dark MK-ULTRA program[4], and it’s spying on Senate staffers in 2014 trying to hide its rogue “waterboarding” activities during interrogation of suspected terrorists.[5] Back in 1996 Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News wrote the first of many accusations that the CIA is involved in running drugs into the US. These are just a few of illegal activities promoted by this rogue agency, the right arm of the Deep State.

So what about the NSA? My understanding is that military intelligence is using the NSA to spy on the CIA, and the deep state. In the process, of course, they spied on everyone, including you and me. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange (who published these docs) made that quite clear back in 2013.

Countering the Deep State

How do you counter a Deep State that has control of the intelligence apparatus? You use the NSA to get the goods on them. But you can’t release the info all at once. You have to do your homework, collect enough evidence, and then wait for the best opportunity to release the information. The point isn’t to “win.” You can’t tell the truth if it’s going to cause a second Civil War. Because this info is so damning and so dark that it would. So you bide your time, accumulate 60,000 cases against the dark actors, and slowly turn the screws. This is what the Trumpster has been doing.

The covert intelligence war is what the Envelope Affair was all about (see below) at the funeral of George H. W. Bush last November. If you look at these videos and read the article you will see the true nature of the intelligence war, which is being fought totally behind the scenes. It’s being fought in code on Twitter, at celebrity award shows, on CNN, MSNBC, and on FOX. Sometimes people come out into the open, as when Robert DeNiro said “Fuck you, Trump” a number of times at the Academy Award show. It’s for real.

The battle of dark and light is really a battle for the hearts and minds of 8 billion human beings. But it is being played out by the actors on the Washington DC stage, and in places all around our country. The United States is the eye of the needle right now. The US is the focus of planetary events. This battle has spawned Brexit in Great Britain and the YVM in France, and is now spreading to other countries in Europe. It is about the light confronting the dark.

Because the situation is so complicated, the forces of light often use the tactics of the dark. It’s unfortunate. But as I said in a previous blog post, humanity has never seen what is happening today, not in 6,000 years of human history. There have been thousands of revolutions in the past, but none like this. How this battle unfolds is simply not predictable. There are no precedents for it. And so it is so important to exercise discernment.  

As I have said before, I didn’t vote for Trump, I thought he was a buffoon with his stupid show The Apprentice. He’s gone bankrupt a number of times. I thought he was a nutjob. But my thinking has turned around the more I’ve investigated the dark-light conflict. So I’ll come right out and say it: Trump is under attack by the dark forces. Some people think Trump IS the CEO of the Dark Army. It often appears that way because of his contentious tweets and his antagonistic statements. Surely now, this man has a gigantic ego.  But if you look under the surface you’ll see a different story. Trump is trying to kick out the deep state in charge.  

Trump is often accused of being a racist. If that is true, why did he host Kanye West and the militant Jim Brown at the White House last December, and give them a platform to express their views? Take a look at these pics:


A picture is worth a thousand words: The Rev. Al Sharpton shakes hands with Donald Trump while talking to Jesse Jackson at the launching of the Rainbow Coalition’s Wall Street Project at the WTC in 1997. James Brown (The King!) is also there.

So my thinking has been turned around. Yeah, I thought Trump was an a-hole, that’s why I didn’t vote for him. But I was wrong. Well, maybe he’s too contentious. But when you look into this stuff and understand who he’s fighting, it makes perfect sense why he does what he does. If this pisses you off, so be it. And if I’m wrong, I’ll apologize to the 3 or 4 readers I have left! But I don’t think so.

What is the “Dark Army”?

Who are the “dark army?” That’s the problem, we don’t know (yet). But you can tell by their actions. The dark army survives on lies and pretense. In order to fit in to society they operate by pretending to be us. They take up fake personas, pretending to be Catholics, pretending to be Muslims, pretending to be Republicans or Democrats. They are playing a part, like an actor plays a part, because within them is a lack of humanity, a lack of love, a lack of compassion. This lack of love and compassion defines the darkness, because the dark by definition is an absence of light.

