Weak and strong

What is the difference between a weak person and a strong one?

Some people might say that a weak person is easily influenced by the opinions of others. Others might say that a weak person is always physically inferior.

If we apply the vibrational universe concept we can see more clearly.

When the weak person gets within the range of a passionate person, he or she is easily influenced, because the more powerful vibration entrains the weaker one to it. A person’s physique has nothing to do with it. A smaller man or woman with a strong intention can influence much larger and more powerful men. Napoleon Bonaparte was a short man, yet he was able to lead an entire nation. Gandhi was also a small man, yet he led a nation of 400 million to independence from Great Britain. The key is vibrational entrainment.

Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that both vibrate in harmony. Two pendulum clocks placed on a wall near each other will eventually wind up with their pendulums swinging at the same rate. This occurs because of their mutual influence on one another. However, a stronger vibration will have a much greater influence on the system than the weaker one, so the resulting vibration will be much closer to the stronger. This is called vibrational entrainment.

Vibrational entrainment occurs even when the stronger vibration is lower on the scale of emotion / vibration. It is the amplitude of the vibration ––it’s strength and power –– that determines its influence. Such influence is often called strength of will, or force of character, but boils down to the impact of a person’s intention on the field of subtle energy in which we all live. One may refer to this as “the force” or anything you like, but anyone who has ever been around a person with a strong will can feel the effects on our consciousness.
Weakness has a pejorative connotation, but weakness is simply the failure to decide. When one has not made up one’s mind, one’s vibration is not strong. That is all weakness is. Clarity of thought and intention is brought about by finding a desire and going with it. Desire aligns thought and intent, and creates a strong vibration that aligns others to it.

President Bush, for example, has declared an irrational “War on Terrorism” that has resulted in the passing of legislation that has gutted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He can do this because the universe fully supports all choices. Mr. Bush clearly has strong intent, even though the results are, for intelligent and self–aware persons, nutty.

So weak or strong has everything to do with intent, with decision, with desire. And that is something each one of us has total control of.

The weak one decides that it would be better to get stronger. How does he or she go about this? Why, by attempting to overcome that which is stronger! It’s a natural human impulse. This occurs be cause we are vibrationally stuck in the resonance of the situation we are in. The most familiar and comfortable way out is to start punching against that which is holding you down.

This course of action is self–defeating, but perfectly logical when looked at vibrationally. It is a reflexive, knee–jerk reaction to the problem, which further exacerbates the problem.

George Bush’s War on Terrorism is a perfect example. By fighting terrorism, we match vibrations with it, thus feeding it energy and making it stronger. We do this despite the logic of Einstein, who once said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” But this is precisely what the human race does. We do it in our personal lives as well!

What is reality? It is a matching of vibrations. The only way something appears real and solid is when two vibrations are close enough to each other. It’s a fundamental property of this universe. When the dog whistle goes beyond the range of the human ear, we are no longer aware of the sound. When the frequency of light changes from the visible light spectrum to the infrared, we can no longer perceive it.

How do you get strong, if you are weak?

Find something to resonate to that makes you feel strong! A feeling is a vibration, and emotion. It’s a sign that you are connected to a desire. If you go through life feeling little or nothing, it’s because you haven’t found anything to resonate to. Your thoughts are probably vague and unformulated.

Let’s now introduce Joey, a young kid who feels peer pressure to break the rules even when he doesn’t want to. At this point, Joey is in a weak position, for he is confronted by those who have very strong intention. “You are either with us or against us,” Joey is told. Joey understands that life is nuanced, but the characters who challenge him see only black and white. Joey knows that if he chooses to fight, he gets his butt kicked. If he doesn’t fight, he gets his butt kicked anyway!

What should Joey do?

Well, the solution often requires that you utterly ignore the problem that is staring you in the face. Why? Because you are weak there! Young Joey has no interest in roughnecking, so what should he do? Concentrate on his music! That’s what floats his boat, that’s where he feels strong.

“Hah!” You say, “that’s great, but meanwhile he is getting rolled!”

Well look: you don’t get involved in anything unless you are already resonating to it, even if just a little bit. The guy who is looking for trouble will pick out the one guy in the crowd who is afraid, and attack him. Events don’t just happen randomly you know. That’s a deluded philosophy promoted by mechanists, behaviorists, and others who deny their own spirituality.

Might Joey get kicked around a little? Yeah, maybe, but it will depend on how quickly he can get into his music vibe. Remember, when there is vibrational disparity, there is invisibility. You can’t see or hear frequencies that are out of range! The roughnecks only see Joey because he’s afraid, or because he’s vibrationally weak. The passionate person walks proud and tall, he or she is their own transmitter, entraining others to them.

It doesn’t matter how little you are, or how poor. The universe doesn’t discriminate that way. The solution to weakness is to find something that lights you up, and go DO it!

Think about it, talk about it, find as much time in your day as you can for it. You will find yourself growing stronger, and watching as more and more people begin to resonate to you, and come under your vibrational sphere of influence. If you are truly passionate –– not obsessed –– you will be connected strongly to the creative energy of the universe, and you will be acting not only for your greatest good, but for the greatest good of all.

That’s what Joey did. Soon he is playing in a band and his paying customers are the bullies who wanted to beat him up. And now they want his autograph!