The Nationalist Retrenchment

In December, Prime Minister Macron of France said, “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” This in response to the nationwide protests by the “yellow vests.” In England, the Brexit debate rages on. On the left, people see the rise of patriotism and nationalism as the precursor to a rise in fascism and an age of darkness. On the right, people see nationalism and patriotism as appropriate reactions to an evil globalist agenda.

Who is right?

We have to look at the situation from the standpoint of the Shift, as we talked about in the last post. The Shift is a readjustment of the fabric of reality brought about by a global change in human consciousness. It is literally altering the background energy of the entire human race. Things are happening that no one expected!

The retrenchment to nationalism is not a broad trend toward fascism, although those with that mindset are undoubtedly going with it. The rise of nationalism is happening because a true globalism based on love and cooperation cannot succeed at this time. There is too much corruption and entrenched darkness within globalist institutions. In Europe, the European Union democracies are being dictated to by Brussels, where un-elected bureaucrats shape foreign and national policies, finance, government spending, immigration, and a host of other things. Brussels has essentially become a Soviet, unresponsive to the needs of the democracies that created it. Thus Brexit, the Yellow Vests, Hungarian, Polish, and Italian objections to mandated government spending policies and immigration.

You can’t impose globalism. It’s a wonderful concept – open borders, free trade, and cultural exchange – but not when the systems that support it are corrupted. The current retrenchment, here in the US and in Europe, is a necessary step toward cleaning out the garbage, dismantling the arms, drugs, and human trafficking networks, and breaking the worldwide corporate-fascist state that promotes conflict and endless war.

During the Shift, human events must be observed and evaluated from the lens of consciousness. The old paradigm is based on materialism. In a lower and older energy where the dark was stronger, we looked at who won and who lost, who has more power, more money, more influence. These calculations filtered their way down into our private lives as well. A “successful” person was one who accumulated more money, a bigger house, more followers on Twitter, etc. Political and economic calculations were also based on these factors, but such a mindset will no longer do.

The problem with the current globalist agenda is that it is composed of elites who don’t want to give up their influence. The situation in France is a perfect example. Fuel increases were scheduled so that the elites who own energy companies in the fossil-fuel matrix could benefit. Well, the French people have had enough! The resurgence in nationalism is a reaction to old-energy policies that are no longer acceptable, both here and in Europe. As we talked about last month, this resurgence is being caused by light penetrating the darkness within human consciousness. NOBODY knows HOW the Shift is going to work because it’s too unpredictable. All we know is that we are heading toward the light. There will be no worldwide fascism; that old system (“the new world order”) has run its course and is beginning to fall apart.

Of course there will be steps backward, but the overall trend is firmly upward for the human race. Our progress can be retarded by hatred, however. Now that the dark and the light are battling it out, it is very tempting to see the people on the other side as monsters. This is just what the old paradigm of thought wants: division via hatred and conflict. If you understand that the basis for the entire conflict is love, light, and evolution OUT of the darkness, it’s a lot easier to see the other point of view. What I’ve learned is that 99% of people, even when they do stupid and even destructive things, do it because they think it’s the best thing to do. “Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity,” is the maxim I follow. The light is unbalancing people. It’s unbalancing me, and probably you too.

I used to think that my discomfort originated from something in my life I was doing wrong. But that is a mis-identification. The reason people feel uncomfortable is a massive change in the structure of energy on this planet. By that I mean a massive shift in human consciousness, which is stirring everyone up. No one is immune! It’s not your life that’s at fault. It’s the Shift.

We asked for positive change, we are getting positive change; but when the dark is exposed it fights back. When the dark is exposed in our personal consciousness, we feel “negative energy.” Guess what – working through our personal darkness is why we came to this planet at this time. We came for the Shift. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy! That’s why people who are aware and awake and who are working to raise consciousness are called lightWORKERS. We are, literally, working with the light and the dark within our own Akash.

Prophecy told us that we were all supposed to die in a nuclear war, but that didn’t happen. Then it was supposed to be a collapse of civilization at Y2K. That didn’t happen either. We never got a comet or an asteroid smashing into the earth. The planet Niburu didn’t change its orbit and wreck the earth. The earth’s crust didn’t shift and wipe us out. A thousand different horrible scenarios never happened. We forget about that. We’re on a different timeline now, gradually entering a higher dimension.