Those who go to the dark have little or no conscience.  They are motivated by the most base kinds of needs and wants – sex, food, ego, power, lust.  Selfishness permeates their every move and motive. No matter how old you are you have met at least one person like this. These are the people who, when they were younger, liked to torture animals and pull the legs off frogs, and who delight in bullying others verbally or physically. When they grow up they become heads of corporations and important political leaders, because their single-minded selfishness propels them to the top of organizations whose goal is to accumulate money, power, and influence. This is the old energy!

So why is Donald Trump having such a hard time? A lot of people say it’s because he represents the darkness, that he brings it on himself. The latter is partially true.

Trump is an outsider to all this craziness. He is not a politician, he’s a businessman. He doesn’t like politicians and their prevarication. Trump is blunt, for this reason the media portrays him as a crude barbarian. He isn’t “nice.” But neither is the system we live in!

When Trump went to England last year he deliberately walked in front of Queen Elizabeth and the British elite. He was telling them, “The reign of the elites is over.” The media went nuts, saying that he isn’t “presidential” and that he is a “disgrace.” Well, I was proud of the president on that day for doing what he thinks is “saying truth to power.” Why? Because the Queen of England – no matter how nice the old lady is – represents the aristocracy, the elites who run the planet. Read about the aristocracy. A great series of books about the aristocracy are the historian C. S. Harris’s popular “Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Series.” These books describe in vivid and gruesome detail what England was like under the aristocracy: 10,000 elites – the “upper ten thousand” – who ran the country, while the people starved. This is the old energy.

Does anyone seriously think that this country and this planet are well-run, and that the system is set up to benefit the people? Seriously??  For example, U.S. foreign aid doesn’t go to the people in countries who need it, it goes to elites who waste it on their own selfish pleasures. That’s why things never really get better in these countries. This has been going on since I was born in 1951! This is the old energy system that Trump is trying to take down.

Trump knows this, but he is the first president since the great John F. Kennedy (our greatest president) who is willing to do something about it. Why do you think Trump made such a stink at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos last year? (Every year the planetary elites and their representatives – the modern aristocracy – gather in Davos to decide what their plan is for you and me). He was in their faces from the moment he stepped off AF1. I cheered. Why do you think he criticizes Merkel in Germany, May in England, and Macron in France? Any idea? Well, do some research into these people. “He’s not presidential, he’s a barbarian.” Yes, he is. But at least his heart is in the right place, no matter how misguided his actions seem to be to a lot of people.

What does being “presidential” mean? It means going along with a system mired in the old energy, and run by those who don’t want the current system to change. It means not rocking the boat and letting things remain the same. But when 78% of U.S. workers live paycheck-to-paycheck, despite the good economy, there’s something wrong with that system. If you think that the planet is in great shape, fine. But when hundreds of millions of people don’t even have enough to eat, that’s wrong. When endless war and conflict is the norm, that’s wrong. The system is run by anti-social, selfish people. Like him or hate him, these are the people Trump is fighting.

Trump is surrounded by political gangs, professional gangs, even military gangs made up of anti-social people who are in it only for their own interests. These gangs are a logical result of the corruption of governments worldwide by corporate interests. We all know this. We can see it every day on the news. Just listen to the BBC World News or read the international section of your favorite paper.

That’s my take anyway.

The Box of Beliefs

As I said, I was a Democrat, or Democrat-leaning, for most of my life. The Democrat party used to represent classic liberalism, which is caring about others, helping others, being strong ethically, doing the right thing. It’s beautiful. But that has changed. When circumstances change, you have to let go of your old beliefs. At least I do.

Sometimes you have to discard old memes that have been hanging around in your consciousness for decades. I had a lot of that stuff. I used to hate the USA because I thought the country had been taken over by bad people. I was right. I refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because to me it represented the dark people in charge, like the Bushes. And the Clintons and Obama. Oh yeah, when you find out what that guy was doing you’ll agree. I’ll say nothing more until everything comes out.

I had a lot of baggage in my Belief Box that I recognize now as part of the old energy. Old fogies like me have more of a problem with letting go, because we tend to be set in our ways. But old dogs can still learn new tricks!

I was born working class in Detroit. I voted Democratic until I became disillusioned with politics. I have always had an iconoclastic point of view. My first inkling about Trump came when I began reading his tweets from 2009 to 2016. Then, after he got elected, the stock market went up. (Some people think that the stock market is for rich people, that’s a load of bullshit.) Most of my savings are in the market. I was a home services contractor when I wasn’t editing manuscripts. I worked my butt off without a lot to show for it. When Trump got elected I thought the market would crash, but it started going up. The Dow climbed past 25,000 and I made some money. I was happy. Why shouldn’t working class blokes be prosperous and not just elites and wealthy people? That got me thinking about Trump and why so many people hate him. Sure the man is abrasive, but that didn’t account for the virulent hatred of him when he became president. After he made peace with Kim Jong-Un (the greatest foreign policy achievement since Nixon went to “Red China”) he was either ignored or pilloried, because “Kim has a poor human rights record.” What??? North Korea has been a flashpoint for WW III for decades. It was a brilliant accomplishment for peace on earth.

Even lightworkers hate this guy! I don’t get it. How can hate create peace on earth? How can hate solve our problems?

 Look into this yourselves and make up your own mind. For sure don’t believe all of the stuff you hear in the media, do your own research.

Take the Gloves Off

Let’s take the gloves off and admit that darkness exists, and that we are in a battle. A battle between dark and light. A battle against pedophilia, planet-wide human trafficking networks, a worldwide drug distribution network, and arms traffickers. Yes, the deep state exists and until now it has been running the show. Before the worldwide web, the fix was in. Media covered for the perps if something got loose. Now it’s different. It’s much harder to hide nefarious activities.

There are people on both sides who are fighting either to maintain the old ways or to take humanity to a new level of consciousness. Who is on which side? There is so much disinformation that it’s hard to tell the “good” guys from the “bad” guys. Well, in 2019 we’re going to see a little clarity on that issue IMO.  

On the surface we have an egomaniac as president who is tearing down all that is good, and tarnishing the names of popular political and entertainment figures. But underneath the surface the picture is much different.

For example, take a gander at this article from State of the Nation. It’s about the funeral last November of George. H. W. Bush, Bush 41.  “THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR: Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows a Major Series of Radical Events in Washington, D.C.”

Notice how the Trumpster is standing in the aisle, looking on, with a frown on his face. He knows who he is dealing with. What was in those letters?

Here’s something else:

“Alan Dershowitz: ‘Secret’ Emails About Underage Sex Allegations Will Put Prominent People in Handcuffs’”

Trump’s insistence on the Wall is part camouflage and part real. The southern border of the US is where most of the human trafficking takes place, it’s where most of the drugs that wreck our cities flow from. Trump is focused on shutting down these networks. Take a gander at the Executive Order of December 21, 2017, and stay tuned. Maybe this is where some of the hate is coming from? 

Just Shut Up

People who are interested in spirituality (like my wife) want nothing to do with this stuff. More than likely she is right. However, if it isn’t exposed, it will continue. That’s been the history of the planet for the past several centuries. The dark hides itself, and has been very clever doing so.

Why are people talking more and more about this dark stuff?

Because the light is exposing it. It is, as Al Gore said, An Inconvenient Truth.

Lightworkers all over the world are doing their jobs, bringing in the light through meditations and other spiritual activities. Lightworkers are responsible for all of this! In a good way. God, Spirit isn’t going to wave a magic wand and make everything go away. We created the darkness throughout our incarnations on the planet. Now we have to clean it up.

Look at current events from a Big Picture perspective and things begin to make more sense.

During the next two years no one will be able to avoid the Clean Up. People who don’t follow politics will be forced to deal with it, and their own belief systems. Why? Because this stuff will be in your face, you won’t be able to avoid it. There will be no more fence-sitters like my wife, who hates Trump and wants nothing to do with current events.

The watchword for this chaotic period (2019–2020) is, “Things are not always what they seem to be.”

The last two years of Trump’s presidency are going to be a wild ride. Buckle your seat belts and hold on. 2019 is going to be a year of massive change!

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