The only solution to our personal and global dilemma is love and compassion. This solution will not only bring about world peace (eventually), inner peace, but also advancements in science and technology that will allow us to generate clean energy directly from the quantum vacuum and solve the pollution problem.

Don’t get too worried about the rise in patriotism and nationalism. Within the next two years or so we will all see the necessity for it as more and more light piles on the corrupt, dark systems that have ruled this planet for millennia. In order to clean house you have to make some messes first, and haul out the garbage. The dark actors can hide behind institutions for only so long; eventually they will have to be rooted out. There will be no problem identifying who the baddies are: these are people who are intolerant and thrive on hatred. As human consciousness rises it’s going to be easier and easier to identify who is with the light and who has taken the dark path. The key point is that it will no longer be possible to fool people with a dark agenda because their ugliness will stand out more and more.

The darkness only knows one way, and that is a low-consciousness solution: fear, anger, hatred, struggle, and killing. More and more people under the Gaussian distribution curve are sick and tired of that! When an old-energy consciousness tries to survive in a higher energy it can only resort to the tried and true, because that’s all it knows. These people will become recognizable even to those who have not awakened yet; for their words and their actions will be recognized more and more as irrational. That’s what happens when the light begins to penetrate the dark.

For example, the Big Pharma executive is pulled up in front of a Congressional panel to explain why his company sells drugs in the US that are known to have harmful side effects. He says, “It’s the capitalist way. We are just making a profit for our shareholders.” That’s old-paradigm thinking, perfectly valid in an older, lower consciousness. But that shit aint going to fly anymore folks. Old paradigm thinking is going to be recognized for what it is: a sick, twisted methodology of grabbing and maintaining influence. People will be amazed at these responses and actions. “Do people really believe that nonsense?” they will say. The sad answer is yes, they do! Lower consciousness is stupid. Hating on these people is pointless, for they truly believe they are doing the right thing in a mis-aligned way. It’s what the dark IS.

The thing to do is isolate the infection and excise it, as you would a cancerous tumor. You don’t go in with guns blazing, firing at will and wrecking the good with the bad. That’s the solution of hatred. Hatred merely perpetuates the old consciousness.

Think about that the next time you are about to hate on the Clintons, or Trump.

Anyway, the nationalist retrenchment is explained from a higher consciousness as a way to isolate the various dark actors in each country and eliminate them. It’s like when you have a weakened chain, you have to examine each individual link to find the defective ones. Or examining a string of Christmas lights to determine which ones are stopping the flow of energy to the rest. Once the chain is strengthened we can build a true globalist world based on love and compassion instead of hatred and war. It’s coming; we are seeing evidence of the Shift every day.

Forget about the “news.” Or watch and read with a grain of salt. The mainstream news media is owned by the elites. Their stories are always biased toward what’s best for the few, not the many. For example, the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. What 3-letter agency is Bezos associated with? The CIA. Bezos’ AWS got the cloud contract to supply information storage and retrieval for all 17 intelligence agencies. Even the most naive person would have to admit that the CIA has not been known for its integrity. Who owns FOX news? 21st Century Fox, a media and entertainment conglomerate founded by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. What do these news outlets do? Promote conflict and hatred. It’s what the elites want: people fighting each other. The late night “comedy” shows are all about hatred as well, mostly Trump hating. Anything to keep people mired in the old meme structure. Yes sir, most drama shows are advertised with guys holding guns and firing at the “bad” guys.

It’s all so transparent, so silly and stupid! When will people wake up? Well, they are. France and the yellow vests are just the beginning. It’s going to happen all over the world. It started here in the US with the election of the change agent Trump, who began a nationalist movement in the US called “QAnon.” Now it’s spreading to Europe. Check this out:

Yellow vests in France

I laugh when I read the Washington Post, who are constantly claiming that the “Q” phenomenon is just a bunch of fringe crazies and lunatics, which is what John Podesta posted the other day. Yes, I read the Post and follow the website to get both sides.

When you approach the issue from a higher consciousness POV you can see how all is working out well. We are going to the light!